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Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Evening ladies , I have been very hectic with work so far this week - probarly due to the Easter break 🤔.

Wildpurl I hope your shoulder is improving now , hopefully working from home has helped a bit too .

Rosie - sounds like you have packed a lot into your Norfolk trip , Shame it’s been so cold though - warmer weather is on its way for Easter though 😎.. I remember going on a weeks holiday on the Broads when I was about 19 with several friends , we had a great time !

Joan I hope you are enjoying Anglesey and having fairly decent weather .

Cassie what good news about your brother especially after all the setbacks he had during his treatment .Hope GS enjoys York !


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies!

Limited 4g opps so I will catch up with you when I am back in Worcester and have my iPad!!!

We hired a boat for the day today on the broads and although it was dry it was very cold! I was still shivering an hour after we arrived back at motorhome!😨

Leaving Norfolk tomorrow and have a stop over in Cambridgeshire before returning to Worcester on Tuesday! It’s been a lovely break but I could have done with it a few degrees warmer!

Catch up fully ladies in 2 days! 


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning Ladies,

Sorry to hear about your shoulder wildpurl, it must as you say be very painful and frustrating for you, we have a few patients that suffer from recurrent dislocations which I believe is extremely painful. Rosie there are several good creams available Neutragena have a good range and also Bio oil might help with the itching and scars on your knees so double benefit. Of course we all have different skin so it is difficult to say what will suit an individual, skin is out largest organ and the most difficult to treat when things go wrong, yours isn't of course just irritated by the cold.

The sun out is lovely even if its still cold it will make your dog walking much nicer lovewine, glad your friends treatment seems to be working it must be a relief. My EB has been given the all clear this week from his stomach cancer so the surgeon must have done a very good job indeed because if you remember he could not tolerate the chemo he kept collapsing and one fall was a nasty one outside, when he sustained a head injury.

Joan the PC problem cost nothing it was just very slow and needed to have all the programmes removed, so there was no Norton, office browser or outlook, so shall we say a useless box with a screen attached. My YB had all of the disks to reload all the guff again, but it took a very long time and you are never sure if it will really work but fingers crossed it all seems OK now, I did my waitrose shopping and has a quick look at poor Debenhams sale. It almost makes you feel like a vultures these day with so many shops going into administration or being bought out by other companies.



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning ladies! I have been busy and very stressed at work, and last week did something to my shoulder so I now have a rotator cuff impingement, very painful and debilitating. I saw a physio yesterday who gave me some exercises and I am doing those, I am noticing some slow improvement but will be working from home next week I think!


i am managing to get some things done by moving very slowly but have been unable to knit so much as usual as it is quite tiring for my arm! You can imagine how frustrating that is for me!


Your holidays sound nice rosie and Joan, both in very lovely places. Glad to hear your friend is getting some remission with his chemo, Lovewine. What a pain about your PC cassie, glad it is sorted though. Your GS is growing up fast!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies , Rosie glad you are doing well in Norfolk , I think you are recovering so well after the surgery , even with the painkillers you seem to be very active ! Not sure what to suggest - there is a cream called Eurax which is for itching skin 😏.. I am not a fan of Great Yarmouth either and don’t like to see donkeys plodding up and down , but I am told they have more workers rights than humans regarding break intervals / meal breaks and working hours !

enjoy the rest of your trip .

Joan, have a lovely holiday in Anglesey , hope it warms up a little bit too ! It’s been dry and sunny here but very chilly .

Cassie , your poor friend is really having a stressful time right now , good she has managed to postpone the surgery for a while .

i can’t believe GS is 12 either 🤔, he will really  enjoy York I’m sure.

I have had today off , did some gardening and jet washed my drive , went for a lovely walk this evening with OH and dogs to a canal side pub which was cold but very nice .

Our friend had his scan results yesterday to see how the chemo tablets were working and am pleased to say the cancers have all shrunk , buying him hopefully a bit more extra time with his family , he remains very philosophical about his illness and is working full time still .

Rosie we hope to restart our Wednesday dog walking hopefully next week !🐶🐶🍷


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??



Commiserations on your PC problems, Cassie, it sounds quite a major job, hopefully not horribly expensive. I’m having intermittent problems with my PC connection to the internet which makes work a bit difficult. I will have to get it sorted when we come back from Anglesey. Fortunately its only the PC, no problem with the i-pad. Hope your cold is improving and the cough doesnt linger. Your friend has been lucky to be able to postpone her op for a month, as you say it coukd have been much longer. But she certainly had a good reason. 


Rosie, the forum you mention sounds a bit of a mixed blessing although there at least some people who can say it does get better. The only remedy I can think of for the itchy skin on your legs is E 45 itch relief cream. There is also aqueous cream. I wonder if a pharmacist could help? I’m glad you mentioned gloves-though sorry you have needed them- I shall add them to my suitcase, plus some stretchy one size ones in case the children dont have any- which is usually the case. Over 60’s fish and chips- at least there are some compensations for getting older. 


Lovewine, hope you manage a relaxing weekend after your busy week at work and recent activities. 


Wildpurl, hope all is well with you. 



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies still bracing here! 

It was lovely to meet up with our friends after so long! When I told her we were going to Gt Yarmouth she pulled a face! We are camped on the race course and caught a bus in yesterday! I can see why she pulled a face!🙀 Its all amusement although the sandy beach looked lovely! I wasn’t very happy at 4 donkies being tied together and walking up and down the beach giving rides though to children all shapes and sizes!😳

Today we are backtracking slightly to visit Horsey Windpump and then back to Lowestoft for one night before turning back to the broads for 2 nights and finally to Grafham Water before returning home! 

Cassie I think your friend was very wise to postpone her op she really won’t manage her dog for at least 2 weeks! I am 5 weeks on and still popping the pain killers! A lot of people suffer depression after aTKR and you need to be strong before you start! I joined a forum that I don’t often post on and most people are desperate regarding the pain and lack of sleep! I wouldn’t suggest she finds it! The only help is that there are other people out there with the same suffering and a minority are positive and can say there is light at the end of the tunnel!

GS will enjoy his trip to York to the railway museum, 12 already hoe time goes!


