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Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good afternoon ladies, Rosie i hope you have settled  back into your U.K life again 😏, what a stressful journey you had back . I hope your niece is feeling a little better by now and your sister is not worrying too much. 

I have spent since monday trying to chase up my appointment at Oculo plastics referred by dermatology, it has been hopeless 😡 , to cut a very long tedious story short , my notes which should have gone to the consultant 9 days ago had been forgotten about until i started to kick up a fuss and they miraculously were faxed over in 5 minutes, this only started happening when i googled the relevant consultant and rang his secretary! My appointment is thursday 28th November, just to see him and goodness knows how long after that until its done, i am very concious of it now and feel like a cross between the elephant man and a witch ( just need a whisker growing out of it now!)

YS has announced he is visiting on sunday for a few days, he has also become a vegetarian which has thrown my menu and grocery plans ! I will have to look up so e recipes suitable for us all.

Hope everyone is well, its very cold here today.

Am taking my 86 year old very cantankerous aunt to the garden centre tomorrow to get some Christmas presents etc , it will be quite hard work🙄!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,

Indeed it was a very poignant moment leaving Cyprus and a most stressful journey! It all began when the pilot said that the weather conditions en route were bumpy! 😳🙀

I would really rather not have known before we had even left the stand! Sure enough there were significant periods when not only were the passengers belted in but also the crew were told to sit down! 🤦🏻‍♀️ They managed to complete the trolly service without the trolly so anyone that wanted a hot drink after the first hour was out of luck as they weren’t allowed to serve those! Obviously I needed something much stronger!

It is the worst flight I have been on and I have done many, with the exception of a flight back from Florida on the edge of hurricane Charley in 2004!

Well things got worse once I was at the station when I arrived at 6.15 as the 7pm to train to Reading was cancelled! I waited for the 8pm train and then 15 mins before due that was cancelled also!😡😳🙀 I was told I would have to get a train to Redhill and get to Reading from there which I eventually did. Then I had to wait at Reading until 22.25 for the last train to Worcester that was being re routed and not stopping until it got to Worcester due to the flooding! The train manager said there were only 4 people on the entire 9 carriage train and gave me complementary tea and cake! I eventually got to the apartment at 12.30, fortunately there was a taxi outside the station and it’s only a 5 min ride! 

My friend from upstairs rang me yesterday morning and subsequently came for coffee and stayed for 2/15 hours! 🤣

I was greeted with a bowel testing kit on return in the post! I have had them before and have thrown them away! 😳 I decided I would send this one back as they have modified it ! So now too I am waiting results once again which I couldn’t bear to do previously!

Sainsbury’s delivered my shopping so I now have supplies!☺️

Wildpurl I simply love the jumper!😍 You look stunning in it, well done! 

Glad you are enjoying your new job and that you are able to have a 4 day week!

Joan it certainly is a blow that you can’t take cold and flu remedies. I hope that you enjoyed your theatre visit and feel better.

Lovewine I googled holter also what a clever device!

Good news about your mammogram results. I do hope you get your appointment soon as I know how you worry!😏

Is there any chocolate and banana loaf left!🤔🤣

Cassie hopefully you are having a restful weekend!

Enjoy Sunday ladies what ever you are doing! 


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies , firstly what a lovely sweater Wildpurl - love the colours ! Glad you are enjoying your new job even if it’s a bit hectic.

Rosie mixed emotions for you arriving back from Cyprus I am sure , hope the weather isn’t too much of a shock for you - not been too bad here today !

I googled cassies holter test and it’s something you wear for a day to measure your heart performance apparently 😏.

Joan I would maybe risk a dose of the cold remedy when you go to the theatre .

just shows how certain everyday medications can interact !

Anyway yesterday I had my mammogram results and all clear , I can now go on the 3 yearly screening programme but to remain vigilant obviously .. I am still waiting for my appt for my face , am trying not to get too worked up about it , but obviously the cancer word instils horror in us all . I have been told it will be done by local anaesthetic and I will have a scar for about 2 months which will gradually fade , the instruments they use are apparently very advanced and precise .

not much going on today , finished a scarf knitted in alpaca wool for YS and watched the full box set of the drama series Guilty while doing so ! 
also baked a chocolate and banana loaf this morning .

Cassie hope you are not experiencing any more dizzy spells or headaches and are not working too hard ! How is your friend now after her knee surgery ?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone 😊


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning everyone,

rosie you must be back home in the UK now, a significant milestone for you even though you will retain links with Cyprus. I understand your mixed feelings looking back, the isolation of your cancer journey and some of the other difficulties but at the same time you and DH have created a very successful business using your combined years of experience in education and that is something I am sure you are proud of. The weather here is not too bad today so I hope you wake up to some sunshine.

lovewine I am glad the diagnosis of your skin cancer was so rapid and that the news is reassuring even though I am sure it is not what you would have wished. My aunt who is 76 was diagnosed last year with something very similar and has had successful surgery and now completely recovered. Her GP was not as supportive as yours and insisted it was nothing, so she paid to see a consultant privately who diagnosed it as skin cancer and then referred her for treatment on the NHS. 
i hope your cold clears up soon joan, I have the tail end of one and am still a bit bunged up and my energy levels are not yet back to normal. My new job is completely manic but I am enjoying it and thank goodness for my 4 day week! I’ve just knitted a nice warm sweater and am working on a warm shawl, mainly needed to combat the air conditioning in the office.

Cassie I am sorry to hear you have been having medical issues, glad your blood pressure returned to normal.

i hope you all have good days.


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Lovewine, it’s good to know that your skin cancer is easily treated although I imagine you were still shocked to hear the dreaded word. I know several people who have had similar treatment all very successfully though I dont recall them getting a face lift into the bargain. Hope you soon get your mammogram results, no matter how often you say to yourself no news is good news its still a worry. 
cassie, sorry you too are having medical issues. like Rosie, I havent heard of that particular test. Good your blood pressure is down again. I have just discovered that I can’t  take cold remedies like Day and Night Nurse because I’m on BP medication which is a blow because I have a cold at the moment and find it the most effective. Only found that out when I tried to buy some more at the Tesco Pharmacy. Might risk it tomorrow afternoon though because we’re going to the theatre and I dont want to sit there sniffing and coughing. 

