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February 2019 chemo starters


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Marlyn, I hope you don't mind me commenting as I'm not in your group, but I just wanted to say how sorry I am that your sister has reacted to your cancer in this way. Sadly a lot of people seem to have no idea of what we're going/been through. I think you're right in not messaging your sister and maybe if she's not heard from you for a while, she might wonder why and realise how insensitive she's been to you xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Marlyn

Thanks yes the photos are a forever memory of a lovely day. I think you are right about leaving your sister alone, you don't need any negativity in your life. Xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Mbj, nothing you or anyone here could ever say anything that would upset me....I needed to let off steam as I know you all understand...

your right about concentrating on people who have been with me the whole time. Sadly my sister hasn't...I've already made up my mind not to message her again, I will wait for her to come to me...

your not being harsh, your being honest.....she hasn't been behaving like a sister at all....


your photos are beautiful.....xxxxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Dear Marlyn

I am so sorry your sister is so unsupportive and actually quite unfeeling by the sound of it. I really hope my pictures of me with my sister have not made you feel even worse. 

Concentrate on the people in your life that are there for you through think and thin, that love you with all that Barrying BC has brought you. Don't bother to message her again I think it's up to her to make that move. Maybe she will need support one day as no one knows what the future holds. She obviously is clueless about what you have been through and are still dealing with and is really not worthy of your time and energy at the moment. I hope that's not too harsh as I realise she is your sister but sadly she is not behaving like one.



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Afternoon ladies, 

im really sorry but I need to rant and get this off my chest ...it's about my sister.....she hasn't been the most supportive of sisters, telling me in the beginning not to poison myself with chemotherapy ( not a good start) but she's hardly been there for me at all these last few months...the last time I heard from her was in May ( her birthday) telling me about her wonderful holiday in jersey ( not one question about me....other than bet your looking forward to being normal again) !!??? 


I looked back over old messages....she has been so flippant, like the breast cancer has been a bunion or a bout of flu.....as I haven't heard from her in ages I thought I'd better pm her ( why she can't pm me I don't know) her reply again was flippant! The last paragraph saying I hope everything is back to normal now and you can get on with your life normally......this I read with short grey chemo hair, spotty skin, blurred vision , aches and pains and hot flushes! Normal???? She really has no sodding idea! Grrrrrrrr.....


sorry butI had get this out ....I know you all understand ......I feel you are all my sisters......xxxxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

IMG_20190804_154159.jpgOur wonderful Alfie out with his new friends yesterday. Best dog in the world well to me anyway.



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Thanks Implausible and MBJ for sharing, love the cake ( how does one cut a piece of artwork and then eat it ) I can still remember 2 cakes an Aunt of mine made when I was little ( one square shaped all white with pink butterflies in one corner and another year , round with iced biscuit ladies in various pastel coloured dresses holding parasols 🤗 can’t remember eating them or the flavour but I do remember being in awe ⭐️) , love the graffiti sentiment too. Just perfect. 

I got on the phone to select a podcast to listen to as I do the ironing ( thinking of your art supplies sorting Implausible- good luck with it ). 🌸🌸🌸


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

That cake is amazing!!!!


And I am very jealous indeed of retirement at 55 Smiley Happy  I can't see that happening for me!  


Glad you've had a brilliant weekend, doc


I just popped back in here to share this:Screenshot_20190804-110927_Facebook-picsay.jpg


Not exactly the most technically proficient piece of graffiti ever in an artistic sense, but I do love the sentiment 


Have a good Sunday everyone 


Sarah x


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Good Morning Girlies.

I can see some of you still have issues with side effects I hope they clear up soon. Don't be afraid of the hormone medication it's absolutely nothing compared to what you have all endured through chemo, but obviously I only have experience of Letrozole.

We have had a busy weekend, Friday night we were invited to an engagement party where I danced the night away. Yesterday was my sister's party for her 30 wedding anniversary/55th birthday/retirement all in one. So lovey to be surrounded by my lovely family and meet some new friends of my sister. Really tired today my eyes feel as if they can hardly open and that's just on soda water and lime!

Our lovely dog went for the day to my son in laws brother and his family. Our dog does not know them well but has met them before. He was a good as gold and had a great day. I love him so much I just wished this morning he could have told be about his day out, bless him. I will post some photos of him later as I forgot to crop them. Here are some photos of my sister's party. The group is of the cousins and their children.Two are missing my nephew Luke who is in Australia working and my son who is keeping Barrying Morrisons open in Bristol.IMG_20190804_103010.jpg


IMG_20190804_103118.jpgKath and Chris with table tennis bats!


