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Dimpled and lighter Areola Of right breast

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Re: Dimpled and lighter Areola Of right breast

Hi Ojomo,


I'm sorry your post hasn't had any replies yet, hopefully another Forum member will be able to reply soon.


Otherwise, feel free to post in our Ask Our Nurses section to speak to our nursing team here who can help too: https://forum.breastcancernow.org/t5/Ask-Our-Nurses/ct-p/Asknurses


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Dimpled and lighter Areola Of right breast

Good afternoon everyone.

i am Ojomo. I have been on this platform checking for anyone who has been in my shoes before. 

late last year September  2019 I observed a painful lump in my right breast that disappeared a day after. I had a scan and mammogram but nothing was found. 

seven days ago March 2020 I observed a dimple on my right breast Areola beneath my nipple.  It gets obvious when I raid my right hand up. 

I went to my doctor to seek for answers and I was asked to do an ultrasound scan again which I did and a two things were found.

1. A simple cyst 

2. a lesion which could be from a traumatic scar or an invasive ductal CA.


The doctor has asked me to do another scan to detail the size and location of any abnormalities. That if it comes out the same, I will have to do a breast biopsy to check if it’s just an infection or cancer.


I don’t know if anyone has gone through this before..I just want to know if it’s cancer! I have heard so many people that died of cancer Cz doctors couldn’t diagnose it early enough! 

a dimple around my Areola below my nipple. No lump, no pain, no nipple discharge, no inverted nipple. Just a dimple and the colour of the spot is getting lighter. 

i’m freaking out!