Rosie, hope you had a good journey back to England. It must be very poignant for you leaving Cyprus. And the weather here will be a shock after 28degrees. There was snow on the Mendips this morning.


Hope you all have a good weekend, whatever you’re doing.


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies this will be my last post from Cyprus I am returning to the UK tomorrow!

Cassie I haven’t heard of a Holter test I must Google it! 

I don’t envy you with an unknown number of guests for Christmas! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hopefully they will give you plenty of warning and help out?🤔

Lovewine as you say no news is hopefully good news regarding your mammogram result! 

I hope that you don’t have to wait too long for you procedure you you will be relieved to be on the other side of it.

I have at least one cancerous mole on my back, the surgeon that did my DIEP noticed it and said she would remove it whilst I was in theatre! She didn’t thank goodness or else I would have had to sleep standing up!😳 What with not being able to sleep on front of sides due to extensive surgery than having a hole in the back, I don’t think so! 😖

My niece has just had a series of very unpleasant procedures as she has been having gynaecological issues! She is now back home but there was a scare of sepsis and a blood clot!😳 My sister must have been going out of her mind. I was due to meet her in Hereford on Saturday but she is staying with my niece until Sunday in Morton on Marsh so I am going there instead! I will have passed through it on the train the night before on the way back! 

We have had a spate of fires over the last few days! Yesterday’s was very close to us in the Lara area of the Akamas! It was an arson attack started by a group of people who are trying to stop the conservation plan of the Akamas Forest! Whenever a meeting is planned a fire breaks out the day before!😡 Helicopter were used all day to dump water from the sea. We could see the smoke and bits of ash were falling! The ground is still very dry and there was a breeze blowing yesterday which cause it to spread more quickly.

It is still burning but under control this morning. 

Well ladies we have thunder storms forecast for tomorrow so I hope I don’t get delayed as I have train connections to make! 😳😬🙀




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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good afternoon ladies , I had my dermatology appt at the hospital this morning -saw a lovely female consultant who was very reassuring , seems like I do have a form of skin cancer but she was quick to explain it was not life threatening and once removed that would be the end of it , due to the closeness to my eye she has referred me to ocular plastic department to surgically remove it , the appt with their consultant  should be in a couple of days and then shortly after to have it done by local anaesthetic - she did say I would get a face lift courtesy of the NHS !! I feel slightly less stressed , but absolutely fed up now with waiting for results and visiting the hospital - still nothing from mammogram which I am hoping is no news is good news .

Cassie sorry you are so busy and are experiencing dizzy spells , I also have this at times and have done for a few years - it comes and goes . Hope you get sorted out with it at your appointment .

Rosie, it must feel very strange leaving Cyprus after all you have been through - another chapter in your life to come though , although I think the weather will be a let down here at the moment - the rain is relentless !

Joan glad you are having a quieter week with work , I know what you mean about using 1 car between you , we sold OHs a while ago as he works within walking distance and didn’t need it - still an issue at times though .

YS packed a lot into his trip to New York , he went to Broadway , also an ice hockey game and then New York museum of Art! 
he is back at work now though .

Wildpurl I hope all is well with you ? 


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,

All OK here but busy as usual Rosie you may need socks and gloves as well as your coat! My weather app says feels like -3 this morning. YD is about to go to Holland with work then shortly after Michigan to visit her friend for thanksgiving -5 feel like -12 at the moment and they are snowed inn ! I hope all is well with the Dermatologist lovewine, I have an appointment to have a 24 hour holter test next month I have had a few odd moments feeling dizzy and heart seems to be pounding when at rest sometimes, hopefully all will be well, lots of headaches recently which I am sure is down to work BP was a bit odd at the time but back to normal now.  I will be hosting Christmas this year I am not sure for how many at present but quite a few.

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,


I do hope that you are all ok the board has gone very quiet!🤔

Lovewine I know you have you appointment with the dermatologist this week I do hope it is earlier in the week and you don’t have too much longer to wait! Also I hope that your results will be with you soon from your mammogram!

Did YS enjoy his trip to New York?

Joan I do hope that you managed to get to Qi Gong this week I know how much it means to you! The play you took your GC to see sounds interesting, Michael Morpurgo is a well loved children’s author. 

I have just had an emergency break from typing as we had a call to say the shipping firm were on the way to take our 2 cubic metre returning to the UK so had to jump in the shower and quickly throw the last few items in a case! Anything left around will either have to stay in Cyprus with DH of be squashed into my hand luggage! 🙀😳

Its rather a time of mixed emotions as we have lived here for 10 years!  I went all through the cancer journey here which was wasn’t a good time! It’s been a time of of highs and lows but isn’t that life?🤔

I am not sure when I will be back in Cyprus but not until next year well into the spring! I told myself last winter that I didn’t want to spend another here and certainly not another very hot summer! Ironically the weather is 28 every day at the moment which is above the monthly average! But just right! Evenings and mornings are cooler, 19 degrees. 

DH has moved his bits and pieces into his studio at the new school and he has made it look quite homely. He will only be staying there for 2/3 weeks on a visit.

I do hope the rain has stopped for you all. I have my coat ready! 😉




Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

What a shame you have a double worry at the moment, Lovewine. When is your dermatology appt. Hope it is early in the week and even more that you get some reassurance. Also that you dont have to wait long for the results of your mammogram. 
Rosie, while its good you have sold your car I can commiserate with you being without it, I am feeling quite restricted now we are down to one. I know it’s a bit of a first world/middle class ‘problem’ but you do get used to the flexibility it gives you. Yes, I’m afraid you will be coming back straight into Xmas, it’s everywhere, although as yet none of the houses near us have got their Xmas lights up. 
I’ve had a lovely work free weekend after a less stressful week since, as I anticipated, the election meant that I now have more time to write the report. Yesterday was Tescos followed by flu jabs and gardening, today we went to the theatre with GC and their parents to see a children’s show ‘I believe in unicorns’ based on the Michael Morpurgo book of the same name, which was excellent, though it dealt with some dark stuff. Tomorrow its back to Qi Gong.