My legs have become chapped and are very sore and itchy from the cold weather! They are keeping me awake at night with itching. 😳 I have tried smothering them in moisturiser and also sudocream any other ideas ladies?🤔

Lovewine I don’t supposed that you have resumed your Wednesday evening dog walking yet?

How is your neighbour?

Also how is FIL getting on with his new knee? It was FIL was it and not MIL? 😳

Have a good weekend ladies!




Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,

My PC has been playing up nand so needed to be rebuilt, I had a little problem finding the thread and then the correct place to post it somehow went back in time to an old posting when yu went to see the Freddie Murcury Movie Rosie, a hiccup but all OK now. The cold has still not gone and embarrassingly I attended a late evening meeting which some people were also dialed into on Tuesday evening the next day they said they could hear me coughing, still I suppose it at least proves I attended. GS is having his 12th birthday on 4th May and he wants to go to York for the day to go back to the railway museum bless him, ED has booked the tickets. Rosie you sound as if you are doing well but don't push yourself too hard. My dog walking friend has postponed her knee replacement for a month she says she does not feel in the right place at the moment with the imminent eviction notice and the dogsitter being away its a non starter, lucky they did not put it off for 6 months I did say this could happen and was she really sure. I hope it is not a case of fear and things are more sorted in a month, it was due 17th April now 15th May. It looks lovely again today some sunshine makes all the difference.


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies from a very bracing but dry Norfolk!!!

Joan I am so glad that you are doing so well and hope that you enjoy your break with the family in Anglesey! 

Lovewine with new carpets laid ES and DIL will feel much more homely!

We visited Blakeney on the way. The day before yesterday we got a bus into Cromer which wasn’t far from our site. We walked on the Pier and I thought of you Joan! 

Yesterday we went the other way on the bus to Sheringham and after a cold brisk walk to the sea front went and had a fish and chip over 60 meal with a mug of tea!🤣

En route back we stopped at the circus and went to the 3pm show! 

Today we are off th Gt Yarmouth for 2 nights calling in to see friends near Norwich  from Somerset we haven’t seen for well over 20 years! 😳

Stay warm ladies! I didn’t bring gloves and have borrowed DH’s as I am still using crutches for long distances and can’t put my hands in my pockets!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??


Morning ladies , Rosie I hope your trip is going well - a bit chilly though , especially with the cold easterly wind coming off that sea 😬!!

i agree the price to go inside at Sandringham is too pricey , we always stop with the dogs on the woodland there and have a walk through before going on to Holkham or Brancaster beaches - I find it a bit too flat for me , I prefer the rugged cliffs and bays of Cornwall and Devon ! 

Joan , have a lovely week in Anglesey , just what you need after the last few months .. maybe the weather will be better than you think , we have stayed in north wales many times and watched the clouds roll in but stop at the mountains !

glad all is well with your appt - interesting about the nuts , I think we are all supposed to be eating more nuts and seeds in our diet 😏.

ES and DIL had new carpets fitted yesterday and have painted the skirting boards so everything is looking much more homely now .

still a lot to do but it can be done gradually .

i have been fairly busy with work .

Cassie hope you are ok and not too overloaded with work .

Wildpurl are you away for Easter ? 

Have a good day everyone 😊


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Rosie, I hope you are having a lovely trip, although if its anything like here it may be quite chilly and dull this week, as you say, good job youve got heating.  hopefully youve had no repetition of the pouring rain. Its not an area I know but there seems to be lots to see.  £15.50 even for oldies sounds pretty steep, though. What a wrench it must be to part with your dog. But its good that shes in a good place and has settled in.


Lovewine, a beautiful photo of what was clearly a much enjoyed event. 


Cassie, glad you enjoyed your time in Madrid, despite the unexpected rain and the annoying flight delay. With all that walking you should at least have walked off the churros! Hope your cold hasnt come to anything much, I think its quite common to pick up these things from p,ane travel, not surprising I suppose. Hope going back to work wasnt too much of a shock- you often seem to find a load of stuff waiting for you.


My appt last Tuesday was fine although I only saw the Macmillan nurse, who went through the surveillance plan with me, which just seems to be blood tests every 6 months and CT scans plus colonoscopy (yuk) annually. She thought I was doing really well, which is reassuring.  Wasnt able to give much in the way of new specific advice about minimising the risk of recurrence other than eating tree nuts ( I thought all nuts grew on trees so had to look that up. Seems peanuts dont, but thats because they’re not actually nuts. So Ive learnt something. 


Off on a week’s holiday with the family on Saturday. Cottage in Anglesey. Weather forecast not brilliant but hopefully will get some opportunties to get the kids on a beach. 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

@Debbie-Maggie wrote:

Some years ago I checked out one of the charities existed solely to provide wigs for children. I was disappointed to find that they acted almost as a middleman. They collected hair donations and sold them on, abroad where fine hair commands a premium price,  then used the proceeds to buy wigs here. I went three weeks ago to my local college and had mine cut very short and dyed turquoise blue. They where brilliant, fitting me in at short notice and refusing to charge anything. A wonderful cut too. Oddly before the cut I was resigned to losing my long hair but now it is the short hair and the care taken to achieve it that I’m sad about. The lecturer asked if I’d thought about donating it though she had no idea how to. I ended up saying they could have it for their students to practice colouring on. 

Hi Debbie I think you have posted on the wrong thread we are April 2014 starters! 🤔

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Hi Debbie I think you have posted on the wrong thread we are April 2014 starters! 🤔


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Some years ago I checked out one of the charities existed solely to provide wigs for children. I was disappointed to find that they acted almost as a middleman. They collected hair donations and sold them on, abroad where fine hair commands a premium price,  then used the proceeds to buy wigs here. I went three weeks ago to my local college and had mine cut very short and dyed turquoise blue. They where brilliant, fitting me in at short notice and refusing to charge anything. A wonderful cut too. Oddly before the cut I was resigned to losing my long hair but now it is the short hair and the care taken to achieve it that I’m sad about. The lecturer asked if I’d thought about donating it though she had no idea how to. I ended up saying they could have it for their students to practice colouring on. 


