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So far..

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Re: So far..



Well done you for still going to the appointment and not relying on what the on call doctor told you. It is always good to get things checked out properly by the experts at the breast clinic.


Good luck for Monday, let us know how you get on if you want to


Helena xxx


So far..

So I turned 50yrs old last year, which meant I would  be recieveing a routine mammogram appointment -which I went to April Friday 13th- yes I know Friday 13th!!!

However over the Easter weekend I found a lump-couldn`t phone my doctors until Tuesday 3rd April, saw an out of hours doctor who basically said:

. He couldn`t feel anything

. I was doing my exams all wrong

. I had 2 choices , 2nd being leave it and see what happens!!!!!

Went for the routine mammogram-Friday 13th April-mentioned the lump that I had found , got a letter 18th April asking me to go back today(23rd).

So i`ve been this morning, the doctor was lovely, he found the lump straight away and did an ultra sound too, which I took a sneaky peek at-it was clear as day on the screen.

The doctor  felt that it was probably a cluster of tiny cysts but he wanted to do a biopsy(absolutley go for it)-I go back for the results next Monday.

It`s very true we know our own body better than anyone else.