Cassie and Wildpurl, hope all well with you. 


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??


Good Morning Ladies,


Lovewine what dreadful weather you are continuing to have but at least as you suggested, hopefully it put a damper on the fireworks! I remember that when we lived in Plymouth fireworks seemed to be let off for several nights before and after 5th! 🙀

We don’t have to endure the November fireworks here they are usually let off at weddings and at Easter, which is a bigger festival than Christmas here! 

Talking of Christmas I was horrified to see the number of Christmas ads creeping in on the tv!😬 I guess I am going to walk back in to Christmas!😳

I expect that you are glad YS is having a holiday with some friends?

I am sure that we can all sympathise with you awaiting results and the worry over your wart! As it is on your face clearly you need to do something about it! Hopefully it can be removed using a simple procedure!🤔

Today I am meeting the Librarian form school, who is a good friend, we will have caramel latte and put the world to rights! Yesterday it became public knowledge the Shakira, the pop star, has just purchased one of the expensive villas at the Cap St George resort which is where we go for our coffee! 😄


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies, the rain continues here still 😕 all day today without any let up, my car is absolutely filthy too. Hoping maybe the bad weather will put off some of the fireworks tonight, my poor dogs are terrified and either sit on our laps or hide up the corner with their faces pressed on the wall.

My YS is in the air as i type this, on his  way to New York with friends for 5 days, i am very envious! They are staying in  Brooklyn so quite close to all the action!

Rosie, good you have sold your car, things are moving well now , you will be glad when its sorted and you are not living between the two lives , although as you say the Cyprus weather will be missed .

Joan, shame you had to miss your Qi Gong , well done though on getting on top of your work, i knew several people including my niece who have visited Croatia this year and all really enjoyed it, its exciting planning holidays for next year, it is something to look forward to through these dark months which i really dislike😕.

I am busy with my work at the moment which is unusual as things quieten down in the winter months, i am waiting anxiously as always for my yearly mammogram results . I have also been referred to the dermatology clinic next week as i have a wart like thing appeared in the last few weeks on the side of my nose very close to my eye, its in such an awkward place thats where i need to go, i am nervous about it as we all are when there is a health issue, the GP seems to think its not a skin cancer but i still worry about it. There always seems something to worry about one way or another doesnt there !!

Cassie and Wildpurl hope all is well .

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,


Lovewine I do feel for you with muddy dog walks and bringing two muddy dogs home!🙀🐾🐾🐾🐾

It’s a good job your dogs tolerate others with your dog sitting duties! 

I will miss the mainly sunny warm days of Cyprus! The weather looks to continue to be good for the remainder of my time here!


My car was sold yesterday so our plan is coming together! The trouble is now I am trapped and will have to rely on DH for transport other than to be able to walk to the school site nearest to us! Fortunately I managed to complete most of the charity shop runs alone!😉

What we didn’t sell at the car boot DH took straight to the animal charity shop yesterday!


Joan we called at Croatia on our River Cruise and really liked it we also sailed back to Limassol from Dubrovnik on one of our Med cruises calling at Montenegro which was very picturesque! 

Sorry you have have had to miss Qi Gong and do hope that you will be able to make it next week! 🙄


Cassie and Wildpurl hope all is well with you two?


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Goodness, what a quiet board. I saw your post about the car boot sale too, Rosie,  you seem to have done very well- obviously high quality stuff. It didnt  sound like you had a look to take home. Shame about the Kyrenia hotel, we have lovely memories of the town. We’re now thinking about next years holiday. There’s a programme on tonight about Croatia, which is one possibility. Anybody been there? 
The mad rush piece of work is nearly done, I seem to have been working flat out for the past week, and worked a lot over the weekend, which is something I vowed never to do again. Missed Qi Gong as well for two Mondays. Not good.
Hope all well with you, Wildpurl and Cassie, and that you are managing some less muddy dogwalks Lovewine, 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies , Rosie I saw your car boot experience on FB earlier , seems like you have done well , am so envious of your continuing good weather , it’s not been too bad here today but it’s very muddy when dog walking and the fields are still waterlogged .

we have been looking after my dog walking friends little terrier dog all weekend as they have been in Liverpool at their sons wedding - she was very well behaved thank goodness .

Hope everyone is well .


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,


Joan hope you enjoyed your fish and chip supper with the Pier Archive Team?

Your unexpected request to get something done for the coming week sounds intriguing and I hope that you manage to complete the task.

Our apartment in Worcester is on the second floor, we are quite close to the river but I don’t think it has ever come up in our direction it tends to flood in the cricket ground direction. At the worst it could affect the undercroft parking! We do have the canal at the front of our block which is very close to the river but I think it is extremely rare for canals to flood as the water is managed.

DH and I are getting on quite well with our clear out we are doing a car boot sale tomorrow and have to be up very early!😬🙄 I am hoping we don’t bring much back with us!😬

We continue to enjoy sunny warm weather so still wearing sun dresses! We did have an outburst of heavy rain in the night!



As you can see the coming week is getting warmer! I tired to book a couple of nights at the place we stay in Kyrenia but they close this weekend!😕

Hope you are all okay and Lovewine you and OH have enjoyed a relaxing weekend after the stress of MIL’s visit.


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

I don’t envy you having to do all the clearing, Rosie, good luck. Fortunate you weren’t in Worcester this week. Is your building likely to have been flooded, I think you’re quite near the river? Cassie, shame about the weather while you were away. Did you like Rye. We spent  a very enjoyable weekend there a few years ago, an interesting place. Lovewine, how frustrating about your post. Guess youre glad MIL has gone back. 

I’m having a rather pressurised time with work at the moment with an unexpected request to get something done for next week. It’s related to a Parliamentary task force though so with the election now on the deadline might go. At least that would be something positive about the whole farce. Break tomorrow though, looking after GS - GD with friend all day getting ready for Halloween- then fish and chip supper with the Pier Archive team. 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies!


Lovewine you and OH must be relieved that MIL is safely back in Canada!

