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Seeking help to encourage other patients

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Re: Seeking help to encourage other patients

Sounds like a great idea Meg -hope you get lots of feedback .You could also post this on the moving forward after breast cancer section of the forum .Best wishes Jill.

Seeking help to encourage other patients

Hi everyone,


It is a while since I was last here and life has changed significantly. 


In 2010 I was diagnosed with HER2+. My experience was far from straightforward and as a result I learnt a lot. There was much I wish I'd done differently, there were offers of help I didn't accept because I wasn't sure how they could support me, I dismissed opportunities and postponed options rather than in hindsight did me no great favours and now wish I hadn't. Basically, I now want to turn this knowledge I acquired from this into a book b to support  new patients, their family, friends and colleagues. Writing is a skill I have found as a direct result of cancer, and it's one of many positive experiences I've had in the past 8 years, despite still being on treatment, which I want to share to encourage others. 


I have a group on Facebook where I am gathering information from friends, family and aquaintances, called How to Support a Cancer a Patient You Care About and I have a pretty clear vision regarding what it will look like and what will go into it when published. There is a better explanation there about what I'm trying to do. Things are going well but I am  hoping someone might help me help me on the subject of relationships.



I know this is an emotional and deeply personal subject and I don't need to use your name in the book, if you would prefer, but I would welcome any examples of changes in relationships directly due to  the cancer diagnosis.


Feel free to share in a private message if preferred and please join the working group for my book on Facebook if you are interested.   


I want this to be a really useful book which supports the unitiated patient, friends, family members and colleagues. I really hope some of you are happy to support me in this.


Many thanks for reading,


Meg XX