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Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

We arrived safely very early Fri am due to train delay! Then we came on to motorhome Rally after getting done supplies! Only just in Stourport so near home! 

Limited 4g will catch up with you all tomorrow!

Enjoy Sunday.


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good news ladies, Prezzo have sent me a Proseco voucher again for my birthday! And it will be valid for our get together. 

Just back from a hot and tiring, but stimulating work meeting in Cardiff, my first since Xmas. Even managed a trip to John Lewis, though not very productive. Having a frustrating time with my wireless connection other than when sitting next to the router so cant sit in comfort with the ipad. Think it may be to do with my internet connection on the PC being sorted earlier this week. You win one, you lose one ! 

Wildpurl, looks like the pool is progressing fast, are you planning further work this weekend? Cassie, what a shame about the disturbance at EBs birthday celebration. Lovely to hear that GS was participating in the school performance. I expect his summer holidays are imminent. Will you be looking after/entertaining him some of the time. We are expecting to have ours two days a week, hope we get good weather. Good youve booked a holiday, you deserve abreak. 

Sorry to hear about OHs continuing knee problems, Rosie, it sounds really quite nasty. And his reaction to the anti inflammatories. But how lovely to have the surprise party. Lovewine, hope you have had a somewhat easier week, and a relaxing day today. 


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,

Thanks for asking EB 70th birthday party was ruined by an idiot who decided to have  punch up with anyone as far as I could see he was in his 50's and nothing to do with our party but was obviously known to the publican as he was still allowed to carry on drinking, luckily no bad injuries but I was very worried for my family members and EB who was not involved at all but obviously is not in the greatest shape should anything happen to him. Many members of out party tried to hold the guy back and stop him from hitting out and got shirts torn and bloody eyebrows in the crossfire he even had a swing at my niece who's partner was caught up in the brawl all very uncivilised. I could not wait to leave packed everything away and walked EB and one of his neighbours home with my YD.

On a happier note I have booked a week away in Zakynthos in an apartment with YD end of July beginning of Aug which is greatly needed. We also saw GS's performance in Bugsy Malone last night which was very good, the children performed very well. My GS was one of the gangsters in Dandy Dan's gang, so lots of singing, dancing and shooting of silly string. We were glad to see the part of Tallulah was appropriately changed and updated to a more innocent performance. It is due to very warm again today in London 28 which will be lovely

Have a good weekend

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Hi Zoe , please feel free to join in our thread whenever you like ! Hopefully I can put your mind at rest a little bit , halfway through the chemo the oncologist found a lump in the nodes under my arm , he was very concerned and sent me straight to the Breast surgeon - I was really worried as I expect you are too .

The surgeon immediately said it was a “ seroma” - harmless fluid which builds up in the cavity where some of the lymph nodes had been removed from- I had an ultrasound scan just to be sure and that’s what it was and they drained the fluid but told me it will fill up again in days , which it did ! I was told the fluid  would disperse by itself over time and it did , it never caused any discomfort and if the oncologist hadn’t found the lump I wouldn’t have known it was there !

Let us know how the appointment goes next week , it is a very anxious time waiting for these appointments and results etc , I wish you well with your treatment , as you can see from our thread - we have been posting for over 5 years now and meet up once a year which we are about to do again in Oxford in 2 weeks time .. it does feel like you are never going to have a “ normal” life again , but you do 😊. 

All the very best and I will be thinking of you next week .



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Hi Lovewine


Sorry to jump into your thread, I'm in the April 2019 thread. I came across one of your old post from 2014 which said you had a swelling in the lymph gland just before the end of chemo. I'm in a similar situation. Lumpectomy and node removal only and straight into chemo. Unfortunately my liver reacts badly to any chemo, tried 3 types and they have now stopped it altogether. Had a ct scan last week to check the liver but been told that it shows a swelling under my arm on the same site as the surgery. What was your outcome. I'm awaiting my appointment for next week and hoping it's fluid that needs draining.


Regards Zoe

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies , weather has definitely improved this week, sadly I have been too busy to enjoy it much though , although we had a nice dog walk with our group last night and instead of going to the pub we bought fish and chips and took them to one of the ladies garden and ate them there with a large glass of white wine !! She had just redone her garden and wanted us to see it - it looked lovely 😊.

Rosie how nice to have a surprise birthday party for DH - how is he getting on with his knee pain now ? Haven’t heard of that injury but it sounds painful 😬.is it today you fly back ?

Wildpurl, glad you are making progress with the pond project , I like the stones . 

Joan , have you had a busy week? hopefully you have had some time to enjoy the sunshine too .

Cassie , how did your brothers party go last weekend ? Hoping too things are not quite as bad for you at work .

Nearly the weekend 😊!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

 Wildpurl you must be so glad that progress has now been made with the pond, I love the waterfall feature! Hopefully by now you will have agreed on the slate edging arrangement! 😃

Don't forget to post a picture of the finished project!

Hopefully you will be feeling that the temperature is much better this week! Meanwhile ours is getting hotter!🥵 I know when it’s warm when I walk into the pool without any gasping noises!

Last night the 2 other directors and the principal and his wife hosted a surprise BBQ for DH to celebrate his 65th birthday on Thursday the day we fly. He thought he was going to a management meeting!😂

Lovewine hopefully you have caught up with your backlog and are enjoying a little more relaxation time?

Joan and Cassie hope your week have started well?

