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Thickening of armpit and heavy feeling of right breast

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Re: Thickening of armpit and heavy feeling of right breast

Hi Anna, welcome to the forum, I’m very glad you took the plunge and came on here to discuss your fears, rather than googling at home on your own.

It’s really good that you are so vigilant and are keeping an eye on your own body, so that you are aware of changes. It’s such a good habit to get into checking yourself. There are many innocent reasons for breast changes - as you yourself said, the changes could be hormone related. I am not medical though and so don’t want to even try to guess what might have caused the changes, so I would suggest that you give your GP a call and get a phone appointment (all appointments seem to be by phone at the moment, then the GP can decide whether they need to see you). It really is always best to get any changes checked out just in case, whatever age you are. In the meantime you can always call the lovely nurses on here, number at the top of the page, to discuss your concerns.

I know how tempting it is to google symptoms but please try to stay off google - as you say, almost all symptoms lead to cancer, when in reality the statistics are in your favour. If you look at previous threads on here there are many ladies who have written very similar posts to yours and then thankfully come back from their appointments having been reassured all was fine and the lump harmless.

You are very welcome to chat on here anytime, but is there a close friend or family member that you could also confide in? What you are feeling is very normal, everyone on here will have experienced exactly the same anxiety. This is a lovely safe non judgmental place to chat, so I hope we can support you through this time and that very soon you will have the reassurance you need. My very best wishes to you, and do please continue to chat and let us know what happens/whether you got an appointment etc. Hugs, Evie xx


Thickening of armpit and heavy feeling of right breast


Hi! Im Anna and Im 22 years old. For 2 weeks now my right breast started feeling heavier than my left. And I feel like it seems slightly bigger though im not sure if it hasn't always been that way since I didn't really observe my breast that much before and I sometimes get dull achy pain from it. Now I feel like my armpit is getting thicker, its not red or painful it just feels thick and I also get an aching pain from it sometimes and it radiates to my upper arm. 

It needless to say that I am utterly terrified. I have major anxiety and I did the worst thing possible and googled my symptoms which all led to bc. It just made me cry and feel depressed. I don't want to tell my family cause I dont want them to worry and maybe this could just be related to hormones or my period but I still feel horrible. And if there's someone out there who can give me a little but of assurance that would be great cause Im going out of my mind. 


Sincedely, Anna