I have seen pictures of the flooding in Worcester, you have certainly had a lot of rain!🙄

Since the family have left DH and I are busy sorting out. I was very impressed with DH when he actually threw his dad’s sheet music out that we have had for 20 years! He hung onto it as he was going to list it on eBay to sell!😳 Of course that has never happened and never will! I told him to leave it on the floor and I would deal with it! 😳

We are going to transfer some things to the studio he will have at the top of the new school premises for the short spells he will be here in Cyprus by himself.

We are aiming to do a car boot on Sunday! 😬😖 Not my favourite pastime but will be glad to get rid of stuff.

I have old towels, pillows and bedding for the dog rescue centre for the winter.

We are both feeling a bit unsettled living in such a muddle!😳

Fortunately the weather continues to be most pleasant!

Hope you are all well?

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies , just lost a long post after being blocked out for wrong password which wasn’t wrong 😡!!

anyway MIL back home in Canada now , she was driven back to Heathrow yesterday and if took OH 9 hours ! Awful weather and bad traffic hold ups .

Cassie glad you had a nice break, Shame about the weather though , it’s been flooded locally after so much rain . A lot of our roads out of the village were impassable yesterday .

Rosie I expect you are feeling a bit flat now your visitors have left , but I expect you will will be busy sorting out your belongings and decluttering.

Joan I hope you enjoyed a quieter week , glad you enjoyed Gaslight , I always think of Martin shaw as George Gently too.

Wildpurl hope you are ok .

Hopefully I can reply next time without having to reset my password 😲

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Cassie good to hear from you sorry to hear that you too have experienced phone problems. If you can get google on your phone you should be able to go to the BC Forum site and then select chemo threads and save to your favourites!


Sorry that you didn’t enjoy very good weather but I expect that the break did you all good?


We had a good week with YS and family the weather wasn’t as bad as we feared and enjoyed mainly warm dry sunny days with top 20 temperatures! We did have a hum dinger of a storm one night!🙀 YS went out to video it! Will put on Facebook later tonight or tomorrow with a few pics.


I don’t like these dark night it feels like about 7pm and isn’t even 6 yet!


The weather is cooling to mid/ low 20’s this week with some scattered rain showers. 

It always amuses me how the Cypriot woman go from sandals to boots!🤣


It’s very quiet here today with 4 less people! DH and I now have to concentrate on packing up what personal effects are going with us and which we need to get rid of. We are hoping to do a car boot next week and what hasn’t gone will go straight to the animal charity shop! 


Hope everyone is ok?


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good afternoon Ladies,

Its a wet and windy day again here I have just got back from Camber Sands in Rye it was nice to get away from work with ED and GS but the rain did spoil it a bit we had one good day I think it was Wednesday when we went into Rye for the afternoon and explored, shopped and had a late lunch. I have had problems with my mobile too lovewine it was quite old though so it was due for an upgrade, I can no longer have an icon for the breast cancer care website which is a pain. I have however managed to save the website in my texts and keep it on top so hopefully will not loose the ability to keep I touch.

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies,

Managed to grab some time to respond to posts!

Joan we saw Gaslight in Malvern 2 years ago, from what I remember it was well done!

Half term has been confusing this year as schools have had it over 3 different weeks! Our Plymouth family, who, are here with us now have this week, DD in Newcastle has next week and there were lots of families visiting here last week from the UK!

I don’t suppose that your GC minded having a day off to see The Lion King?🤣

I hope it won’t be too long before OH finds a suitable car, never easy sharing one when you are used to 2!

Lovewine I am so pleased that you now have your new phone, I can’t imagine life without mine!🙀

I am sure that you and OH will be glad when MIL is back on the plane to Canada! Did she come by herself?

What a worry about ES’s dog I hope it is is now fully recovered and back home.

At least your friend who discharged himself from hospital will have more time with the family! I do hope that he will enjoy a time of stability, he is certainly fighting very well!

The weather here hasn’t been as bad as forecast thankfully! We have enjoyed 3 dry warm days, we did have a big storm last night! The weather today is rather mixed so I think we are going bowling! 

Nobody is up here yet as the storm went on into the early hours!🙄




Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

What a relief to have a phone again, good the insurance paid up. Good news too about your friend and ES’s dog. Commiserations on the MIL visits; I hadnt realised she was coming again. Bear up, she’ll soon be back across the Atlantic, and at least she isnt nearer. 
Our half term isnt till next week. This week we’re having an easy time, at least I am because today, when we would normally be on duty, YD has taken both children to see the Lion King in Bristol. She thought it was half term this week. 
Had a good theatre trip on Saturday. It was Gaslight, which although a bit dated, was still very relevant and good-although Martin Shaws Irish accent needed a bit more work. He was playing a police inspector which was a bit disconcerting, having got used to him as George Gently.  


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies , finally got on the board ! Haven’t received any posts and couldn’t log on either ! Seems to be ok now .

i have a new phone now , insurance paid for a new one as the damaged one was beyond repair.

well a stressful week - mil arrived last Saturday and took up residence until late evening 🙀which was exhausting .

she returns with her sister for the day today , I am leaving shortly to collect them from the station and returning here with them and then we have booked Sunday lunch at a pub a couple of miles away ! She flies back next weekend and OH will be driving back down to Heathrow again 😲

ESs dog was hospitalised for several days  with internal bleeding and a stomach ulcer - we thought he was going to die he was so poorly , thankfully today there is some improvement .

our friend discharged himself from hospital on Thursday evening and is not too bad now , the clots in his lungs have dispersed and he is on a high dose daily of heparin to thin the blood .

Rosie how nice to have your YS and family come to visit , hopefully the weather will be good for them .

Joan I expect your GC are off for half term this week , our area was last week !

Cassie and Wildpurl I hope all is well with you both .

Have a good Sunday everyone ! Not sure mine is going to be very relaxing or enjoyable .


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Rosie,I’m rather relieved it has been so quiet on the board this week, since I haven’t been on since last Friday. I dont envy you going through all those photos, although it will have brought back lots of lovely memories. We decided to do ours a few years ago and they are all now in shoeboxes, labelled, which made me feel very virtuous, but they will probably not get looked at again. Once I got a digital camera, of course, they’re just piling up on the computer. What a shame the weather isnt going to be too good for your family’s  visit but I’m sure they’ll still have a great time. 

