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Daily temperature ??


Re: Daily temperature ??

It's weird..  my ear temp is always lower than my oral temp...

this morning it was 35.4 ear and 36.8 mouth... so cant decide if my temp is low or what...


have decided to stick with oral therm.   I did read again the notes that came with the ear therm. So i appear to be taking it correctly.

my husband took his ear reading this morning and he was 33.4 ,  so he should be ill but he is healthy... 

thx for your post xx

how are you doing with your treatment/side effects.  ?? Xx


Re: Daily temperature ??

Hi mini mad,


The average oral temperature is different from the average ear temperature, however ear temperature is usually a higher number , kind of oral temp+1?  Perhaps something is not right with the way you use the ear thermometer? It seems your mouth temperature is quite normal for you (for me that's having a bit of fever!)


Hope you get it sorted. xx


Re: Daily temperature ??

Hi Mini mad

With the tympanic thermometer you have to be aware if your ear could be cold, if you have short hair for exams or been out in the wind, even though it's not cold at the moment. They are however meant to be more reliable than the old oral type. You could also take someone else temp eg husband or partner or any adult just to compare their temp to yours in the same environment. Hope this is helpful.


Daily temperature ??

Hi ladies,


well ive been taking my temperature everyday as i was told to.

thing is at the start i used a mouth thermometer and it seemed to always be between 36.8 and 37.2/3....  decided to buy the ear thermometer so make things quicker n easier but now my reading has dropped..  it can be anything between 36 and 36.8....  why ???


went out this morning for a few hours and began to feel woozy headed n bit sicky.

came home ate lunch and felt better,  thinki i needed some food.

took temp with ear thermom and it read 35.2 ,  took in mouth n read 37.2  🤒🤒🤒🤒

cant understand why there is sooo much difference....

dont know if my temp is low or not....

any suggestions or anyone else had this happen ???  xx 💖💖