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Chemo 2019 starters


Re: Chemo 2019 starters

Val I am so sorry you feel so anxious about this I was just replying to another member in the February 2019 thread about our anxiety and fear. Which will probably be with us always. My BC nurse told me a few weeks ago to stop reading and stressing and let them look after me. But it's easier said than done isn't it. 

Val Beach

Chemo 2019 starters

Right ladies , I’m having one of my negative days , I’ve convinced myself it’s spread to my nodes in opposite armpit 😬 which the oncologist felt just over a week ago and wasn’t bothered by . My opposite boob is always tender and I’m having period pains and hot flushes ( no periods tho ) . I know I’m using my left arm more ( problem on right hand side ) and it’s not really in my armpit but the muscle around it and underside of arm ! My nodes are clear on other side so I don’t know why I’m thinking this 😬 I’ve not had a PICC line in yet and had 1 ec in left arm and 1 ec in right ,  so don’t know if this is why or are my nodes working overtime both sides because of the illness / chemo ? I sit here  imagining it spreading ( only on bad days ) and it’s doing my head in 😬 happy valentines all you lovely ladies too 💕