Cassie, so sorry to hear ED is having such difficulties and not getting the help she needs. And all the extra work you are having to do. It can’t be right that have needed eye drops to cope with it all. It seems extraordinary that a workplace which is delivering healthcare isnt taking care of the health of its own staff. I can see why you keep thinking about retirement. 

Wildpurl, glad you are enjoying your new role, even if it is pretty busy. I expect you’re getting frustrated with all this rain not being able to get out in the garden. We managed a couple of soggy hours last Sunday planting wallflowers but there is so much else left to do. At least you have lots of crafting to do indoors. A friend of mine went on a crafting ‘retreat’ a couple of weeks ago - she came back exhausted, having worked late each evening, but also with a lovely handbag. 

Lovewine, what a pain about your phone, nightmare when technology you rely on for work lets you down. Hope you have yours back now, or a new one. The arrival of MIL sounds quite a trial, hope it wasnt as bad as anticipated and you have both now recovered. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Is he now out of hospital? 

We have a relatively quiet weekend ahead. Going to the theatre in Bath tomorrow. I can’t remember what we’re seeing, we booked so long ago, all I know is that Martin Shaw is in it. Sunday we’re saying goodbye to husband’s car, which we’re passing on to SIL. YD has had a car through work but has to hand back because she no longer does the required amount of business mikes. We havent found a replacement yet, because OH wants a particular model which doesnt seem to come up often second hand. So we will be boxing and coxing with mine for a bit. 




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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies,


It is very quiet on our board hope everyone is ok?😳

Wildpurl your new role sounds ideal for you and I am sure that you will soon sort the chaos out!😊


Lovewine hopefully OH has coped with the visit of MIL and it wasn’t as stressful as you feared. I do hope that your neighbour has returned home and is going to enjoy another stable period it would be wonderful for the family if he could be with them for Christmas.😏  Very worrying times for them.


Cassie hopefully the water problem has been sorted out now and I do hope that you and the family aren’t effected by the protests going on in the capital. I am all for making a peaceful protest but some of the shenanigans going on appear to be quite dangerous!😳


Joan hope you and the family are all well?


I have had had a crazy few days going through 43 years of photographs that have been stored here for 10 years and all the albums were either mouldy or the plastic coating disintegrated! I have taken all the photographs out and divided them between the children and kept some for us! It has taken me several days and what a journey I have been down! 


Our YS and family arrive on Sunday and unfortunately it looks like we have 3 days of storms!😳 It is very unreliable from now we had our first storm earlier in the week! The only good thing is it dries up quickly and it is still warm! It’s so disappointing though after the long hot summer. Monday looks like the best day and then Saturday their last day! It is YS’s birthday on Tuesday and we were going to the water park, I think we will have to go on Monday now! They close it when it is lightening!😳


Friday today ladies have a restful weekend!




Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning everyone, it has been a wet weekend here and continuing today. Rosie, you have a busy time of transition ahead, I wish you luck with your decluttering. I’m sure you will enjoy having the family to stay in a few weeks, they will enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

The motorhome was an inspired purchase by the sound of it!


Lovewine, it must be hard for all the friends and family of your friend with cancer. Your helping with their dog is much appreciated, I am sure. It is hard to deal with the everyday things when something like that is hanging over you and practical support really helps.

I hope things have calmed down at work after your backlog.


Cassie, I found it really helpful to discuss my retirement provisions with a financial advisor last year. Much to my surprise I found that I would be able to retire when I wanted and got a clear picture of what to do in the meantime. I hope you get similar insights! Your job does sound very stressful and busy, I think you cope with it very well but it is not surprising that you are considering other options.


Joan, I have mixed feelings about reunions, it is interesting and enjoyable to meet people one once knew well after a long break, but then I often realise that we have drifted far apart!


I can’t remember if I mentioned that I had applied for another role in the same company but a different business, earlier this year, anyway I was offered the role in August and started a few weeks ago. It is the sort of work I like very much, very full on and busy and worse at the moment because the team has been left to its own devices for over a year and everything is in chaos. I’m enjoying it but it is much busier than what I have been doing! 

The sweater is progressing well, I will post photos when finished




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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Ladies I put up a longish post yesterday and it clearly isn’t there! I can only assume when I went back into it to edit I didn’t repost it!😳🙀😬

Firstly Joan- yes the weather is still very pleasant here and the next few days will see temperature rise to 33! I have made use of the pool which is a little cool now for me on entry at 24! YS and family arrive on Oct 20th for a week and they will be going in whatever the temperature! It’s fine once you are in!😧

The dentist took some x rays and desensitised the area causing concern. She asked if I was stressed as my rt jaw clicks!🤣 Also she wondered if I ground my teeth whilst asleep?  She said if the discomfort didn’t improve to go back in two weeks and she would fit me with a gum shield to wear at night! I don’t think so!😳🤦🏻‍♀️😖 She has given me a paste to use and it seems to have improved slightly plus I am trying to relax my face!🙄

The motorhome is very good for DH, I am sure that he would not have stepped back from the business without such an interest! DD said that he looked more relaxed than she had seem him look for a long time in the pictures I posted of our trip!

I loved your account of the chap that told you husband he wanted to marry you and you couldn’t remember him!🤣 Also the two women that said they were envious of you because you were beautiful- maybe you need to get your photos out and look at the beautiful you!😊 The north east coast is certainly very bracing! I can remember taking YGG a walk in the wind when she was 5 months and she was gasping! I said to her, “You will have to get used to this lass you are a northern girl!”😮 (She is 11 in 2 week! )

Sorry to hear that you have had computer issues again, maybe it’s time to ask Santa for a new one?😉 Hopefully the invoice won’t be too bad!😕

Cassie sorry to hear that you have been affected by the Finsbury water main problem I did see the pictures on the news!🙀

Sorry to hear that ED is having a struggle again and can’t get the support she needs! How is GS coping with the situation? It must be a constant worry for you!😕

Maybe it’s time to plan another holiday so you have got something to look forward to?

