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Reaccuring lumps in right breast


Re: Reaccuring lumps in right breast

Dear Chrissieellen


Sorry that you havent had a response yet.  You may wish to post directly to our nurses on the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum.  Alternatively, you may find it helpful to talk directly with one of our specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000/


Best wishes
Digital Community Officer


Reaccuring lumps in right breast

Hello all, 

i am 23 years old soon to be 24. And this is my 6th Breast lump in two years. This will also be my 5th time being referred under the 2 weeks urgent breast screening for breast cancer. 

Up till now all the lumps have been benign and nothing to worry about. 

However, I’m starting to feel a little bit fed up as they come so frequently and I feel like a time waster always having to go through the screening process. 

I was wondering if I should have more done about it this time as it’s happening too often for there not to be an issue. 

A friend of mine died at the age of 23 with breast cancer so you can understand my panic.. 

also ive heard sometime if you have dense breast tissue an ultrasound won’t pick up the lumps. 


Someone similar to my age and circumstance had an mri after finding 6 lumps, ultrasound was normal but mri said 4 benign lumps and 2 malignant. 


Also so today I noticed I have a mole on my nipple of the same breast where I have the lump. 

Could anyone please give some advice, I’m starting to loose my mind over this.