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9 of 12 Paclitaxel....


Re: 9 of 12 Paclitaxel....

Hi Mini mad


I don’t match your treatment plan but I did have 9 x Paclitaxel after 3 x EC treatments which had thinned my hair a bit and led me to get a cute buzzcut which I thought preferable to constantly noticing strands coming away. My oncologist stated very clearly before I started P “You will lose your hair with this one, probably by the second treatment.” Maybe it depends on hair type, maybe it was the fact that I didn’t need to brush my hair and only washed it once a week with the gentlest of rubbing, but I kept my buzzcut all the way through, albeit a little sparse by the end, plus the strongest of my eyebrow hairs (which seem indestructible lol). Perhaps he was referring to other hair. Some of my eyelashes held out (single figures, not enough for mascara) but they disappeared as new growth began after treatment. This was the one aspect that upset me - eyelashes. Otherwise, over time I lost it all. I didn’t value nose hair till the runny nose began when it disappeared; I didn’t value pubic hair till urine chose every route except the obvious. Leg hair proved resilient (typical - what you don't want stays) but had gone by the time the regrowth phase began. My nails weren’t affected at all, maybe they got stronger because filing became a big chore. This may be because I used a massage oil from a medical herbalist working at The Haven to ward off the numb fingers and toes from Paclitaxel. 


Regrowth is lush. I stroke my hair frequently, it just feels so gorgeous as it’s growing. My lashes are thicker and longer right now but I have facial hair I didn’t have/notice before, fine and fair but much more than a peach fuzz. I’m assuming it will go once the natural cycle of hair loss and growth is re-established.


I hope that helps. One thing I would advise from my experience with Paclitaxel is to note and report any changes in sensation. They warn you about tingly fingers and toes and you definitely should report on that as peripheral neuropathy can be a side effect - but it’s partly disguised by the steroids during the actual treatment. But any loss of sensation anywhere should be reported. Good luck with your treatments. May your nails stay strong and your brows and lashes resilient!

Jan x


9 of 12 Paclitaxel....

Hi ladies,


just wondering if anyone out there is at the same stage as me??  TNBC.

weekly Paclitaxel for 12 weeks.

weekly Carboplatin every 3 weeks for 12 weeks for 4 cycles.

so far i have kept my eyebrows,  eye lashes and my nails are fine.  Does anybody think that being this far along i just might keep then now  ??   Mini mad xx