The librarian at our school, who I get on very well with and sometimes meet for coffee, suggested we go to the beach at Cap St George for a swim today and then have lunch, she is picking me up at 11.00. 😁




Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

I am pleased to announce that the pond was dug out last weekend, and this weekend we have been playing with some slate stones to edge it with. Yesterday was far too hot to work in the garden but today is a more reasonable 23C so work may continue.


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

I hope that you have survived the high temperatures? ES is France is struggling as it has been 39 and they don’t have air conditioning just floor fans!🥵

Yesterday afternoon after DH and I had been in the pool and had a shower I locked the patio doors and put on the ac in the living area and we stayed there until 7 when we had to go out to a wedding!

They have an all day event here but I couldn’t face a Greek Orthodox Church ceremony we have done 2 previously and a Christening! 🙀 It’s like a cattle market with comings and goings and talking and you don’t stand a chance of seeing what’s happening at the front as hundreds cram in! It’s not unusual to invite 2000 guests with each guest leaving €20 or €50, they have a deposit for a house, no bother!😳

The food is always buffet. 

DH had his MRI yesterday and was told he has torn his meniscus! We are not sure what the process for healing will be until the full result is through and it can be discussed with a GP. He is taking anti inflammatories which are causing havoc with his insides!🙀 He was out 4 times in the night!

He said he is not taking anymore! I can’t say I blame him!🙄

Cassie I hope all went well for EB’s 70th and that he enjoyed his celebrations.

I quickly ditched my cutches in the apartment after the first few days because to be honest you can move easily between the furniture and they get in the way and fall down and then are a trip hazard! I am glad that have accommodated your friends at work she does need to get up and move every hour though! How is she managing walking the dog?🤔

Lovewine it’s good that YS has a friend going to visit him and with the added bonus that ES and DIL May well call on him also! 

I will meet you at the station in Oxford as I arrive just before you, probably in the toilet queue!😄

Hope you have been making use of the swinging chair?

Joan you will be glad to have got through your medical appointments and hopefully this week will be more pleasurable?

Wildpurl has the pond been dug out?🤔

Have a relaxing Sunday ladies!


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies , Rosie sorry to hear about DHs restless night and yours too of course 🙄, what luck tracking down your old friend though , great idea to try the funeral director , it will be lovely to meet up after all these years !

Cassie, definitely a holiday needed for you I think , you have had a very busy few months and it definitely catches up with you - I realised this when I had my week in Menorca , although I am still catching up with the workload even now 😕. Hope the family party goes well .

Joan I hope your appointments have gone well although stressful .its not nice having lots of medical appointments . 

Hope you have enjoyed some nice weather , yesterday and today have been warm and sunny and Saturday is predicted to be 31 degrees !

its YSs 28th Birthday on Sunday , he has friends visiting so won’t be coming back but ES and DIL are visiting London for the weekend to see a baseball game at Wembley which was a birthday present from DIL to ES as he really enjoys baseball - we have their dog again and hopefully they can catch up with YS!

Wildpurl I hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea - how lovely .

I have booked my train tickets for the 20th - I arrive at 10.39 and leave at 4.00 p.m !

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning Ladies,

Sorry to hear DH is in pain and not sleeping well and that means that you are not either Rosie, I have no such excuse my YD has been away in Rome this week with work and is due back tomorrow for EB's 70th birthday party all be it a bit late.

I get home from work make some dinner and relax, feel exhausted then go to bed and sleep for about 5-6 hours, toss and turn and get really fed up with myself, so then get up and potter about, its so boring though and I am sure I still need to sleep.

It was a stroke of luck that the funeral director passed on your details to your long lost friend how lovely, it was meant to be. My dog walking friend has returned to work with reduced hours this week she has been working in the most accessible room on the ground floor which is GP's consulting room between clinics which has been good for all concerned. A bit of juggling around on the first day with an updated piece of software which is used and seat heights, stationary and screen resolutions but we got there in the end. She is finding it a bit lonely though not sharing lunch and a bit isolated but not able to climb four flights of winding stairs yet on two crutches, I noticed she is not using any in her flat, so she is getting there. No heat yet Rosie but I think it is due to heat up tomorrow.

Joan I hope you are feeling a bit better and your appointments went OK. Love the photo's Lovewine I am envious I need a holiday I think I have only had 2 days off so far this year! Wildpurl the afternoon tea at Windsor Castle sounds very posh, do you have to dress accordingly? What are you working on in your crafting at the moment, I have not managed to knit for about a year but have been reading quite a bit when I have time, nothing exceptional though in fact one book recently "First Person" by Richard Flannagan was one of those books that you struggle to finish and then think why did I bother! YD signed up for a book a month as a mothers day present for me they have been more successful, I am slightly behind still one to read and another one due soon. Have a good weekend ladies x

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies I expect that you are all now benefiting from the heatwave in Europe? 😓🥵

Joan I regret to say that DH is still suffering with his swollen knee and had to go back on the anti inflammatories which upset his stomach! He came to bed about 12.40am and left the bed at 3.15! I tossed until nearly 5 and went to see what was going on! I ended up making a cup of tea. He tried to engage me in conversation but I went back to bed at 5.20 and managed to sleep for a further hour!

Although of course by this time daylight was breaking!😕

I hope all your medical visits go well!🤔

Lovewine hopefully you have now caught up with your backlog and feel on top of the situation?

Wildpurl it seems you will have some dry days to attend to your garden!

Cassie hope all your family are well and that your friend is now well on the way to recovery with her knee! Mine is coming up to 4 months now. For the first time in several years I can walk without pain! It still feels uncomfortable and sore sometimes and I don’t think I will every have the flexibility in either of the knees that I used to have before. It’s been a long painful process but has made a difference! 

