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'End to End' by Christine Green - an inspirational journey supporting Women V Cancer


'End to End' by Christine Green - an inspirational journey supporting Women V Cancer

End to End by Christine Green


At age seventy, Christine Green cycled the length of mainland Britain, from Land’s End to John O’Groats, solo.


It is a route known as LEJoG, a demanding mix of urban and rural riding, challenging even the most experienced cyclists with its dizzying climbs and precipitous descents – not to mention the British weather!

With her characteristic grit and good humour Christine overcame every obstacle raising thousands of pounds for Women V Cancer along the way.

End to End is an inspirational account of how it’s never too late for adventure.


The Bodinnick Ferry – dressed for the very wet and windy day which was forecast.

A personal view from Emily - During the peak of Covid 19 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was words such as Christine’s that spurred me on.

Christine raised a staggering amount for Women V Cancer, not only from friends and family back home but from passers-by along LEJoG who were also inspired by her tenacity and enthusiasm.  One of Women V Cancer’s few selected charities, Breast Cancer Now, has really helped me decode the complicated terms and treatments for breast cancer.  At medical appointments I felt informed to ask the right questions for my particular case, due to Breast Cancer Now’s clear and well explained information.  Their breast care nurses are also at the end of a line to answer the most challenging of questions.  A 20% donation from the sale of Christine’s book End to End will go to Women V Cancer who do an invaluable job of supporting women like me.

Having descended the peak of cancer treatment I’m inspired by Christine to cycle LEJoG route (with an electric motor of course) and I will be armed with her book that is a practical guide, a history, and personal journey and above all an engaging and motivating read.

Signed copies of End to End can be purchased by emailing 70soloendtoend@gmail.com or alternatively purchased from Amazon End to End: How I Cycled From Land's End to John O' Groats eBook : Green, Christine: Amazon.co.uk: K...