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Hi, used to live in Doncaster now in Sheffield. I’m one of the older women someone above mentioned. I was diagnosed last April but my operation wasn’t able to be done for a mixture of reasons until this February. Mastectomy and all nymph nodes on right. My chemo starts on Thursday. That workshop sounds good. Let us know what it was like. I’m seeing my oncologist that day otherwise I’d be tempted. 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

Lovewine thanks for all your useful suggestions! We did pass Kings Lynn and stopped at the Tesco near there! We couldn’t fit on the Saindburys car park!😳 We needed to stock up on bottled water for drinking! 

We are at a site on the Sandringham Estate! Tomorrow we move off to Cromer, hoping to get to Blakeney Point!. I have seen some of the other places you suggested on the map as we move round the coast. As we have never been here before all new to us and we will definitely come back! Not sure whether we will visit the House today as it’s £15.50 even with over 60’s discount each!😳 DH thinks it will be too far for me to walk so it would mean leaving our pitch, we do have a reserved sign we can use and securing everything inside to travel just up the road! 

Weather not brilliant but at least not pouring with rain supposed be to be better tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Rosie have a good trip ! I also thought of Brancaster where there are some nice pubs from lunch / evening also a nice beach with parking close to it 😏.

Hunstanton is ok , but places to eat etc .. also has Tesco and Sainsbury’s .

Sheringham is nice , we stayed there for a couple of nights when I was having chemo - also quite accessible . 

If you travel in from the kings lynn direction you may go past the lavender farm at Heacham which has a nice cafe and shop selling the most lovely lavender products 😊

enjoy your break you deserve it after the past few weeks 😬.

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

Today the weather looks slightly better than it was yesterday when it poured most of the day! The roof in Tesco was leaking in several places! 😳 I said to DH that it was the most amount of rain we have had here for some time!

Lovewine it will be very difficult for me when I get back to Cyprus and the dog won’t be there! Our landlady has sent us photos of her and said she is a lovely girl and is settling well!

Thank your for your suggestions of places to visit in Norfolk we will look out for them enroute. Not always as easy to get to some places and park in a motorhome! It looks like we should be able to park at Holkham beach during the day!😃 It looks like we will pass near Holt on our way to Cromer. Suggestions for parking a motorhome are at the Holt Country Park as their are restrictions in Holt itself for caravans and motor homes! But apparently a fair step form town!😳

We are off later this morning!

Have a good weekend all! We are back on 16th.


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning ladies , a real chilly dog walk this morning with frosty grass.

Cassie how awful for ED with the stabbing being so close , there always seems to be some incident going on , even in our village last year we had the rape and murder lf an elderly lady on the adjoining street to ours.

Rosie, it must be hard to let your dog go to another home, but she has gone to a loving one it sounds and she will be happy i am sure.

We hopefully are going this weekend to see fishermans friends after many attempts in 2 weeks!

enjoy your trip to Norfolk, its a place we visit regularly even for the day , if you come across Holkham beach its worth a look 😊, also the town of Holt is very pretty and Burnham market too , although quite posh 😮!

Joan , interesting my dad has been taking the hemp oil for his awful nerve pain from shingles and he says he slept better and the pain is much better.

Been very busy this week 😏, nearly the weekend !

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

Cassie it sounds like you had a blast in Madrid! 

What a shock for ED to have a stabbing so close to home! Nearly every day there seems to be another very worrying times!

Lovewine DH and I went to see Fishermen Friends on Tuesday night and we thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s a fantastic story and of course lovely scenery of Port Isaac! I would recommend it for any of you ladies that can get to see it!

Tomorrow we are going away in the Motorhome for 10 days just as the spring weather seems to have disappeared!😳 We are going to tour round the Norfolk area and are visiting friends that we haven’t seen since we lived in Somerset over 20 years ago! At least we have heating in the motorhome!



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Afternoon Ladies,

We arrived back quite lat last night due to the flight being delayed apparently there was a loose panel on the plane according to the captain which was fixed in about an hour or so but then we waited for the work to be signed off, all I can say is its obviously better safe than sorry. I cannot say some of the other passengers on the plane had the same patience it was boring being stuck on the runway and I am sure a few people had connecting flights to worry about but BA did their best. The trip was really nice lots of walking we did 22,300 steps on Saturday alone we had some lovely food incuding churros and chocolate sauce which was from a very old chocolateria San Gines founded in 1894 which was on Friday evening instead of a desert.  We went to a couple of indoor food markets rather like Borough Market in London but of course the food variety was very different. The flamenco dancing was in a very traditional bar recommended by the tourist board all very dramatic as expected with live guitar playing and also a singer.

We did fairly well with the weather Saturday was very sunny and the temperature just right for walking so we went to the local park which was also recommended by one of YD work friends who is Spanish El Retiro I will post some photo's when YD has downloaded them, they are all on her phone. We went to an outdoor market which was huge on Sunday and we got very wet in the rain, it was not expected. We did some shopping on Monday and left our luggage in our hotel which was handy. The only thing was most of central Madrid seemed to be having roadworks and very large buildings were being renovated it was really wide spread absolutely everywhere, I would really hate to drive there even the taxi driver on the way from the airport had to double check which roads he could use to get us to our hotel.

I would not say I am well rested, we walked everywhere while there, but I am rested from the usual mundane everyday work. ED had some sad news as soon as we landed she text to say another victim to knife crime had been killed almost on her doorstep last night, on the route she takes to GS school every day, it is so sad and shocking.

I will back at work tommorrow I seem to have picked a cold up, which I hardly ever get, probably from the plane.



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies what a shame to wake up to rain after the lovely day it was yesterday!

Joan hopefully all will be well with your check up today it sounds like you are doing really well. I am not surprised that you get tired after all the recent medical issues you and OH have experienced! See it as a time to slow down a bit and take more time for yourself!

I can understand you wanting to take your turn at the 150th anniversary of the pier but it’s good that you can also get to the Hay festival!

The blood pressure reading are all quite high with some of them very high the reading are all over the place! The doctor averages them apparently, which I shall of course do before I return it on Thursday!

The pain is getting less thank you and I am able to walk further although like you get very tired and I am still on crutches!

Glad you enjoyed the theatre visit although the you found the subject challenging! 😳 Well done on cheering yourself up with a new top and trousers! 😄

Lovewine what a lovely picture of ES’s birthday meal! You must be exhausted after your busy weekend! It’s good that ES and DIL have some time off to get the house sorted!

