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Mom has BC


Re: Mom has BC


It must be a really hard experience for you after knowing that your mother is diagnosed with cancer. It is best to go as per your doctor's consultation after getting results.

As you said that your doctor said that there is no sign of cancer so you must think positively as they have more experience in this field than us. If the CT scan is not showing any sign of cancer and you're still worried then you must go for PET scan.

PET scan can show up cancer and it's the stage of cancer, as well as it can decide the best treatment for breast cancer. Sometimes PET scans used to look for cancer in the lymph nodes in the centre of the chest.  

I hope that your mother will be alright and she 'll surely survive. So Be Brave and Be Positive!

Best Wishes!


Mom has BC

Hi! I just joined this forum to meet others who are going through similar experiences and can give any support and/or advice. My mom was just diagnosed with BC in both breasts, 2 different types. One is lobular and the other is ductal. One tumor is the size of an orange and the other is the size of a plum. The cancer had also broken through her skin. We have an apt tomorrow to get results of all of her tests and find out the staging. I already figure she’s at stage 3 based on tumor size and the fact that it’s in her skin. Her CT Scan was clear though. The doctor said there was no evidence of cancer anywhere else, only a few swollen lymph nodes under her arms. She had a PET Scan after that though and we will get results tomorrow. Has anyone else had a clear CT Scan but then had a PET Scan pick something up? I’m so scared! My mother is my everything and she is so close to my kids as well. They aren’t going to handle this well.