I have been searching for a childhood friend of mine for a few years on and off and never had any luck. We lost touch nearly 40 years ago. Just this week I thought I would give it another go and her mother’s obituary came up on the search! I took a chance and emailed the funeral director and asking if she could forward my email to her eldest daughter! Just 48 hours later my friend contacted me and was overjoyed I had found her! I am going to ring her when we are back in the UK and arrange to meet up! 😃


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Lovewine, what a shame that the relaxing effect of what was clearly a lovely holiday has worn  off so soon. I had to laugh at the clients who bought extra shirts for their husbands though. Beautiful photos as usual and you are looking very well and elegant. The bay looks gorgeous too, amazing colour. 


Wildpurl, how sensible of you to take leave so you can shorten your working week over the summer, I hope we get some decent weather so can enjoy your garden and your OH can make progress on the pond. What crafting projects do you have planned? I hope you enjoyed your tea in Windsor. Its a nice town to visit anyway but the treat makes it extra special. What a good idea for a present. 


Rosie, poor you having to listen to OHs complaints after what you’ve gone through. But you must realise men have a much lower pain threshold!  Hope the turmeric is helping. How are you coping with the heat. I hope you dont have to do much trekking about/ attending school events. From what we hear on the news here the next little while is going to be horrendous. Meanwhile, we have yet more rain. Our GD will have bern very pleased because it meant Sports Day, which she hates, was cancelled. Unfortunately there have a reserve day in a couple of weeks and it be too much to hope that rain stops play then too. After last years she said she was going to pull a sickie but she hasnt  followed through on that. 

Cassie, I hope work hasnt been too horrendous and that all is well with the family. We were up in Highgate on Sunday at a old college friends 40th wedding anniversary. There seemed to be lots going on in  a park we passed this weekend too, though not a fair I think. Very restrained of you not to buy anything though. I certainly would have been tempted by the macaroons. 


I have had another really busy week followed by a busy weekend. Probably overdid it I think, so have felt quite low and irritable today and yesterday. Back to normal  now I hope. A bit of a medical’ week too. Appt with GP this morning because a new asthma nurse-obviously determined to sort out the cough I have had for over 30 years- wanted to refer me to an ENT specialist. Fortunately the GP didnt think it necessary but did send me for an X-ray and also suggested a shingles jab. Thursday I’m going to the Macmillan Centre at Southmead Hospital to see about a possible course on dealing with anxieties about recurrence and Friday I have a blood test. But some nice things in between. At least I never get bored. 


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Lovely photos Lovewine as always you look very glamorous and well! OH looks very relaxed also! 

Its very hot here ladies yesterday was 35 and today we have been warned it will hit 40!🥵 DH went to Nicosia yesterday where it was 40! It’s always hotter there as it is inland! 🙄

I don’t think I will be doing much today!😳 It’s 29 already at 7.50am!😬

l have just arranged to meet a friend from teacher training college in Crewe where we were 42 years ago! The last time I saw her was about 38 years ago!😳 We have been friends on Facebook for several years now.

It looks like the weather will be good for you ladies this week so hope you have some time to enjoy it?

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

D15994FB-42A5-461B-98D5-8F547660DF58.jpegEnjoying the local gin !260BF4D0-6CB2-47E6-AE63-A0D88ADE79BA.jpeg

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

E3DAFB04-0D81-46D1-8B69-4A451DA6E1F6.jpegApartment we stayed in is top floor just over my right shoulder !26BF6A24-E5D2-42E4-8B97-7BC720C48ABD.jpegMahon menorca

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

Wildpurl we look forward to an update on the pond project!

its good you can be flexible at work and cut down your working week over the summer to peruse your own activities!

Enjoy your tea this afternoon! 😋

Lovewine I am so sorry that your wonderful holiday has been cancelled out! If you clients are buying extra shirts for their husbands to wear they will be able to afford an increase in your rates! 😏

Hopefully a bargain from White Stuff will lift your spirits! 🤔

I should ignore some of your jobs and enjoy your swinging chair! 😉

DH has now got some Turmeric tablets so let’s hope they help deal with the issue!🙄

We have a young grey cat visiting our property every few days she sits on the kitchen window waiting for scraps form the evening meal! 

DH fried up bits from the pork he was going to throw away last night for the cat! 😏 Talk of the devil she has just appeared on the patio! 🤣


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies , what a busy week I have had 🤔- sadly cancelling out all the good my holiday did as I am more worn out than before !! My clients didn’t seem to have done a thing while I was away and some bought extra shirts for their OHs to cover until my return 😡.. my dog walking friends suggested I raise my prices as they obviously can’t do without me 🙄.

Wildpurl , a good weekend for digging out the pond , but mainly a bit too warm ! But a good weekend for spending in the garden after all that rain . Slugs have eaten a lot of our veg while we were away .

Rosie I sympathise with you over a huffing and puffing DH - I feel exactly the same with my OH too when he has a health issue , it always used to be me that rang the doctors and made him go or visit the chemist to buy pills etc , must admit I don’t bother now and leave him to get on with it ! 

Joan have you had a busy week too ? I notice White Stuff have a 50% off sale on at the moment as I had a card through the post ! Maybe some bargains to be found .

Cassie hope all is well with ED and GS , your friend also , she is hopefully continuing to do well.

