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Worried I've breast cancer


Re: Worried I've breast cancer


how did you get on at the doctors ?

Hope all is okay ! 

im currently waiting on results of biopsies on a lump In left breast , the wait is awful 😩 



Worried I've breast cancer

Hi I'm really worried and just wondering if anyone has experienced these symptoms. Last year I went to my gp when I felt a small lump on my right breast he said it was a breast cyst and nothing to worry about. Well I've had a really tough year my marriage of nearly 16years has ended and my dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Ive been so worried and stressed but recently my right breast started to get really sore and when i looked in the mirror i could see quite a large lump it's red/blue colour poking through the skin. My breast has now gotten quite large and feels very heavy and tight. I have a Drs appointment tomorrow but the skin where the lump is has now burst and is oozing yellow liquid and sometimes bleeds very and is really painful. I also have alot of pain in my nipple which is leaking yellow/white discharge and had developed a green crust all around sorry that this post is so long but I am so worried