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August 11th starting chemo


Re: August 11th starting chemo

Hello MB 🙂

Thank you for your sweet note and your hug, it's really appreciated and I'm sending them back to you as you too are about to start this week.  Even though we have I'm sure, people in our lives supporting and loving us (in person) having this forum is an additional source of great info and comfort to know we can come here anytime and just spend some time connecting with others sharing a similar experience. 

Yes I do have a nurse I am in close contact with for any necessary questions and support for which I'm very grateful!  

Today is my start day so my eyes have popped open at 3:00 am with worrying thoughts.....I'm a pretty positive thinking person and I've been really trying to to delve into being downright petrified but there are moments like now when human nature kicks in.....so writing my thoughts here and now is helping get them out my mind and hopefully can get back to sleep after  :)......

thanks for listening and caring MB! My new virtual friend xx

Sending you lots of love and positivity for ALL TO BE WELL this week and ongoing!! I declare in God's name 🙂

Bye for now



Re: August 11th starting chemo

Hi Wendy, 

Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. 

I start chemo on 13th August, EC and Docetaxel. 

The fear of the unknown is really overwhelming. Do you have a breast care nurse who you can contact with any concerns? I've found that having regular phone chats with mine has kept me feeling more in control of what happens next, though I do feel nervous and can't stop thinking about how I'm going to feel afterwards. 

Sending you a big hug for the 11th. 

Take care,

MB x


August 11th starting chemo

Hello my name is Wendy, I'm about to start my first session of TC chemo next week and I'm wondering if there is any advice in terms of facing this for the first time?  The fear of the unknown is huge.