Not much planned as yet today other than OH going over to ES and DILs house to continue to wire in and fit a new light fitting he started yesterday and is proving difficult to do , I will stay here and catch up on jobs and ignore some of them and sit and read on my swinging chair instead !!!

Thunderstorms on the way later .

Have a good day ladies .


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning ladies, the weather is slowly improving here and it is looking as if it might get quite warm next week. Thank goodness we have had plenty of rain first. 

I have only worked three days this week and will do the same next week and for three weeks in July. I did this last year using annual leave days and it means I can get more out of the summer period. Basically I am splitting my time between gardening and crafting. 

OH has taken today off and I do believe he is going to start digging the pond!!!!! I will keep you updated

rosie, how difficult for you with DH's knee problems. I am not very sympathetic either with OH, he never wants to go to the Dr but moans to me if he has a problem as if I could fix it!


Lovewine I hope the week has not been too busy for you. Joan and cassie I hope all is well.

on Sunday OH and I have an afternoon tea at a hotel in Windsor, it was a Christmas gift from his brother and SIL. We are both looking forward to that!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies hope you are all well a very quiet board this week!

Lovewine I expect that you have been flat out trying to catch up after your holiday!😬

Cassie hopefully by now Purdy will be home and very happy so will your friend! She should be more mobile now.

DH is driving me mad as his knee has swollen again! He is huffing and puffing about and grumbling that the anti inflammatories are upsetting his stomach. He has been given a prevention tablet for this.The doctor here now wants him to have an mri scan to see what is going on!😳 He expects loads of sympathy! After having gone through the last 5 years with heath issues I do not have much! We know that you have to get on with it!

Tonight we have to attend the Year 11 prom which we are not looking forward to! These days there seem to be graduations and proms for every stage of education! Graduation was from university in our day! All 3 of our children had a Year11 prom only. YS’s  YD ,who left primary school last summer, had a prom!😳

Ladies I expect that you are all glad it is the weekend and it looks like the weather has improved at last!🙂



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

I have booked my train ticket this morning I arrive at 10.31. I will arrange to meet DH with motorhome about 4.30pm.


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,

Its a damp and dull start to the day here I managed to dodge most of the rain yesterday at the Fair on the square up in Highgate which was nice with YD, ED & GS I did not buy anything though except some street food YD picked up some colourful macaroons but it was nice and cheerful all the same. I shall visit my dog walking friend later this morning Purdey is coming home on Wednesday.

The train arrives in Oxford at 11.20 and departs 4.31 I though that seemed about right I can always have a mooch around the shops if not.

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Lovewine thanks a million that’s really helpful!😘

Ladies I do hope that the rain will stop soon for you! 😏

Joan I do sympathise with the limitations of a shower proof jacket which is all you would expect to be using this time of year! Hope you managed to keep dry for your theatre visit to Bath and also that you manage to get your plants in!

We still seem to have the odd ant wandering about!😡

DH sold his car before we left for the UK so we are down to one car in preparation for reducing time here from April. He is not very happy about driving my little lime green Proton Savvy!🤣

One of our directors is going away for the week today and lending him his car so at least I will have a week where I can use the car when I want!😅

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Hopefully that helps Rosie , obviously you won’t need to pay for parking but you can jump on the bus back to peartree and catch up with DH !!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Post code



Located to the north of the city, this site can be accessed from the A40 (from Witney and Cheltenham), A4260 (from Kidlington), A34 (from Banbury, Bicester and Northampton) and the M40.

Additional information

All Park and Ride sites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Vehicles can be left overnight. Maximum stay 72 hours.

Separate charges apply for parking and bus fare (unless purchasing a 'Combined Ticket' - see below).

Our parking ticket machines do not dispense change. A ticket can be purchased for a higher value but no refunds can be given.

Alternatively you can use our telephone payment system if you have a valid debit or credit card.

English national concessionary bus passes for over 60s and disabled people are accepted on Park and Ride buses.

Parking Spaces

Approx 1035 spaces

Height Restrictions

2.3 metres (7ft 5 inches). Please use Redbridge Park & Ride where there is a separate entrance (opposite 'Go Outdoors') with no height restriction for coaches, lorries, motor homes and other high-sided vehicles.

Parking charges

Payment must be made on arrival. Coins and cards accepted.

Combined Ticket

You can pay for parking and a day return bus ticket for two adults and up to three children (under 16) for £6.80 (made up of £2 car parking, £4.80 bus fare).

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Using the green pay machines on site, for parking only.

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  • 48-72 hours: £12.00
  • 7 day parking ticket no longer available
Credit/debit card

Using the black pay machine next to the green cash only machines for parking only.

Charges same as above.


Using the RingGo service. Telephone: 01865 989000



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Rosie just a thought on the oxford pick up 😏.. we have been to oxford many times by car and always park at the park and ride at pear tree island which is off the main interchange I think it’s the A40, it’s a big open car park suitable for getting into with the motor home and also you could jump on the bus which goes about every 10 mins and takes about 10 mins .. we get on outside Debenhams in the town centre but I am sure it stops closer to where we are having lunch , but it’s actually no further to that bus stop than it is walking back to the train station 🤔 and yes it’s still raining here too Joan !!! 


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

When will this rain end. Went out to a plant nursery this morning; discovered the limitations of my showerproof jacket, even with an umbrella.  Will have to wear something better this afternoon when we’re off to the theatre in Bath.  Forecast grim for next week too. Very envious of the weather you woke up to this morning Rosie, though not to blast of heat and the ants you returned to. We stayed near Kington when we went to the Hay festival. It is pretty dire, although we were lucky with the food the  one time we had lunch there. Yours sounds awful. Being British though, I dont suppose you complained. 

