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What Now?....


Re: What Now?....

Hi Foxy

I echo all of Jobeys excellent response. Especially your going back to work again. You're bound to have those "first day back at school" feelings, but I'm sure you'll get back into the throws and routine pretty quickly. I was disappointed to hear they didn't acknowledge and weren't supportive to you though.

Weird how some people behave around cancer, as with your sis Jobey.

Hope you stay well now, Foxy, and you can now move away and forwards from your nasty BC experience

Lots of love, Delly xxx

Re: What Now?....

Hi Foxy


So many of us feel this way, it's a real double edged sword finishing treatment. At the beginning of it all the end is our goal and it seems so far away way but once things get underway and we find ourselves there without having had a minute to catch our breaths then that's it go home and carry on.


Personally I was out of sorts for a few months initially, having palpitataions and just not being able to relax which I think was down to the feeling that I should be putting it all behind me when i was actually still reliving it all and wanting to talk about it regularly , I wasn't ready to feel over it. 


I think people around us just get bored of it all, because it's not like a broken arm that's done with within a few weeks, my eldest sister was the strangest one, she kept her distance from the off, sent me flowers but rarely visited, she lives 2 minutes around the corner I will add!


The good news is normal life will come back, it may be a new kind of normal and I don't think we can ever be quite the same again but life can still be great! It probably took me about 6 months for cancer not to be my first thought every day but little by little it will become less and less and now over three years on it really doesn't feature in my day to day life, you will get there but it's early days and it's normal to feel a little lost.


Returning to work where it's not being talked about may not be a bad thing as it will allow you to fill your mind with others things and slowly detach from the past few months. 


All the best Jo xx 



What Now?....

Hi all
So Monday is my last Radiotherapy 😊 and although I’m pleased, no more hospital appointments, Cancer journey done etc. Why do I feel abandoned?
I’ve lived with this for almost 6 months....friends dwindled away, apart from my kids, who were brilliant at the start of my diagnosis but have they’re own lives to live, I’ve done this on my own! Now my ‘security blanket’ is gone....how do I live a ‘normal’ life? Going back work at the end of August to ‘friends’ that never rang, text etc to see how I was after initial diagnosis. Thing is I’ve enjoyed & gotta use to my own company (a bit to much maybe) and now I’m not sure how to SLOT back into normal life 😔

Sorry for the rant