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Painful breasts


Re: Painful breasts

Hi Cheryl

Pleease do not take anything I say, as being dismissive of your described symptoms.

What age are you?? I ask, because, prior to my menopause, I always had painful boobs, a week before my period, due to fluid retention. Then, approaching 50, and PERImenopause (I discovered!), my "normal/usual" PRE period symptoms, went haywire, and I started having tender boobs, at ANY point of the month. 6 months later, my periods "stopped" altogether. Hence me asking how old you are?? 

I'm hoping that's what it "may" be for you too. Are you going to have it checked out?? 

Delly x❤️x


Painful breasts

I have had really painful breasts for the last two weeks, my period is not due until next week, I cannot find any lump, am I worrying over nothing? The pain is in both breasts.