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So many symptoms.... so worried! :-(


Re: So many symptoms.... so worried! :-(

I just wanted to reply to say I could have written this myself, my children are 9 & 5 but I have the exact same symptoms, constant pain in my right shoulder blade for months now and pain in my right breast, I too am big breasted, I went to the breast clinic back in April because I was getting pain in my nipple all the time and they did an ultrasound everything was fine luckily however I now have constant breast and shoulder pain and I stupidly read online about a lady who’s shoulder blade pain turned out to be breast cancer, I know I shouldn’t have but I wanted to see if the 2 were connected now of course I have self diagnosed myself, I’ve got an appointment on Wednesday with the GP to get things checked out again, I’ve had a good feel about and can’t find any lumps but prettified are the same time I case I do find anything, I’m worrying myself sick about it, my right breast is so painful all the time that it doesn’t let me forget about it!!


How did your appointment go?


So many symptoms.... so worried! :-(


I'm 43 yrs old and have two young children (5 & 3); I'm terrified and just want to know what I'm dealing with. I lost my mum to breast cancer when she was 54 and I've previously had a (non-cancerous) lump approx. 10 yrs ago. I'm usually pretty vigilant in checking but this year has been a bit hellish and I've taken my eye off the ball... I started getting some persistent shoulder pain a couple of months ago, which hasn't eased, which prompted me to check. I've got a large dense lump (approx. 3 inches in size) in my left breast (in the same place that I had a lump removed). I kept an eye on it for a few weeks just in case it was hormonal lumps and bumps (I have large lumpy breasts) but its stayed the same and has not gone down. The shoulder pain is still there, sore to touch the top of my shoulder (left) and burning gnawing pain in my shoulder blade. I also have persistent pins and needles in my hand / arm, I suffer from night sweats and I have pain in my pelvis / hip, then this morning I've found a lump in my armpit (v small - less than 1cm) - I've been to my GP and have been given an urgent 2 week referral - I have my hospital appt on Wednesday - its been the longest 3 weeks and I just need to know whats going on, I'm convinced its bad news. Has anyone had all of these symptoms and its turned out not to be cancer? Help! I'm riddled with anxiety and already feel heartbroken for my dear children xxxx Thanks!