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My 12 year old daughter with lump in breast

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Re: My 12 year old daughter with lump in breast

Hi @dani44 - I can totally relate to your worry, as mums we worry about children even more than ourselves. My daughter had two similar lumps/pains while in her teens and on both occasions the GP referred her to the breast clinic to be sure. Thankfully both were benign and I believe disappeared but I was very anxious at the time (that was before my own diagnosis).

As you have said yourself, it is extremely rare for young children to get breast cancer, and indeed the majority of cases referred to the breast clinic will also be harmless - try to keep that in mind. There are many reasons for breast changes, including hormonal changes or benign lumps (cysts or fibroadenomas, for example). You have done the right thing by going to see your GP and do follow up if the lump remains, or you are concerned, it is always best to be sure and GPs will always be glad to check. Your daughter should be congratulated for being so breast aware and hopefully she will now check herself regularly so that she knows what is normal, what changes on a monthly basis, and what is odd.

You might also want to call the lovely nurses, their number is at the top of the page, as they are medically trained and will be able to talk things through with you.

Do keep in touch and chat if any of us can help, by listening or chatting. I really hope the lump and pain disappears, do let us know how you get on, if you want to of course. Sending you big hugs, Evie xx


My 12 year old daughter with lump in breast

im getting myself worried. Around 10 days ago my daughter was going to bed and as she was laying on her side she said that one of her breasts were really painful so I gave her ibuprofen. The next morning she said she felt a lump in her breast. I felt it too and it felt like a hard lump. I remained calm and made an appointment with the gp last Friday. The dr felt the lump and said it could be hormonal. She said if it’s still there when she gets her next period to come back and she will be referred to the breast clinic. As my daughter was with me I didn’t ask her any questions as I didn’t want to get my daughter worried. But when I’m now on my own I’m feeling really worried. I’m so scared it’s something serious. 

I know it’s extremely rare for children to have anything serious but I can’t help it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
My mind is going into overdrive. 

My daughters breast has stopped hurting it’s now just the lump.