DD’ s train was delayed by an hour and then we lost the hour on Sunday so felt a bit cheated.

We had much to discuss! 😬 We had a very good Chinese meal on Saturday night quite the best I have ever had! Her visit was over all too soon!

DH arrived back last night and grumbled this morning about me being so restless in the bed!😳

Some news that leaves us both with a heavy heart is that our landlady offered to rehome the dog as she is looking for a house dog! She has a plot where she has keeps rescue animals near her house. Her home is in the hills so will be cooler for our dog in the heat of the summer! 

She is an animal lover and lost her house dog last summer. We really couldn’t have hoped to find a more suitable new owner for her!

I will find this extremely difficult when I go back to Cyprus and she isn’t there but I know it is the best outcome for her with us both spending increasing amounts of time away not to mention the money we will save on boarding her! 😏

DH found it difficult when he had to pack all her stuff! She went to Hounds on Holiday on Saturday and will be collected and taken to her new home on Wednesday. 

I haven’t seen her since Feb 20th! 😢

Cassie hope you had an amazing time in Madrid?

Wildpurl hopefully you got to spend some time in your garden last week?

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

3CCDA932-4295-4184-A06F-2C9C442905E9.jpegEnjoying the birthday meal with DILs mum and 2 of her 3 sisters , my OH , ES and YS !


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good evening ladies - a very hectic few days for us but enjoyable . ES loved the cake and had a nice birthday , they have this week off and have chosen and ordered new carpets for the upstairs rooms today and are trying to get the new house in some sort of order !

Joan I hope your appointment goes well with the surgeon , you are doing very well , I think the tiredness is to be expected after such a stressful time both physically and mentally ,

glad you had a trip to Stratford although the subject matter was certainly not ideal .

i got the CBD oil on Amazon and I also buy it on behalf of my client with the broken spine injury and she says it helps - I will look on my order details and let you know.

Rosie I hope your weekend with DD went well it must have been nice to spend time with her on her own .

Cassie I hope you are feeling recharged after your weekend away !

Wildpurl I expect you are busy now at work after your week off !

i am very busy this week , just when I could do with a quieter week to recover from the house move !


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Cassie, hope you have had a lovely time in Madrid and come back feeling refreshed. 


Lovewine, love the cake as I imagine ES will too. Quite a celebratory weekend for him and DIL, moving into their house at last. Hope you and OH are not too exhausted. How far away from you is their place?  I was interested to read what you said abot CBD oil. I have looked it up on line but got quite confused about all the different types, some of which are really expensive. Can you remember what brand/type you had for your dog? 


Rosie, hope the blood pressure monitor shows lower readings, I think sometimes the very fact of having it measured in a clinic sends it up. White coat syndrome it used to be called although nobody seems to wear those now. Im not surprised you had to get a taxi after walking to the hairdressers in the morning. Are you in any less pain now? Hope you have had a good couple of days with DD. You asked about the Hay Festival. Yes, we are going again this year, but will miss the first weekend because it is the 150th anniversary of Clevedon Pier and I want to be around for the celebrations. Also we are putting on an exhibition from the archive and I need to take my turn on the rota. 


I have my check up with the surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be pronounced OK because apart from tiredness when I do too much physically, lime gardening, I feel pretty good. So I imagine it will mainly be finding out what the monitoring schedule will be. Had our first visit to the theatre at Stratford since before Xmas, which was lovely. Wonderful performance, which git a standing ovation from just about everyone in the house. Challenging though since it was about an aging actor dying from, of course, cancer. We booked it ages ago and I dont think we knew what it was about. I did think at one point I might have to go out but I was glad I didnt. On a more cheerful note I bought a summer top and trousers from White Stuff! Wanted to replace my elderly Ecco trainers  but changed my mind when I saw they were now £135! 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies! 

Lovewine what a lovely cake you won’t want  to eat the icing!😳

I am so glad that all went well with the house move they are very lucky to have you to help!

Enjoy your family meal tonight!

Cassie good to hear that you got away it sounds like you are packing a lot in! 😄

DD arrives at 1.30 but meeting my sister first for coffee at 10.45!

Have a good weekend ladies!


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Hello from Madrid ladies 

Awh how very cute lovewine love the cake. We explored yesterday and had a nice evening meal. Site seeing todsy and flamenco tonight! Keeping it short as on my phone,  I don't have the patience. Have a good weekend x

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

FFBC9A43-4D78-44CF-AE9A-39E097E6B8B3.jpegThis is ESs cake I bought - the photo was made into edible icing - taken when he was about 18 months old !


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Hello ladies - a quick hello from me 😊 ED and DIL moved in , absolutely worn out now , OH has now driven to Rugby train station to collect ES 😊 we will be helping with unpacking and sorting all weekend , have a nice meal though to look forward to tomorrow for ESs 30th birthday which was today .

Rosie enjoy your weekend with DD , hope the meet up for coffee goes well with your sister too .. have you anything planned with DD ? Although it will be lovely just to spend some time together.

Have a lovely weekend ladies whatever your plans 😊

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies!

Lovewine I hope all is going well your end with the commencement of a very busy weekend! At least the weather looks good! 😊 Good luck! Hopefully by Sunday you will get some relaxation time!

I collected the blood pressure machine yesterday from the surgery and have to record it twice a day for a week! 😳 I am sad to report that it was still very high yesterday! I seem to go from one medical issue to another!😒 The nurse that gave it me yesterday said on return of the results the doctor would average them and contact me if he/she is concerned!

I had to take a taxi there and back to the surgery as it is too far to walk! I had already walked to the hairdressers and back in the morning! I have to say the experience was totally different from last week thank goodness! 😊

Cassie if you decided to go to Madrid with YD have a wonderful weekend!

Joan and Wildpurl hope you both have good weekends!





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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies Lovewine and Joan I hope you both slept better last night?

I slept marginally better and my bed only resmembled an apple turnover! 😂

Joan I am so glad that OH’s medication kicked in and reduced his vertigo episode and that you were able to go to lunch with your friend and enjoy Chepstow Castle with the grandchildren on Sunday! I am rather surprised that the toll was stopped as it was quite hefty and a source of income to keep the bridge in good repair. I think concessions should have been made for regular commuters! I used to cross the Tamar bridge each day to Cornwall and it was either £1 on the way back into Plymouth or you could have a book of tickets that worked out at 50p a day. Later the ticket system was replaced by a tag. Maybe the smooth running of ticketing booths were costing too much money. I know most of them were self service!