Lovewine, glad you had a lovely relaxing holiday. Hope you enjoy your theatre visit tonight and that the workload you are anticipating is not too onerous. 

Wildpurl, good to hear you are now recovering from your shoulder injury and getting your energy and stamina back. The grape and grain festival sounds interesting. What was there? 

Cassie, your PM sounds most unsympathetic. How does she expect your friend to manage. What a shame you werent able to go on holiday with YD. Hope ED is continuing on a more even keel. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies. I am hoping the rain will hold off long enough to get the plants I have just bought in. 



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies from a sunny warm Cyprus!

Our flight was delayed and we spent 1 and a half hours sat on the plane before we took off! Luckily we had a flight time of 4hrs 5 mins which is the least time it can be done in! Arrived back here around midnight to be greeted by an army of ants 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜!😡

It was knock out when we opened the front door and DH rushed straight for the AC! 🥵

We have the dreaded shopping trip to face this morning as we have nothing in!😏

Lovewine glad to hear that you had a relaxing time and I do hope that your workload won’t be too unbearable over the next week!😏

Enjoy your theatre visit tonight!

Cassie you must get woken up frequently with a dorma window!🙀

What time does your train arrive at Oxford? Did you book onto a certain train on the way back or have you got an open daily return?

I will be arriving by train but DH will be picking me up in the motorhome as we will be en route to Newhaven!😃 Not sure where he can pick me up. I looked at the car park at Oxford station as we passed it on the way to London on the train but it has a height barrier on the entry and exit!😞 I don’t know whether I may be better off going back to Charlbury where there is an open car park? Any views ladies?

I do hope that the rain clears soon. Wildpurl and Cassie it seems to have improved in the south east

but still looks glum in the midlands!😕

Joan not sure what it’s doing in your neck of the woods?

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies , arrived at Luton airport yesterday lunchtime to wind and rain ! Bit of a shock 😬. We had a lovely week though and really enjoyed the rest and the sunshine of course .

there is always a price to pay though - lots to do on our return and certainly not looking forward to 2 weeks worth of work waiting for me !

Cassie your friend seems to be doing well with her recovery - bet she misses Purdey though !

Rosie , what a shame about the wet weather when you were here this week , hope you enjoy the concert .

Wildpurl  you have put up with the shoulder injury for ages , glad it’s improved now .

Joan I hope you are not too exhausted from your busy week and can relax a little this weekend ,

We are off to the local theatre tonight to see Rock of Ages - not sure what to expect as I am not usually a fan of musical theatre at all - stars Kevin Clifton from strictly come dancing 🤔.

Have a good weekend ladies !


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,

I know exactly what you mean Rosie with the rain pounding on your motor home very much like it pounding on my dorma window in the bedroom, I seem to wake at 5 every morning now which is very annoying and feel exhausted later in the day. I am meeting with ED later this morning she has some shopping to do, I will keep her company and take a few bits from YD which she brought back from her trip. The weather does not look to promising so I shall wear my raincoat.

I have just purchased my tickets for 20th ladies I thought I would check the price and while they were cheap thought I may as well place the order now. Have a good weekend if I don't come back on the thread

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Afternoon ladies what a dreadful wet and cold week! Lovewine you certainly score 10/10 for taking your holiday the right week! 

We went away for 2 nights in the motorhome and usually sleep very well in it but the rain pounding on the roof was not conducive to sleep! 😬

We took a bus into Kington on the Tuesday as we were in walking distance of a bus stop and what a sleepy place it was! We had a ploughman’s for lunch and were served stale bread and wrinkly skinned tomatoes! The waitress never came to ask how it was as I was ready to tell her the bread was fit for ducks only and the tomatoes would have been in my bin!🙀

We won’t be rushing back there! 

We are now in London waiting to go to the 02 for the concert!

Cassie I think your friend is very sensible to leave her dog in kennels for a further week! At least she should be able to manage on one crutch by then! It’s not an easy procedure to recover quickly from! 

The usual recovery period before returning to work is at least 6 weeks! I think your PM is being very harsh on her! 

Glad to hear that ED is stable at the moment! YD must have been glad to escape the awful weather!

Wildpurl your shoulder injury has certainly taken its time to heal. Your grape and grain festival sounds interesting! 

Joan hope your busy week has been productive!



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Hi everyone, yes, I am fine, have been very busy at work and at the same time was quite tired and demotivated because of my shoulder injury. This has improved a great deal and I am now doing strengthening exercises as I have full mobility back, so I am feeling almost back to normal and have been getting through my backlog at work.

We had a lovely weekend, DS and GF came to stay and we went to our village grape and grain festival, it was very enjoyable.

i had to smile at the groaning wardrobe poles, I have been there, now I try to send something to the charity shop every time I buy something new, it has helped a lot. Well done on your clearout cassie, it is so satisfying isn’t it?

glad you enjoyed take that rosie and I hope the West life concert is enjoyable too.

i am glad you are having a lovely holiday lovewine





Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,

It's a very wet one here. Rosie my dog walking friend is getting there slowly, she has decided to leave Purdy in the kennels for another week, it is now 4 weeks on Weds since the op. Our PM has started to put pressure on to return to work for a couple of days a week or she will reduce her pay to SMP its a bit harsh after this length of time but no more than expected, not sure where the PM thinks my friend will work the ground floor room has about 9 steps to climb to reach it and a GP in it except for about 2 1/2 hours at lunch time! ED seems OK at the moment I saw her Sat and she has just checked in with me now, which is a good sign. YD is on holiday for a few days in Majorca she went Sat and will be back Tues afternoon she went on her own in the end because I said I could not go with us being short staffed at work.


