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Negative results but still feel symptoms.


Negative results but still feel symptoms.

Hello everyone,

I am 24 years old and have been dealing with breast pain in my left breast for about 2 years.

In the beginning, I ignored the lump I would feel as it was not painful.

Well, actually, I do not know if it is a lump? Ive had multiple  professionals examine my breast and they cannot find a lump. However, when I squeeze my breast I feel something hard.

Other symptoms are a wrinkly arreola, swollen area under arm pit, and collarbone pain.


Anyways, I have gotten 2 ultrasounds and a breast mri.

All tests have came back as negative but my brain still thinks " What if the IV liquid slipped out of your vein so no contrast was seen?"

"What if the technician missed something in the images?"

I then look up false negatives on google and its all downhill from there.


Does anybody else have those fears?


I have health anxiety and I admit it but at the same time I cannot explain why I am still having breast pain to this day.


I am planning on switching doctors soon to get a second opinion. The current doctor I have never listens to me and always screams to me that its nothing!


My family also doesn't believe me when I say I am in pain as they attribute it to my anxiety.

Definitely feeling alone in this struggle.