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My sister 37 has been diagnosed with BC


Re: My sister 37 has been diagnosed with BC

hi sami,

iwas diagnosed aged 36 in march, totally out of the blue, i have 2 boys aged 5 and 2. Your sister and entire family will be in shock and turmoil, it is totally normal. My sisters and mum have been a fantastic support to me, mum has been amazing and just steps into my role whenever i am struggling, like after my op and though chemo. My elder sister is 42 like you, and has come to some appointments with me when my husband couldn't and has basically been there to listen to me and let me say what i like. She has had my boys stay over when i have been unable to look after them and has never once made me feel like a burden. Practically, she has given me massages, foot rubs, haed rubs etc to calm me down and has motivated me to get up and do stuff after chemo when i am coimg out of the fog. My younger sister has visited a lot aND JUST SAT AND WATched tv to keep me company. She has done lots of washing and ironing and even puts it away again for me and tidies round. She has babysat for my good days so i can go out with my husband.

There is so much you can do to support your sister and your family through this. It is doable but is hard. My sisters went to the family history unit and they talked through thier own risks and they were very helpful and gave them tips for coping through this time and helping me. They both feel better if they are helping, maybe you would too.

Good luck with your recall, it sounds very likely that they are being ultra careful with your scan, but if you need supprt please come back here, or come back to share posotoive news to cos that cheers us all up!

take care


Re: My sister 37 has been diagnosed with BC

Hi Sami

So sorry you have all found yourself in this position. I hope your results are good for both of you tomorrow.

It is very scary at the beginning for everybody. I was in shock for a good couple of months, there are so many things to take in and decisions to make. I forget sometimes how it is affecting my family but they have been great and i have found there support and advice amazing. It will all calm down and feel a bit more settled once the treatment plan is set. You sound like a close family, like mine. You will help each other through this and it will totally bring you closer.

Best of luck to you all and if you need anything please get in touch. The support on here is brilliant and the ladies are lovely and truly understand.

Lots of love

Jayne xxx


My sister 37 has been diagnosed with BC

Hi all

I have posted this on behalf of new user Sami



Morning - anyone out there who can give me ANY advice/help??? Facts are; My sister (aged 37) found a lump last monday which was C5 BC - diagnosed and operated on within a week - CT Scan came back contained to breast area only - waiting results of the tests on the cancer which we will get tomorrow - possible another op depending on results and she is due to start chemo and radio. She has two sons an 8 year old and 5 year old - I am in such turmoil trying so hard to be strong but feel like my world is spinning out of control. I had a mammogram last week (my first aged 42) and have had a recall for further films as an area has not shown up sufficiently well (at hospital tomorrow) it all seems to happening tomorrow!!! Think they are being overly cautious with me given the circumstance so am not unduly worried but it is sitting at the back of my mind - friends have been brilliant saying all the right words etc - my family are all the same as me putting on a brave face laughing and joking - but inside we are all crushed - esspecially our parents xxxx