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Worried about a fibroadenoma

Community Manager

Re: Worried about a fibroadenoma

Hi kate13

I'm sorry you are going through a period of worry.

Have you considered speaking to one of our breast care nurses on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm)? Our team is always happy to talk things through at your pace, and may be able to provide reassurance and peace of mind until Thursday.

Sending positive vibes ahead of tomorrow's procedure too.


PS You don't need to apologise for ranty posts - that's also what the Forum is for! 🙂


Worried about a fibroadenoma

I found a lump in both breasts a couple of years ago and after an ultrasound they were diagnosed as fibroadenomas. The left one hasn’t hardly changed but the right one has got very large, I have surgery to remove it on Thursday (6th). I was discussing this with a family friend and she started telling me about how her cousin had a fibroadenoma lump removed and it ended up actually being cancerous once a biopsy was done and was insistently telling me to make sure the doctors did a biopsy on the lump once it was taken out of me. Since this discussions I’ve been really worried about it, (both my grandmothers and my aunty had breast cancer, there’s also ovarian and skin cancer in my close family too) everything I’ve read in the pamphlets the breast clinic gave me and on the information page on the nhs website says that a fibroadenoma should be smooth and round but the one in my right is a really strange shape, almost as if it’s multiple lumps of various sizes attached onto eachother (1 large, a smaller one on top and then a couple tiny ones on top of the smaller one). I just assumed this was normal but now I’m doubting myself and worrying needlessly.
I’m hoping someone could reassure me that fibroadenomas aren’t always smooth and round and perfect just so I don’t freak out about this before Thursday. 

Thankyou so much! Sorry for the long ranty post too 💚 hope you’re all doing well and having a good day!