Joan I am listening to the local radio and they have just been talking about the Hay festival and how it will be even bigger this year! Just wondering if you are able to go this year?

Lovewine another lovey chilly morning! It will be a lovely celebration for ES to celebrate his 30th birthday with the family and to be able to move into his home! If you haven’t noticed any difference from not taking your anxiety tablets maybe it’s time to stop them!🤔 

Yesterday I had coffee with the couple upstairs they have now gone to Devon for 3 days. I don’t have any plans for the next 2 days but probably need to savour them as Thursday on will be busy.

Hair Thursday morning them I will have to use a taxi to get me to the surgery to pick up the blood pressure monitor that I have to borrow for a week! Friday - Physio, another taxi up the hill but I will walk back! Saturday DD arrives. I already have a long standing coffee appointment with my sister at one of our favourite hauntsSaturday morning where she loves the flapjack and I love the iced cream filled lemon cake! 😜 I was a bit put out when she said she would get a later train and stay and have a cup of tea with DD when she arrives at 1.30pm!  That wasn’t part of the plan but she is keen to see her and DD doesn’t mind! We really need the time together much to discuss! 😏 I have booked a table for us at the local Chinese restaurant for the evening which isn’t much further than the Vue Cinema! She is only here until Sunday and then DH returns on Monday! 

Have a good day ladies!


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Evening ladies , what a lovely day again , a bit chilly first thing this morning though - one of our dog walking ladies has gone to Norfolk for 5 days with her OH and 🐶.., lucky thing !

Rosie I laughed at the Swiss roll bed too ☺️, hope you have a better night tonight , I am also sleeping badly at the moment - seem to wake up at midnight and stay awake for a few hours and then wake up at 5 o’clock 😬.

Rosie ES will be 30 on his birthday this week !

cant believe it .

Joan , glad you made the castle trip - we also found everywhere seemed busy yesterday when we went out for a walk - people enjoying the sunshine I think .

A Makita jigsaw is a power tool - something which will be handy in their new home I suspect !

Regarding the CBD oil Joan - when my previous dog had cancer and was having chemo I researched treatments and this was highly regarded alongside it - I bought some and it made his symptoms much easier - so much so that my vet treating him used it on her own dog who was very ill and she recommends it now to other clients with ill pets ! Also one of my clients broke her back several years ago and although she is mobile again she suffers terrible back pain and the oil helps her - I order it for her online . My friend who has the terminal diagnosis also takes it and it helps his chemo side effects .

I am thinking of taking some Kalms night time , although when I took them last year I felt quite “ hung over” the next day ! When I had the awful flu bug a few weeks ago I was too ill to take my anti anxiety pills , I don’t actually feel any different , I haven’t resumed them since , I don’t think they helped me sleep as I have had many months of sleepless nights !


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Lovely picture of GS Rosie, hard to believe how grown up he looks. Good to hear you’re getting out a bit more every day. Your description of your Swiss roll bed made me laugh although not good that you had such a bad night. I had a really bad one last night too. I was moaning about it to friends at Penny Brohn this morning and a couple of people recommended CBD oil, which is apparently cannabis oil, without the active bit which makes it addictive - and illegal. They checked it out with a doctor at the centre who okayed it so I might give it a try. Obviously not something you would want to try alongside painkillers though. I can understand your decision not to complain about the taxi drivers, I think I would probably have done the same. Awful, though, isnt it that such bad service goes unreported due to fear of reprisals. 


Cassie, what a shame ED had her night out ruined. I hope the issue is now sorted. How nice to have a long weekend to look forward to. Have you decided on Madrid? I’ve never been but its on the list. Good job Brexit has been delayed though or you might have had problems. We’re not going abroad till September, by which time, surely, some resolution will have been reached. 


Lovewine, you seem to have got your special events shopping sorted. What’s a makita jigsaw? 


Had quite a busy weekend. On Saturday I made a big pot of soup- curried parsnip, but think I overdid the curry powder- before going to have lunch with a friend. We’d had to cancel it twice because of OH having his vertigo attacks and I thought we might have to cancel again because he had another one Friday night which lasted till Saturday morning. Fortunately the medication worked this time. Sunday we took the grandchildren on the trip to Chepstow Castle we had cancelled the week before because of the weather. This time the weather was glorious. The rest of the world seemed to have decided Chepstow was the place to be because it was heaving, at one point we thought we might have give up because parking was so difficult. The people at the castle said ever since the toll charges have been cancelled on the Severn bridges its been like that. 


Hope you all have good weeks. Keep up the good work Rosie. 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies,

Cassie your poor dog walking friend seems to have tried everything. When you are signed up for the op one of the questions is who will support you for the first few days when you leave hospital! She really won’t be able to manage herself especially with a dog!🙀 They may keep her in hospital a few days extra if they know she is by herself but I’m afraid her best friend will have to go to kennels! 😢

I do hope that your ED’s water and heating has been sorted out now?

I hope that you enjoy your weekend in Madrid or wherever else you decide to go for your long weekend!

Lovewine I talked to YGS yesterday on Skype and asked him about the carnival and his little friend! He said he was a fireman and the little girl, whose name I have forgotten, was a princess! 😄

He is growing up very fast he is 3yrs 5 months now!😮

I see your issue with the cinema having to travel half an hour away! 😬 Our Vue is 0.2 miles away! 

It sounds like you have done very well with your gift purchasing! I remember when you purchased some trousers for your mum and when you saw her she was wearing the very trousers and you had to exchange them!😳

They were lots of people along the river yesterday with dogs and runners were dodging in and out fortunately there weren’t too many cyclists! It was warm in the sun but chilly in the shade. The canal boat was doing a good trade! 

