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Going back to swimming - aqua boob or not?


Re: Going back to swimming - aqua boob or not?

Hi Nicky

Thank you for replying. Great to hear how well you’re doing. Good luck training for the Great North Swim. Very impressive. In 1998 I did the Great North Run with 3 others and we raised money for Cancer Research U.K. My mum had died of cancer 2 years before and she came from South Shields, Tyneside.
I haven’t bought a mastectomy swimsuit as I have two great Zogg costumes that I hope are good enough fitting. My aqua boob is from Knitted knockers. When I was first healing I wore their ordinary knitted knockers but once I was fitted with my silicon NHS prothesis I’ve just worn that. The company I got my mastectomy bras from will sew a pocket into my swim suits if I do decide to wear my knitted aqua knocker but worry it’ll pop out!

Going back swimming feels a big step in my emotional recovery 💪🏼💕

Kindest regards

Annie x




Re: Going back to swimming - aqua boob or not?

Hi @Annie63 , 

I purchased an aqua boob for holiday and it worked perfectly; it was really comfortable and looked natural. I was worried about picking the size but used the size printed on the side of my prothesis box. 

Did you buy a mastectomy swimsuit? They are really expensive. I bought a £60 one for holiday but by the time I came home it was see through - not a good look! I had to send it back and get a refund. I was just curious where others got their swimsuit from. I have just signed up for the Great North Swim so I need to get one pretty quick so I can start training (I am a complete novice) 😂!

Good luck,



Going back to swimming - aqua boob or not?

Happy New Year. Hope 2023 has moments of joy, happiness and awe for one and all, despite the tough times.

I’ve just tried my swimming costume on with and without my aqua boob. My husband said he couldn’t tell much difference. My scar shows in the armpit but I’m not worried about that. Mulling over whether to go asymmetrical or not. Guess I’ll take me aqua boob with me and decide in the changing rooms 😬

What have other folk done?

All good wishes

Annie xx