Lovewine I am glad that you enjoyed your break in N Yorks! The arrival of MIL certainly sounds as if it will be a difficult time especially for OH! Thankfully she is only with you for one day! Do you know how long her visit is for?

My goodness life without a phone, especially when you use if for your business, must be a total nightmare! Thank goodness BIL was able to lend you one!

I am so sorry to hear that your neighbour has been so unwell let’s hope that he gets out of hospital and can enjoy another spell with his family. Such a horrid time for them as they know their days are numbered together as a family!😢

They are lucky to have a lovely neighbour like you who will look after the dog for them! 

Wildpurl I expect that your sweater will be progressing well during the wet spell of weather? 🤔

DH and I are having to de clutter here once again as we can’t ship all our personal effects back to the UK that we shipped here 10 years ago! He is moving into a studio at the top of the new school building with an en-suite. We can’t use the top floor for students so the directors have claimed it for offices and a board meeting room! It has a kitchenette. 

I have told DH that I will not stay in it when I visit Cyprus as the only window is high up! 😳 so we will have to check into a hotel! We will be saving the rent and pool maintenance 

so this will work out much cheaper as we have been paying nearly €1000 a month for both! We move out of here on Nov 7th and I return to the UK on Nov 15th so I am looking for somewhere to stay for the week!

As DH is a hoarder and I am not I think an interesting weekend is in store! Wish me luck ladies! 😳🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️🤬🤯



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good afternoon ladies, its an awful afternoon here, very wet again. We had a lovely break in North Yorks, sadly i paid the price the rest of the week trying to catch up at work .

We have MIL arriving from Canada tomorrow😬🙀, fortunately not staying with us , but at her sisters in Nottinghamshire, OH has been “ordered “ down to Heathrow to pick her up, so she will be here tomorrow and then taken up to  Notts, OH is very stressed, she decided to fly over as the sister is convinced she is dying ( she isnt !!) and has demanded she comes over for a grand reunion - i cant begin to tell you what a can of worms the visit has opened for OH😕- we are feeling very stressed.


I have also been without my phone since midweek as the torrential rain seeped into the controls and its broken it , its been sent off by my Insurance company to be fixed, leaving me without one, a disaster for my work. BIL has lent mean ancient one of his!

Cassie i am sorry your ED is struggling and having to fight to access the proper treatment and help, how appalling, i hope she can get counselling soon. Your job does sound very hectic and d what a nightmare having no water.

Joan, glad you enjoyed your trip, shame about the wet weather for you, also computer nightmares 😮

Rosie, hope you sorted out your dental issues and are now pain free. Lovely to be still in the warm temperatures in Cyprus 😎.

Wildpurl, hope you are enjoying your winter vegetables now, like the sound of your striped sweater.

Our good friend who is ill had a very bad few days, he went by ambulance as an emergency on tuesday as the blood clots in his legs have gone into his lungs which are life threatening, things seem to be under control and a shunt has been put in , he is still in hospital until next week, i have been looking after their young German Shepard, hes lovely. Very worrying times for him and the family .

Have a good weekend ladies . 


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,

Its been very wet here in more than one way we have had a local water mains badly flood nearby at Finsbury Park although it is nearly a mile away all the water was off including the surgery which as you can imagine was a palaver with bottled water for our loo and hand washing plus alcohol rub and gloves of course. Work in general is so busy I wish I could retire now to be honest I would probably be bored in a couple of weeks, I have been given extra work to do which involves so much reading that I have needs eye drops, I can't be good.

ED is going through a struggle again at the moment and still has not had any counselling which I find unbelievable after being an inpatient it makes no sense at all to be discharged and that is it? ED has been in touch but has had no response, I suggested she should discuss things with the GP she has other health issues too, but no doubt puts GS first. It is a fact that the people that really should be seen in A&E and by the GP either fail to engage for various reasons and the worried well are always seeking attention.


Rosie I sympathise with the washing problem, I have no line here either only a pull out one over the bath, I have quite a big bathroom so it's not quite so horrendous as it sounds and a separate washer and condenser dryer which works very well and needs no plumbing. It does leave no space for a dishwasher in my kitchen though, I dry underware and small items immediately which takes 45 in mins, larger items I hang overnight then if needed finish them off in small batches in the dryer to prevent ironing wherever possible.


Have a good weekend ladies even if it is a wet one

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

Joan you will no doubt be glad that you went to Newcastle on the train! The weather is very bracing along the Tyneside coast! I remember I was holding YGG when she was 5 months old and she gasped in the wind! 😮 I said to her, “You will have to get use to this, you are a Northern lass!”🤣 She is 11 later this month!😮

Joan I loved the account of a chap telling DH he wanted to marry you and you had no idea of who he was even! 🤣 How lovely to find that two classmates thought you were beautiful! Maybe you should find some pictures of yourself from school and look at the beautiful you!😊

The dentist took some X-rays and desensitised the area causing concern. She asked me if I was stressed!🤣 She said I needed to relax my mouth more and maybe I ground my teeth when I sleep? She said if it didn’t improve to go back in 2 weeks and she would fit me with a gum guard to sleep with!🙀 I don’t think so!🙄😧 She did give me some paste to use and told me not to chew gum or eat anything hard! 

Yes the weather is still lovely here and I have ventured into the pool twice, but it is a bit cool for me on entry! We are due to see temperatures rising to 33 for the weekend, I suspect that will be the last peak now. Our YS and family are coming on Oct 20th for a week so hoping that the weather remains dry and warm for their visit. I think it’s due to be between 24-28. Of course that could change and the rains could come any time now! 

DH is certainly more relaxed motorhoming, DD said he looks more relaxed on the pictures I posted than he has looked for a long time!

Glad you got your computer fixed Joan, is is time to ask Father Christmas for a new one?😉

Lovewine I expect that you will be chasing your tail at work!😳 It does amuse me that you have clients buy extra shirts for their husbands whilst you are away! 🤣

Wildpurl I imagine not much gardening is going on with the wet weather but it should ensure that you forge ahead with your sweater!

Cassie hope YD returned well rested from her holiday?

Its quite a dilemma you face with the pension scheme?😳 Hopefully you will be advised 

which is the right route to take for you.