I am having coffee with friends upstairs this morning after my shopping has arrived! I think I will then head out later along the river again, it should be quieter today! I am managing to get a little further each day. I am still  on a hefty amount of paracetamol and ibuprofen. I had a bad night last night and ended up taking extra pain killers at 3 am and the bed looked like a Swiss roll I struggled to get out of it!😳

It looks like the dry sunny weather is here for a few days ladies!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good afternoon ladies, Rosie, what a sweet photo of your little GS- but isnt he growing up fast 😊, i can see your point about not making a complaint to the taxi firm , certainly dont want any repercussions 😬, thankyou so much for the offer of the 2 for 1 tickets , i dont think we can make it on a weekday very easily sadly, OH isnt home until after 6 oclock and i am usually really worn out by early evening, so its usually weekends, our local vue which is about half an hour drive away is offering all tickets for £5 at the moment , because we are out of the town/ city theatre and cinema trips become a real expedition 😬. We will hopefully make it in a couple of weeks.

i managed to order ES a makita jigsaw which was on his wish list and came today with Amazon, i will order a housewarming gift online at Next too today, i have been looking at DILs instagram page and i know she is coveting several items from there ! My mum is sorted now- ordered some nice body shop shower gel and after eight mints😜, the cake i buy ready made , i think from Asda, i take in a baby photo and they make a edible topping from the photo .

Cassie, i hope you enjoyed your dog walk , it is such a worry for your friend with the housing situation, i hope something can be sorted out for her. Shame about EDs water and heating, hope its back on now, hopefully their evening out can be rearranged. Enjoy your long weekend😊

The weather has been glorious here , we did a nice walk, felt good to get some fresh air, we went by the canal and across the fields, the spring flowers were beautiful.

Joan and wildpurl, hope you have had a nice weekend.


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning Ladies,


It is glorious here today all is well with the family and I hope to meet up with my dog walking friend in a hour or so. 

My dog walking friend has tried everything in her power Rosie local councillor, council office a letter from her GP and the law centre.

ED has had a small trauma, her water and heating have been off since yesterday at about 5pm she was not impressed because she had planned a rare evening out with BF and could not get ready BF had even bought some new trousers for the occasion shame. Work has been very busy as usual, I have a long weekend away planned so hopefully will get a change of scene if not a rest. YD fancied a lovely looking hotel in Madrid for next weekend.

The taxi experience was appalling Rosie, I know what you mean about being in two minds about complaining though, I have complained before and luckily nothing happened after but you can never be certain, our driver was driving too fast and erratically I noticed a small bottle of what looked like scotch in the gap between his seat and the gear box !

We were glad to get out

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing X

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good morning ladies from a sunny Worcester! 😊😎

Ladies I decided not to put a complaint in about the taxi incident as both drivers would have had my exact address and phone number and I thought what could happen if they got into trouble! I was poised to compile the email and then thought through possible consequences!😳

Lovewine did you manage to sort out a the cake for ES is it a special number birthday? It does sound like you are going to be busy make sure that you don’t do all the cooking take advantage of take away for all those tired hungry people!😳 On top of everything you will have a visit to your parents! I have sent MIL a book that she was third in line to borrow from the library that she wanted to read! 

Did you get your chores done with OH at the Bonsai centre? I am sorry to hear that you had a cheeky rat approach the bird feeder!🙀

I saw the film Fishermen’s Friends advertised on tv before I left Cyprus and wrote the release date in my diary! DH returns next Monday so I will get my Meerkat code on Thursday (2 for 1) for the following Tuesday! I hope that you and OH get to see it. If you want to go this Tuesday or Wednesday message me and I will send you my code from last week for this Tues or Weds! It has to be used on either of these two days! 

Wilpurl hope you enjoyed your visit to Bristol and returning home in the sunny weather will be more cheery! 

Joan hope you and OH are enjoying your weekend.

Cassie hope you and the family are well?

Ladies  what an awful experience the cruise ship off the coast of Norway is experiencing it certainly confirms my reluctance to ever go on an ocean liner again! 🙀

Yesterday my sister was meeting an old childhood friend in Worcester and I agreed to go and have a quick coffee with them. I hadn’t seen her friend since we all lived in the same crescent in a Worcestershire village! She remembered coming to our parents house when I was first going out with DH! She was an only child. She now has 3 children and several grandchildren! My sister had warned me that she would talk a lot about the grandchildren! The first thing she did before she had even sat down was pull out a phone to show us a picture of her 5 month grandson! My sister gave me a side ways smirk! Of course she only has one daughter and as yet no grandchildren! My niece has had a variety of gynaecologist issues so it’s not clear even if she wanted a family if it would be possible!😢

On the note of grandchildren I will attach a photograph that ES sent me of YGS at his Nursery Carnival with a little girl friend! 😄

I will be taking a walk along the river today! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies, especially you Lovewine before your very busy weekend next week! 




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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning ladies , Rosie , I think your experience with the taxi driver was awful - no exscuse for rudeness 😡

you are doing so well managing though , have you found it easier or harder than before ? I hope you enjoyed your friends visit yesterday .i have been busy with work and also seem to have a lot of little chores to do that seem time consuming 😏!

Next weekend is going to be very hectic - we have taken Friday off to help with ESs house move , it’s also his birthday !.. have a cake to sort out which I need to find a baby photo of him to take to be made into icing probarly at Sainsbury’s !.., also his gift to order, mother’s day gift for my mum 😬 and YS will be back for the weekend too , he will need collecting from the station at some point amongst the chaos ! 

OH is going up to the Bonsai centre in Nottinghamshire with ES today , I might get on top of things this morning.

Joan , I hope you and your OH are doing ok and have a trip to look forward to this weekend ? Will you be resuming your volunteering at the Pier ? I often see it on the T.V and think how nice it looks .

Wildpurl , enjoy your weekend in Bristol too.

Cassie , have you any plans ?

i wanted to go to see Fisherman’s friends at the cinema - not sure when that’s going to be slotted in though at the moment !

By the way Rosie - no sign of my hedgehogs emerging yet - only a rat which I saw near the bird feeder !! 🙀🐀

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Goodmorning ladies!

Joan my knee feels marginally a little less tight but I have only just removed the waterproof dressing that the nurse instructed me to leave for 24 hours. I couldn’t face going to bed with it unconvered!

Part of the wound just above the knee hasn’t closed as well as the remainder so I am going to find something suitable to make some butterfly type stiches and pull it together!🙀😳😒

My friend from Bredon came to visit me yesterday and we went for lunch at the local bistro. 

Not so much sun about today it looks better from Sunday.