Rosie you may have white coat syndrome have you not got your own BP machine and keep a chart it may show more reliable readings, take them every 3rd day or so.


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

Lovewine glad you are enjoying the sunny weather in Menorca!

As Joan said it is very mixed here we are going to spend 2 nights in the motorhome but will almost certainly not be erecting the awning that DH purchased from a lady near London last time we were here! We return to Worcester on Wednesday and then off to Paddington on Thursday to stay over in London for the  Westlife Concert at the 02 before returning to Gatwick on Friday! 

The streaming of Take That from Cardiff was very good and we had a far better view than we would perched from the top of a stadium! Not quite the same atmosphere! But a whole lot cheaper and a 5 min walk home after!😄

Regarding blood pressure, the doctor said my weekly average was rather high and I had had some very high readings at the surgery but a cholesterol reading from a blood test I had had in 2016 was within normal limits and therefore I was only at 8% risk of a heart attack or stroke so he didn’t think I needed medication at this moment in time but I would be reviewed annually! I was rather surprised that he didn’t take a reading at the appointment! 😳

Joan I expect you were glad of a free weekend! It sounds as if you have a busy but pleasurable week  ahead!

Cassie has your dog walking friend got her dog back now and how is she coping?

Hope that ED is coping better and that GS is ok also that work has settled down a bit for you and you are feeling stronger emotionally? It’s very waring when things aren’t right within our family!😞

Wildpurl hope all is well with you?




Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Glad you’re having good weather Lovewine, its very mixed here. Hope you had an enjoyable birthday and are now feeling relaxed after your hectic week. Some of your clients do seem to be rather unthinking! 

Cassie, well done on the wardrobe clearance although it’s a shame about the precipitating pole collapse. Before I did my mega black sack sort out a few weeks ago I must admit the one in my wardrobe was sagging a bit. I also recognise the rarely or never worn clothes and shoes scenario. And the 2 sizes too small bit too! Good news that ED seems a bit better. Hope this coming week is less demanding for you at work. 

Rosie, a belated happy wedding anniversary. What a nice surprise finding those clothes, even though its not the weather to wear them here. Hopefully summer will have returned by your next trip. How did your blood pressure appointment go on Friday?  I have one this week, having been asked to do daily monitoring by my asthma nurse. Had to buy a monitor to do it, because although our health centre loans them out theres a 6 week waiting list. Hooe you enjoyed the cinema streaming, I know you’re a Take That fan.

We have had a rare weekend with no theatre visits or trips out. So able to get to grips with the garden. One of the (few) disadvantages of going to Hay is that I dont feel I can buy summer bedding plants before we go away  so when we get back its a question of whats still left at the Garden Centre - or centres, we had to go to two yesterday. I had a busy week last week and the coming one is worse, partly because of work-related demands, but also because of other nicer commitments, like going out to lunch with ex colleagues, doing Pier stuff, plus two classes. 

Wildpurl, hope all is well with you. 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies , a lovely sunny Menorca 😎 it certainly seems I have escaped dreary weather back home , I hope it improves .

cassie I had the same thing happen with the pole in my wardrobe in the winter too - I have gradually been sorting out clothes and taking them to charity shops , I have been trying so hard just to buy what I need and not what I want - sadly I am failing!😲

Rosie how did your appt go on Friday ? Hope you enjoyed the Take that show too , excellent   way of seeing shows when they stream them !

We are not sure what we are doing today , may visit the north of the island and a monastery on top of the mountain .

Joan and Wildpurl hope you are ok .

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Well done Cassie, your sort out, as you rightly say, will benefit others!

I opened my wardrobe in Worcester last night and gasped because I had purchased some clothes I had forgotten about!😳 I left them here as they were unsuitable for the summer in Cyprus but ideal for here! We seemed to have picked a very wet week to have returned and I will not be able to wear them on this visit!😬 

I am meeting my sister for coffee today and having my hair done this afternoon which I can’t wait for it really does suffer in the Cyprus heat and from the salt from the sea and chlorine form the pool!

Tonight we are going to the cinema to see the live streaming of the Take That Concert! 😂

By now Lovewine you will safely be installed in the sun, enjoy, you certainly picked a good week to go!

Joan are you having a theatre visit this weekend?

Wildpurl I guess you will be mainly crafting as you can’t do much gardening?



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

You are quite right Rosie, three black bags later, I have just dropped 2 off at the charity shop and I have recently had a sort out, some clothes were 2 sizes too small, oh dear and I took them into work for a colleague they were lovely evening wear and I hate to say it, brand new. Two pairs of boots I took today have never been worn one to tight in the foot and one too tight on the calf, I am really bad at returning things I will try stretchers and wearing them in the house then think maybe I will try them on a short walk and never do. Oh well I guess someone will have the benefit.

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning briefly!

Have a wonderful time Lovewine relax and enjoy your birthday!💐🍹😎

Cassie the overloaded wardrobe rail will at least bring on a clear out! 😂

We are off to the airport much later today! 😴 I don’t like late flights but it was considerably cheaper with the overnight stay at North Terminal!