Have a good weekend ladies!

We are sorting out for car boot and charity shop! Most of our personal effects have to go there is no room to take them back! Some have already been shipped here from the UK 10 years ago! I think there may be some sparks flying here this weekend as DH has always been a bit of a hoarder! Wish me luck!🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Lovewine, I hope you had at least some dry weather while you were away. The weather has been quite appalling here and while we were up in Newcastle.  Very jealous of your continuing warm weather in Cyprus, Rosie. Hope your dental problems are now sorted out. It sounds like you are going to be travelling quite a lot in the spring, you are certainly making full use of your motor home and even your OH seems to be disentangling himself from the heavier demands of the school. 


Cassie, I hope last weekend went well and that this week has not been so busy at work. The pension question must be very difficult to resolve. I feel so sorry for the ladies who lost their court case. It may be true that the previous system discriminated against men but when you have planned your affairs thinking you would have your pension at 60 its not easy to adjust, at a late stage, to not having that security. 


We had a good, if hectic, trip to Newcastle. It turned out that several of the people going to the school reunion were also staying in the same hotel on the Saturday and Sunday nights so we had lots of opportunities to catch up. The reunion itself was enjoyable but a bit strange- there were people there whose names I recognised but couldnt picture them as they were at school. One chap told my husband- who came to pick me up- that he had wanted to marry me. I couldnt remember him at all and certainly cant recall having that effect on anyone. A couple of women also said they had been very envious because I was beautiful. Dont remember EVER thinking that about myself or being told it! Also managed to catch up with my brother and his wife, and one of my nephews and his young family, AND have a blustery - and brief-walk at the coast. Cant go to the NE and not do that. Came back exhausted on Monday evening and then next day discovered that my computer was on the blink. Why does that always seem to happen when its most needed. Finally got it fixed this afternoon after 2 days in computer hospital. Dreading the invoice. 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies!

Wildpurl I thought of you yesterday when I hung my washing out and wondered if you got yours hung up outside and dry?🤔 The one thing I struggle with at out apartment in the UK is the fact that I have to use a washer drier! I hate it, it either shrinks the clothes or doesn’t dry them probably!😡🙀😬😳 When motorhoming we do have a drying rack but didn’t get much use of it on the last trip and had to use the drier in the laundry which at least only had a 45min cycle instead of nearly 4hrs and did dry the clothes! 

I like the sound of your different coloured sweater and look forward to seeing a picture of the finished project!

Lovewine what a wonderful idea to knit hand warmers for your dog walking friends! 😊 I am sure that they will be most grateful for such a thoughtful practical gift!

I am not sure if you are still away? You said you were going for a few days. I do hope that you experienced some dry walking weather and feel that the break recharged your batteries.

I have an emergency dental appointment today as I have been suffering a lot of pain and discomfort in an area of my mouth! Not looking forward to the verdict and the necessary treatment!😳

Joan hope that you enjoyed your weekend away and that this week won’t be too busy for you!

Cassie trust you enjoyed your weekend with GS, how is ED at the moment?🤔


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies from a wet and wild North Yorkshire !

having a very nice few days away , yesterday was sunny and mild and Friday a bit mixed ,

Rosie excellent you are able to plan more trips and spend more time in the U.K , although I expect the sunny days of Cyprus will be missed ! I totally understand the gossip of a small village environment as ours is exactly the same - usually motivated by a few busybodies !🙄👵🏻.

Wildpurl I am knitting hand warmers for my dog walking friends at the moment .

Cassie sorry to hear your friend is getting pain in her other leg now . Don’t blame your YD making the most of some warm weather.

Joan I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend in the North East .

Enjoy your Sunday everyone 😊


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning everyone, it is bright here following a wet night and should be an OK morning, I need to get some washing on the line!

rosie, it’s good that you and DH have managed to execute an exit strategy and that you will be able to spend more time in the UK and travelling in the motor home in the future. I look forward to following your adventures in Spain and Portugal!

lovewine I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing time away

i hope you enjoy your weekend with GS cassie


i am currently knitting a sweater, it is very light and warm and fun to knit as there are different colours which is quite motivating as I am keen to knit to the next colour!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies!

Casssie I hope that you and GS are enjoying your weekend together. Sorry to hear that your friend is experiencing pain in her other leg- was she told that it needed a replacement also? I had to go the further year with shocking pain in my left leg and it’s only now 6 months later with 2 TKR’s that I am totally pain free and it doesn’t keep me awake at night- although I still don’t sleep particularly well!🙄

Lovewine I hope that your time in Robin Hood Bay is relaxing and that you aren’t getting too wet!🤔

Joan hopefully you enjoyed your weekend In Newcastle catching up with family and friends! 

Wildpurl what craft projects do you have on the go at the moment?

It’s pleasantly warm here still in Cyprus with temperatures in the top 20’s a little cooler in the evening and mornings! 

We went to the theatre last night to see a double bill called Black Comedy the second part was better than the the first half, which was thankfully only 30 mins! 

I met up with the librarian from school yesterday and we tried to put the world to rights!🙄 Her DD who is the same age as mine in going through relationships problems!😳 We enjoyed an iced caramel latte at our favourite meet up at Cap St George! She is the only person here that I am free to talk openly to and she says I am the same for her! People are such gossips here and have no loyalty! Everyone seems to know everyone else it’s like village mentality!😳

Ladies enjoy the remainder of the weekend!



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Evening Ladies,

I am well Rosie just unbelievably busy at work and keeping busy at home, I have GS this weekend YD left for Ibiza this morning she is having a break in a spa hotel, good for her I say she works very hard.

My dog walking friend is doing well but her other knee has begun to hurt too! We are all looking into weather it is worth while staying in our pension scheme or draw it out and put it in a high interest account oh the worries of life, I have not decided yet, I have someone looking into the scheme and doing the calculations on a prediction that I may live to see 80, that gives you food for thought.

Best get off to bed

Have a good weekend all, I hope you don't get too wet with this persistent rain that has been forecast



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Ladies I am reunited with my iPad and WiFi! 😄

Wilpurl you are certainly very well set up for the winter with a variety of veg it must be very satisfying to eat your own produce! We have grown fruit, beans, carrots and potatoes and kept hens for eggs many years ago when we lived in Somerset!

