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Bone marrow infiltration only


Re: Bone marrow infiltration only

I've just came across your post. I do not have same but just had first round of treatment of fec chemo yesterday bc diagnosed Oct then then through blood test found out in dec I have myeloma! Try taking a look at http://careoncologyclinic.com and join Jane mcelland Facebook group Jane McLelland Off Label Drugs for Cancer Public Group | Facebook
You may find some useful stuff. Wish you well you have been through a lot. I'm struggling after one chemo!

Bone marrow infiltration only

Hi everyone. I wondered whether anybody in the same boat as me and has secondary breast cancer Only in the bone marrow. I've been told this is quite rare for it only to metastasize in this one area. Bones and everywhere else clear.
I was first diagnosed at the age of 34 in 2007 and had a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. After being very tired in 2017 and subsequent blood tests. It was found through a bone marrow biopsy that there were cancer cells in there and confirmed breast cancer cells from original diagnosis.
I had chemo in 2017 and then hormone therapy. The chemo worked for a short while as platelets improved greatly. However just before Xmas platelets dropped severely and tumour marked raised so back on another go at chemo. On weekly epiburicen at the moment. Lost hair in 2017 through chemo and just got my colour and length to where I like it, but through the epiburicen it's falling out again.
I have beaten my original timescales from my oncologist but just fed up at going through chemo again and all the side effects. I'm only 46 and just want to hang on as long as I can!! Vent over!! 😁