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Have a lovely break, it sounds like it's really well deserved lovewine. Just a very quick hello to all ladies, hopefully things might calm down soon and staff start returning it's been so busy I have been in training for 2 days and still trying to cover for 2 people as well as my own work. ED seems slightly better. One of the poles in my wardrobe broke at some point yesterday, that will teach me to buy clothes. What a mess, it never rains but pours.

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies , Rosie have a good trip back to the U.K later today ! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary too💐

I have had such a hectic week work wise , I even had a request from a client last night if I could collect today and return Saturday morning before she flies to Portugal 😡.. I had told her too I was going on holiday today !

i have one delivery to do and my aunts grocery order to take to get her and that’s it I can concentrate on my own packing , ES is finishing work early and taking us to Market Harborough train station at 4 o’clock and we get the train to Luton airport where we stay tonight in hotel . 

Had a lovely walk with the dog walking group last night , I was given gifts and cards too as it’s my birthday on Saturday , also saw mum and dad yesterday and my sister who bought me a beautiful stone buddha wall ornament for the garden .

We have WiFi at the apartment so I should be able to keep up with the posts ! 

Have a good weekend everyone ,


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Thanks Lovewine, thought I was being thick. Will look him up.

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

It was very quiet yesterday when I got back from the meeting! I was very hot so I went in the pool and then sat under the pergola for the remainder of the afternoon with my Word Searches. 

DH didn’t get back until after 6pm and he was hot and cross! 😳

It’s our 42 wedding anniversary today and I was sure he wouldn’t remember but there was a card waiting this morning by the kettle!🤣 The first port of call in the morning!😂

He said he would have got some flowers but realised it was silly as we are flying back to the UK on Thursday for a week! Lovewine we are doing the opposite to you we arrive in Gatwick very late 1.20am so are having to stay over and continue on the train on Friday! I have an appointment late Friday at the surgery to discuss the findings of my blood pressure results when I had to monitor it for a week last time I was back.😳

Lovewine you will probably sleep much better when you are away from home and work! Don’t forget your sun lotion! Do you and OH drink Sangria? We used to enjoy it on Spanish holidays!🍹💃🏼

Joan you have certainly had a very busy week, it sounds like the pier celebrations were a great success and worth the hard work. You were fortunate with the weather in Hay and it sounds like you will have some very interesting reading material over the next few weeks or months even! 🤔

Cassie hope the week isn’t going too badly for you with being a number of staff down and the upgrade of the software!😬 

We have a graduation ceremony of the Yr 13 tonight! 😏





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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Joan , I have just checked and itsTim Weaver not Cleaver ! Sorry my mistake , the series of books are the David Raker series . The first one is called Chasing the Dead , I have downloaded the series to read on holiday , I came in to the series at the more recent book called You were gone which I found very good !


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies. I’m rather relieved the board has been so quiet because I havent even managed to look at the posts until this evening. We were very busy at Hay and before and after there was the Pier 150 celebrations and then taking our exhibition down and sorting it all out. Grandchildren today, just finished clearing up! Anyway all  went  very  well  with the exhibition-we had about a thousand people in over the week- and three thousand on the pier just on Bank Holiday Monday!  Fortunately its still standing. Hay was good too with only one day of non stop rain. Very blowy though. Heard some interesting stuff and gave our brains a rest with some comedy in the evenings. Bought quite a few books! All but one non fiction though, because I prefer reading fiction on my kindle. Feel a bit of a heretic at Hay though.


Thinking of books, Lovewine, I couldn’t find the crime writer you mentioned. Is it just Tim Cleaver? If so, could you give me the title of one of his books and I’ll try searching on that. I could do with a new author, especially if there is a series. What an awful and frightening experience your friend and his wife had. Being in such pain is more than enough to cope with let alone being told there was no ambulance for 4 hours. I hope you manage to get some sleep before you go on holiday, you’ve had a stressful time recently, especially with the worry over YS. It sounds like the weekend at home has helped him, even though it has been draining for you.


Cassie, sorry to hear ED has had a bad time and you have had to step in. Hope she is feeling somewhat better now and that her worries about boyfriend after his brothers birthday proved unfounded. What a lovely idea to put together a collection of photos for your EBs birthday. And especially poignant in light of all the anxiety about his cancer and the treatment issues. A celebration to look forward to and perhaps help a bit to take your mind  off the frustrations of work. 


Rosie, it is certainly very unusual for you not to post for a week. But looking at the account of your activities I’m not surprised. I should think you need a holiday now! Pity you had to start the next day with an early appointment. 



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies and a big welcome back Rosie 😊! What a lovely week you have had - expect you are feeling a bit flat now 😕.

Cassie, I hope EDs BFs evening out passed without incident and she’s feeling a bit calmer , like Rosie says it’s a lot for you to deal with as well as everything else , the 70th party for your brother though will be a nice event and a good celebration with your family !

We are going back to the same apartment as last year which was so beautiful and very quiet , it’s owned by one of my clients , last year she let me rent it for a very reasonable price, sadly this year it was more but still at a discounted price 😊, our flights with easy jet were very reasonable too, we fly from Luton very early on Friday so staying at airport hotel the night before .

Cassie, Binibeca is very close to our area we stay - we are at Calas fonts .

I am busy at work at the moment, but trying to fit most of it in today and tomorrow and deliver back Wednesday , I feel like my head is in a whirl at the moment and I keep waking up in the middle of the night trying to remember everything to do 🙀!! My dog walking friend who also has insomnia suggested I think of men’s/ladies names starting at A and work through 😬- I think by now I know every obscure name !!