Joan thank goodness that your YD is ok what a sickening worry for you!😳 Enjoy your weekend in Newcastle.

Lovewine hopefully you will get some dry patches and be able to walk with the dogs enjoy the break! 

I am glad that you managed to follow our travels on Facebook it was certainly an experience! We are both quite tired now and we have to fly to Cyprus tomorrow! 😬

This is the last time I shall do a lengthy spell there I have a one way ticket to return on Nov 15th! DH will return on Dec 1st he will return for 2 weeks in Jan and then we will be heading off into Spain and Portugal for 6 weeks over the winter in the motorhome! From April DH will be able to spend more time in the UK so we won’t have the crazy turn arounds we have recently experienced!

We are coming out of our rental in Cyprus early Nov and DH will stay in a studio attached to the school whilst he is visiting Cyprus. He is still tied in to the school for a further 2 years for a certain number of days but we will always retain an interest as Founders as we have kept some of our shares! All rather complicated and our gradual exit strategy has not been easy! But at last we have a plan!

Cassie hope that all is well with you?


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies , Joan what a worry regarding your daughter , so glad everything turned out to be ok. Go and enjoy your trip to Newcastle now !

we are off to Robinhoods bay in North Yorkshire on Friday for a few days - the weather looks awful , not great as we are taking the dogs and wanted to do lots of walking !!

Rosie you have had a wonderful 3 weeks , I have really enjoyed following your travels and looking at your photos !

Wildpurl you certainly have a good supply of winter veg !

Cassie hope all is well with you .



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

I’ve had rather a worrying week since coming back from holiday though fortunately all well in the end. YD was referred to the Breast Care Clinic for investigation of worrying symptoms- change in the size and shape of one breast. You can imagine what I was fearing. I went with her on Monday. She had a mammogram and ultrasound which didnt show anything untoward and the conclusion seems to be that it is probably hormonal. So big relief for her and us. We had arranged to go up to Newcastle for a flying visit this weekend- a school reunion and catching up with my brother and family- so can now go, and without that anxiety hanging over us.


Rosie, that was quite a trek for you, but good to see the family. Wildpurl, you certainly have a good store of veggies for the winter. 


I agree with you Rosie, about the suggested meet up with the July 14 group, even though it may seem a bit mean. 


Lovewine and Cassie, hope all well with you.

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Ladies I have had a personal message from a member of the July 14 group to a meet up. They have met once in 5 years! I think our group of 5 is very close and wouldn’t wish to broaden it at this stage. We have bonded so closely and feel we offer each other all the support we need!



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Your rally seems to have been really lovely, Rosie and how nice to have a barbecue with your ES and family!

it is wet and windy here, the grass is turning green again. We have five huge cauliflowers in the fridge and a lot of courgettes! We will still have plenty of vegetables over the winter though as we have carrot, beetroot, swede, leeks, squash, kohlrabi and chard.


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

A quick hello Ladies as we get 30mins a day free WiFi here. We are now coming to the end of our Rally we are back in Belgium!

We took a detour yesterday to visit our ES and family and met in a forest just outside Nancy! It was further than we thought as there were 2 Places called Bure one in France and one here in Belgium! When I checked the route on my phone it looked as if we skirted Nancy! Fortunately we made the discovery the night before when setting up the sat nav! But we were committed to going as we had arranged to have a bbq! It was lovely seeing them even though it was for 3 hours! But we travelled for 7 hrs in total yesterday! 😳😬😴

Joan glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday the Turkish passport check sounded a bit OTT! 😳 Lovely picture!

Lovewine lovely pic of you ringing the bell! I know how you felt when it is all over though! Thankful but a bit apprehensive also!

How is your neighbour?

Wildpurl I expect that you are busy collecting the last of your produce from the garden before autumn really hits?

Cassie how is your dog walking friend getting on? Hopefully she is getting around easier not having to take pain killers and sleeping better! 

All for now ladies!


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Congratulations Lovewine, and what a nice idea to have the bell to ring. That’s a lovely photo!

joan, that is also a lovely photo, what beautiful coloured lights on the water.



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

4F8155FA-44B0-42E4-88BA-6B3F6278AA3F.jpegHaghia Sophia at night


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

What a lovely idea, Lovewine, and great photo. 


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Nice photo lovewine, I don't think my hospital has a bell, I certainly have never been asked to ring it. I was discharged back in April but still have check ups with the surgery team because I am part of a trial. It looks like autumn is here just got soaked although weather people did not predict rain this afternoon.

Have a good weekend ladies

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

6FFE67DD-5D4A-4283-8FA5-40B48D593E74.jpegRinging the bell !


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies , Joan I remember now your Istanbul trip on the train - sounds lovely , my YS visited Istanbul a couple of years ago and really loved it , I have never been but plan to at some point !

Rosie I have been watching your journey around Germany and your lovely photos on FB , looks great 😊

Wildpurl, glad you enjoyed the Peak District - not too far from me ! 

Yesterday I had my yearly oncology appointment and I was discharged , pending s clear mammogram next month , I was very relieved and I was told to ring the bell to signify the end of treatment / appointments ! Everyone clapped and cheered  which was lovely - feel a bit unsettled today though for some reason !

just been on our Wednesday dog walk .. not many left now before the winter 😢.

We are off to Robinhoods bay in North Yorkshire at the end of next week so I am looking forward to that !


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Got back in the small hours this morning from our trip to Istanbul by train. Havent been able to access the board v easily so very surprised to find such few postings. I guess with 3 of us on holiday  thats inevitable. Havent been able to access Facebook either so not seen your recent photos Rosie. 

Istanbul was stupendous, as I hope at least of my nearly 2000 photos will show! Would go again like a shot. And it was good to see a bit of Budapest and Bucharest en route. The three nights on the train were an experience, at the end if which we had certainly bonded as a group.  Could have done without being woken up at 3am by Turkish border police and taken off the train, through a bleak concrete underpass to stand in line to have our passports checked though.