Hope you have an easier day today Lovewine.

Wildpurl enjoy your weekend away.

Cassie have a good weekend whatever you are doing.

Joan are you off for a theatre visit! 


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Rosie, what a horrible time you had yesterday, first with the delay, then the unhelpful driver and to cap it all an unsympathetic nurse. You must have been exhausted with walking home on top of all that. Does your knee feel any easier today? 

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

Cassie I do feel very much for your poor friend who is risking being evicted and due for a major deliberating surgery! Is there anything either social services or the housing department can do to help rehome her? Once she has her date she will have about a month to prepare! 

How is ED? I do hope she is having a stable period.

Wildpurl I do hope the weather cheered up for you yesterday like Lovewine’s day, it was a beautiful here 15 degrees and sunny! 😊

It’s good to have a memory box for your DD its a place you can go to feel close to her. Hope you had a good calming session with your crochet? It sounds like you have quite a string of projects on the go I do admire your patience and creativity! Enjoy your weekend in Bristol with DS and GF.

Lovewine how lovely to be able to resume the dog walking evening soon with the chip shop and pub garden! Well done on enjoying your lunch outside in your swinging chair let’s hope it’s the first of many! 

I had quite a stressful afternoon yesterday! 😳 I ordered a taxi for 3.10, my appointment being 3.30, at the most it would take 5 mins! A message came through on my phone at 3.00 to say the taxi had been dispatched. I made my way outside and waited. A taxi pulled up and wound down his window and said he thought he was supposed to be picking me up but someone else was on their way! I said are you sure as I have an appointment, yes he said! 

Well 3.12 NO TAXI! I phoned and explained what had happened and they said they would send the next available cab which would be 5 mins! It arrived and turned I waved at it but it proceeded to go back up the road to park. There is plenty of space to stop outside our apartment block to pick up and drop! I had to chase up to towards the canal bridge as I was worried he was going to drive off! He must have then seen me in in mirror and backed down the road. He said it might be easier for me in the front, it was one of those taxis with a back sliding door! I asked him if the front seat would go back and he said no! There was no way I was going to get in with a 30 cm gap! So I had to get in the back! At no point did he offer to help with the door and he could see I was struggling on 2 crutches! 

He sat firm in his seat on arrival and wasn’t going to help me get out! He even asked if I could slide open the door again and slam it!😡

I then had a very luke warm nurse! Last time I had my clips out I had a lovely nurse who laid me on a bed. This one made me sit in an ordinary chair and asked if I had clips out before and then said so you know it will pinch! 🙀😳😫

I had to stop her 3 times it brought tears to the eyes it was so sore!😢

Following that I decided to walk back down the hill I could face trying to get into another taxi! It’s just under half a mile. I did feel very tired when I got back! Today I am emailing a complaint to the taxi firm! I think the first guy saw me standing on crutches and decide I was too much of a liability!😞

Joan have you got a theatre trip planned for the weekend?

Have a good day ladies!

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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Afternoon ladies , Wildpurl it’s been a glorious day here from first light - walked the dogs at 7.00 a.m and the sun was out and looking out the window now it still is ! I sat on my swinging chair to eat my lunch too - do feel rather grumpy as I am flat out with work and want to be outside !

how difficult for you to sort through DDs momento boxes - it must have been emotionally draining of course for you , I hope you found some calm in your crochet , I admire your crafting ability and of course it is very therapeutic as you say , enjoy your time in Bristol with your DS and GF , it will be nice to have the weekend away before your return to work .

Rosie , I seem to remember seeing the peregrines at Worcester cathedral on a news nature item last year - I hope you get to see them soon , beautiful birds , we have one come over our garden sometimes, it killed a dove that feeds on our lawn 😬, I know it’s nature but I don’t like to see it !

Joan , glad you are driving again and resuming your usual activities , definitely good to get out and about .

Cassie , I think we are given mammograms here every 3 years 🤔, I will be having mine in November and fingers crossed I can do that 🤞.

i think our Wednesday dog walking club will be starting up after we change the clocks ! Bring on the chip shop and pub garden !😊🍷


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning ladies, hmm, first day of spring...the weather is a bit meh here TBH, dry but grey and overcast. I will try to see if I can motivate myself to go outside and do a bit of pottering presently.

I have been going through DD's two boxes of mementos and have consolidated everything into one box. I need a break now and will have a go at a crochet cushion cover I am planning, to recover. I find crochet quite calming and meditative.

I am very pleased to hear you have been discharged by the oncologist now cassie!

lovewine I am pleased to hear about your ED and DIL exchanging contracts, as rosie says, one less thing to worry about.

rosie, I am sorry to hear you have family worries, I hope it can all be sorted out. I’m sure you and your DD will enjoy having time together.

Joan you are doing very well and seem to be making a good recovery. Glad you were able to do the whole Qi Gong class.

This weekend OH and I are going to stay with DS and GF in Bristol, which we are really looking forward to.

I have several craft projects on the go at the moment, the one nearest completion is a shawl and I am also knitting some socks. When I’ve finished those I’m planning to make a cardigan.



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Morning Ladies,

As far as I know it should be 5 yearly mammograms now, nobody mentioned them to be honest. My dog walking friend has not got a date yet for the knee replacement and she has no family nearby she had one brother on Watford who comes to see her about once a month since she lost her partner but I don't think she can stay with him and SIL because of her dog, as far as I know it has not been considered.

Rosie roll on the last of the injections, it is amazing what we can and do do when needs must.


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies!

Yes Joan I did manage the injection yesterday 2 to go! I had about 4 last year to do when DH went back. He is quite practiced as he did the ones during chemo!

I am hoping my knee won’t feel so tight once the staples are removed, I think phscolgically one feels easier once stitches / staples are removed! 😏

Well done on the drive and resuming of activities it makes you feel so much better to be able to reconnect with your life outside the home! 

I did manage to get to the cathedral yesterday and sat on the wall looking for the pair of peregrines!

Needless to say I didn’t see them, only pigeons and seagulls! 😞

I have just heard ladies on the radio it is officially the first day of spring! 🐣🐇🐿🦔🌷🌼🌸

Lovewine do you have any hedgehogs stirring?🦔



Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

  • Cassie, good news about the discharge from oncology. But at least its not a complete severance since you will have surgical followup which will provide ongoing reassurance (even though with the inevitable anxiety I expect before each appointment. Will you now go on to routine mammograms? What problems your dog walking friend is having to deal with in addition to facing surgery. Sorry about the bulleted para, no idea what happened there.