Joan I hope you came home with some good books ! expect you have a busy week to come 😏.

Wildpurl hope all is well and you managed to have some good weather , yesterday it rained for a lot of the day so that stopped some of our outdoor jobs .

Have a good start to the week everyone .

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

I am back ladies! I have never spent a week away from the board! 

It was a wonderful week but very busy having 3 extra house guests! We also had very high temperatures for 2 of the days reaching 40!🙀😓 The children lived in the pool! We took them to the beach, the zoo where they stoked a baby tiger, the Waterpark where I couldn’t partake in anything, a boat trip to blue lagoon with a swim and snorkel which I did manage and the high ropes park which again I couldn’t do nor had any desire to! The children were very good and ate everything we gave them! They enjoyed their week and did everything they could never do when their dad was with the as he grumbled and hated the heat!

Its very quiet without them they left late last night and didn’t get home until the early hours!😕😴

DH enjoyed himself doing all the exciting activities!😀

Lovewine I am pleased to hear that your YS is doing ok and keeping busy. I think Cassie is quite right the older the kids get the more complex their problems become!😬

Sorry to hear about your friend being so ill last weekend, what a scare for the family. I am glad for the moment he appears to be stable. I can’t believe that the ambulance was going to be 4 hours!🙀

You must be really looking forward to your holiday you will enjoy some very good weather! 😎☀️🍷 Are you staying at the same place as last year?

Cassie another worrying time for you with ED not being in a good place and you having the responsibility of GS on top of work issues. I hope that the birthday of ED’s BF’s brother passed without any issues! 😏

Glad to hear that your dog walking friend is doing well as long as she keeps her pain meds up she should be able to walk a little further and do more each day. I have stopped my pain meds mostly now but can still get bad mornings until I get going! 

Wildpurl did the pond liner get put in? If not I am sure you will finish it this summer! 

Joan hope that you enjoyed Hay despite the mixed weather?

My day kicks off with a 9.00am meeting!😳




Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening Ladies,

I have had GS again ED struggling with life in general she seems to have had a bout of sickness so of course her medication has not been working for the last three days, I only had GS for 2 days but I am still worried because it is ED's boyfriends, brothers birthday today and she is worried about what he will get up to and what state he may be in on his return. I offered her to stay overnight but she declined. We have been starting to prepare for my EB birthday next month he will be 70 his ED asked if we have any photos that she could get enlarged of him, so I took a trip down memory lane with YB, he still lives in may parents flat so has all family photos, I managed to find a selection from about 9 months upwards until mid 40's some of the early 20's ones will more than likely make him cringe doing some line dancing in a holiday camp on the Isle of Wight  about 8st dripping wet by the looks of him. It feels quite odd going through the pictures Weddings my brother who passed away had three! All four siblings together I don't honestly remember my oldest brother much as he was already working when I started school.

Its been a scorcher here in  London today and is due to be again tomorrow.

Lovewine I can sympathise with your worries about YS it does not get easier when the children are adults it just seems the problems become more complex. I hope you enjoy your trip to Menorca it where I went on honeymoon 1979 wow, again that set me off thinking we went to Cala Galdana and visited quite a bit of  the island including Binibeca which was very sweet, is it your first visit?

Work has not improved three members of staff off this week and two next plus some of the software we use is going to be upgraded so we will all need training including the GP's starting Tues the PM will be on annual leave for a couple of days which is probably just as well because she does not help or use the workflow system at all.


My dog walking friend seems to be doing well she has been out again today with her brother for a short walk and he apparently told her she was walking much better and she did not feel as though she had done too much on her return home this time. Purdey is still in kennels but I am sure the thought of bringing her back home is pushing my friend to recover more quickly.

I hope all ladies are having a nice relaxing weekend

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies , I think we have all had a busy week ! 

Rosie I hope you have had a lovely time with the family 😊, expect you are feeling very tired now though - it’s exhausting having visitors even your own family ! I was drained when YS returned to London but I think that was more emotionally , he is doing ok he says 😏, but he is in Brighton for the weekend having a suit fitting for his role as an usher for his long term uni friends wedding in July .

Joan I hope you enjoyed Hay , the weather has been very mixed this past week ,we had to cancel our Wednesday dog walk due to heavy rain , it’s going to be about 26 here though today😎! Might get acclimatised for my holiday to Menorca which is next Friday for a week 🤗!

Cassie , how is your work situation ? Hope it’s settled down a bit , also your friend , how is she coping now after her knee surgery ?

Wildpurl , looks like the weather will be nice for your area too , so time in the garden I expect ! OH has a thriving veg patch at the moment all doing well except the garden peas which haven’t come up at all 🤔., either slugs have eaten them or I wondered if pigeons have pecked them up !

Our friend with the cancer had a terrible time last weekend , he woke in terrible pain in his leg and rang 111, a blood clot behind his knee was suspected and of course life threatening and he was told an ambulance was being despatched( this was 5.00 a.m) but it would be 4 hours ! His wife said forget it and we got him in the car , he couldn’t bend his leg at all and she drove him to the hospital herself - he was rushed in immediately for an ultra sound scan and was told another hour and the clot would have moved up to his lungs and that would have been fatal - he’s on blood thinning injections but it’s taking a long time to disperse and the pain is awful - this is a side effect of his chemo tablets , doesn’t bear thinking about if he has to come off them as they do seem to be keeping the tumours at bay at the moment - such worrying , stressful times for them , but him and his wife are cheerful and just get on with things as usual , the children keep them busy too !

Have a good weekend everyone !