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Tenderness in breast - looking for reassurance

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Re: Tenderness in breast - looking for reassurance

@Stormyseas - I’m sorry to read about the tenderness, and I’m sure everyone on here can relate to worrying about any new changes. I’m not medical so wouldn’t like to guess the cause. Instead I’d suggest you give the nurses on here a call, or your own BC nurse from when you had your op, or your GP. There are so many non sinister reasons for changes, or tenderness, but it’s always a good idea to get any changes looked at. You may perhaps have overdone exercise/gardening/lifted something and that could be the cause. I hope you get some reassurance soon. Sending hugs, Evie xx


Tenderness in breast - looking for reassurance


I had WLE and SNB 17 months ago, mucinous breast cancer 20mm, clear margins so radiation and Letrozole. My breast has now started feeling tender, in a different place to were my scar is, but I can’t feel any lump. Is this anything to be concerned about?