Rosie, have you managed to give yourself the injection? I did it myself - didnt trust OH to do it- but was heartily relieved when they were finished. Do you think having the staples removed will make it at all easier/less painful to get about? I have to say I’m rather relieved you are not making the journey to Newcastle now - although I know you have managed to get about on several occasions in adverse circumstances, this journey, particularly given Birmingham station sounded quite a challenge. And as you said it will be good to have your daughter to yourself. 


Lovewine, although Menieres is not exactly a minor condition, it must be a relief to your  friend that the early appt was not because of something worse. Good news about the contract exchange after all the delay and uncertainty.


A bit apprehensive this morning when got a letter from DVLA having driven yesterday. But fortunately no problem, they dont need a medical report. Enjoyed doing Qi Gong yesterday but exhausted when I got back and aching all over today. But managed all the session, rather to my surprise. 



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies,

Cassie great news that you too are discharged after our 5th year anniversary. But we can never be too complacent! As Joan said to me its one less appointment!😏

Has your dog walking friend been given a date for her knee replacement? She is certainly in a very worrying situation and it is so sad that there is no support to get her rehoused available unless she is evicted? Does she have any family nearby that she could stay with? She won’t be able to work for at least 6 weeks after her knee op! She will need someone to look after her for at least a week when she comes out of hospital. DH went back yesterday and I am finding it very tiring and this morning I have to give myself an injection!🙀😬😫 Tomorrow will be the 2 week mark and I have an appointment to have, hopefully, the staples removed! 

Lovewine how lovely to have good news from you! I am so glad that your dog walking friend’s results led to an inner ear problem! I think we all secretly thought the worst as she had been recalled so quickly for her results! 

What a long stressful wait your ES and DIL have had I am so pleased that now they have exchanged contracts and have a definitive completion date!  You can tick this off the worry list! 😊

Joan hope you managed you drive and activities yesterday and weren’t too worn out. 

Wildpurl hope all is going well with the refurb project! Do you have another craft activity on the go?

It’s rather grey here today I will walk to the cathedral today and look for the pair of peregrine falcons that have taken up residence on the tower. Someone was lucky enough to catch them mating at the weekend on camera and said we should have some eggs in time for Easter! 😃C6386728-8B29-42E1-AC49-81302223F179.jpeg


The river yesterday! 😳


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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Evening ladies, cassie great news you have been discharged from oncology , a big relief all continues to be well. Its very disheartening for your friend with the housing situation, my YS is resigned to never being able to afford a property in the South .i hope she finds somewhere suitable soon .

Rosie, i expect you will miss DH , i hope you have lots going on to fill the time, so sorry you have family worries , it will be so nice for you to have some time with DD over mothers day weekend.

its been a lovely day here, so nice not to be battling the wind .

Joan, good news all is good with your pacemaker and you are back driving now , shame about the castle trip with GS, but at least you had some gardening time.

my friend had her appointment today for her mri results, she has been diagnosed with menieres disease, which is a problem with inner ear apparently, thankfully nothing sinister.

ES has exchanged contracts today and moves in to their new home on the 28th, they are very excited!

Wildpurl, i hope you are enjoying time to yourself, looks like the weather will be much better too!


Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Evening Ladies,


Thanks for your concern, yes all is well here I have been discharged by the oncologist today, I though I would hold on until I had the news. I will be followed up by the surgeon though for another 5 years due to the taking part in target B trial nothing else, I guess they just like to compare outcomes in the long term. I wish you a continued recovery Rosie you sound as though you are doing well, sorry you have some added worries at the moment. Your friends lovewine are really going through the mill, its very sad all the bad news lets hope the dog walking friend has been called quickly for nothing sinister. My dag walking friend has been asked to attend joint school regarding her knee replacement and is no nearer finding anywhere new to live, she is between a rock and a hard place, the landlord wants her out buthas not offered anything, the council cannot help unless she is evicted which needs to go to court first and private agencies expect a minimum income of £37,000 some £45,000 per annum which i might say unless you are a GP is never going to happen. She does not want to retire yet she is quite sprightly and all with it so why should she? Its a complete nightmare with housing in London, so much for help with key workers from the goverment much has been promised in the past but nothing ever materialises. We have had no pay rise for years and in the current climate it is not likely either. Sorry to end on a rant



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Re: Anyone due to start chemo April 14??

Good Morning ladies thank you for your concern over the latest family saga! DD is now coming to stay with me over Mothering Sunday weekend by herself on the train. I cancelled my ticket and lost £10 booking fee and paid for her ticket which cost £50 more than mine as I get 30% off with my senior rail pass! 🙀 We will have time to chat  that we haven’t had since she got married 15 years ago! Issues stem from what I shared with you all last year! 

DH is just about to leave so I am feeling a bit sad he has been very good this visit! He even replaced my flowers yesterday as we had to throw the first lot out! 😘 I still have 3 of the blood thinning injections to do myself!🙀😬😳 I had to watch a you tube clip last year! 

At least the weather has improved and I can try to potter a bit further each day! 

Wildpurl good luck with the painting and the refurb programme don’t forget to have some relaxation time, the week will pass quickly! 

Joan that’s great news that you can drive again enjoy resuming your activities! I always get worked up about driving again but it’s like swimming you just do it automatically! 

Lovewine I think it is today that your dog walking friend has her follow up after her MRI scan, a very anxious time for her and I do hope that it won’t be as bad as feared!

How is FIL getting on? He must nearly be at the 2 week milestone when they will remove the staples. How long will he stay in the nursing home? It will be another 2 weeks before life gets a bit easier! Coping with showering and getting on and off the toilet are not easy activities! 

I have a Sainsbury’s delivery arriving today so will have a full fridge with easy to manage meals!😉

Lovewine I haven’t had a glass of wine since 2 nights before my op due to not feeling particularly like it and rather a large amount of painkillers!🙀

Next time DH is back in 2 weeks I think I will be ready to have a glass with evening meal! 

Hope the week starts well for you all.

Cassie hope all is well with you?