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36 hours after first chemo


36 hours after first chemo

Good morning, and it’s so much better than yesterday’s waking up. I felt a bit tired and fuzzy headed from my first dose of TC, but think that might have had to do with the steroids, antihistamines and anti emetics, along with it just being that overwhelming feeling of it actually being the first dose. The Portacath worked well, much to my relief, as it had been hurting slightly. Just tight stitches. The nurses were great, very friendly and informative.

I will be starting my first injection of GCSF this evening, to be administered by my caring and capable partner, for a period of 7 days. This is to help build up the white blood cells in the bone marrow. Was told to expect some bone pain in hips and lower back, where these cells are made.

Somehow, now the chemo has actually started, my sense of trepidation has gone. Yes, I am concerned about the accumulative effect of the ongoing regime, but know I’m in good hands, and my oncology team are doing their best to mitigate potential side effects.

I know it’s very early hours into my chemo, but I hope this bit of good news can give some hope to others, especially those with Portacath Insertions and about to start on TC.