IMG_20190804_103045.jpgNot a slimming world day.



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi everybody


Hope that the weekend is treating you all well. 


Susie, sorry to see that you've had a couple of days feeling down, I honestly think that's a side effect of the T.  I had a real sorry-for-myself phase at around the week 2 mark in every cycle.  I guess it makes sense that it might mess with our brain chemistry as well as everything else. 


In general I have felt so much better in myself mentally since the chemo got out of my system. 
So "bear with", as Miranda's friend used to say.  I promise things will get better.


PS your fruit and veg look great!


Rosina, you asked how New York compares to London and I was about to say that they are chalk and cheese, but when I think about it properly they really aren't.  I guess I see them very differently as I grew up in London and used to work there, so it seems more "everyday" to me, compared to NYC where I am usually on holiday.  (Although I did once work there for a few weeks).


In terms of being an entertainment capital (west end = broadway), they are similar.  And both have a big river and cool bridges.  And both have big impressive landmarks to visit.  And big public green spaces.  And great museums and galleries.  The tube system is very similar too.  London obviously has a lot more history though.  I really love New York.  It is a really vibrant city, everyone has a ton of energy (again, like London).  And there is so much to do and see.  Can't wait to get back out there.


Sonia, I hear you about the teenagers.  Mine are also not cutting me any slack.  Had a bit of a go at them the other day for not helping out more given that I'm "poorly".  They did the dishes that evening but nothing since.  It just doesn't occur to them at all to step up, does it? 


Very impressed with your almost 18k steps!  I haven't done that many in a while.  Although I did do a 45 minute aqua aerobics class yesterday morning followed by a 15 minute swim.  I'm still aching!  Smiley Happy


Daisydi I feel so bad for you not getting home from rads till 9pm! Smiley Sad  thank goodness you (presumably) get the weekend off to recover!


Trixielady how is hubby's tick bite doing?  They can be really nasty Smiley Sad  Hopefully he is responding well to the antibiotics?


Hiya Seaside, good to hear from you, glad it is just sleepiness that has kept you away and nothing more serious.  Big congrats on finishing your rads.  I hope your skin is clearing up where it had started to break out a little.  Glad you managed a nice weekend away.  And that your cat got through scary surgery in one piece.


Rosina, I like your "cognitive override" term.  I've been using that technique pretty much all week, I wanted to get a lot done this week as I've been off work, so each day I've written myself a timetable and to do list and have made myself stick to it like glue even though all I really wanted to do was lounge about and watch telly Smiley Happy  much cognitive override applied to get me off the sofa and running errandsSmiley Happy  End result, one exhausted Sarah but I've got SO MUCH DONE, I do love to be productive!


Nettie great to hear from you too, but sad to read that those FEC side effects have still been battering you Smiley Sad    I hope the Achilles tendon sorts itself out eventually.  I think that the chemo definitely makes things like that heal slower.  I had cramp during chemo and it took over a month to finally stop hurting, I was limping quite badly for about 5 weeks and got rather worried about it!  It did finally go away though.


Wooot for no trip to A and E!!!


Susie I hope you can get that Iceland trip nailed down soon, it is so good to have something to look forward to.


Rosina great job in the garden!


I've also been working hard today, continuing with project "art and craft room clearout".  4th full day and I'm maybe a third of the way to done.  It is definitely still in the "it gets worse before it gets better" stage!  It will be worth it when it is all done.  That's what I keep telling myself.  If it doesn't kill me first Smiley Very Happy


I put my other half to work too, painting the wall at the bottom of the garden.  Cheeky sod said he was done and called me out to inspect it, and this is what I saw:FB_IMG_1564864201606.jpg



DFC is his graffiti tag Smiley Very Happy

Don't worry he has finished it properly since Smiley Happy


We didn't go to see baby Oskar today, as my impatience got the better of me and we went on Thursday instead Smiley Happy  I got lots of cuddles with the little fella but forgot to ask anyone to take a pic.  Here is new grandad Jason instead:20190801_192925-picsay.jpg



And my only other news is that I finally lost a toenail, but I can't really blame the chemo, I stubbed my little toe on the sofa leg and broke the nail and most of it came off.  Annoying.  Bet it will sting in the pool tomorrow.


Oh and I allowed myself a couple of hours off my relentless "get sh$t done" schedule and finished another one of my little collage postcards.  Meet the purple people eater Smiley Happy20190802_172229-picsay.jpg


Night night all
Hope everyone gets a decent sleep.  At least it is cooler now.

Love from Swindonia

Sarah x



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Susie,


I know what you mean about treatment seeming to go on forever. I had my first op in November and will have my last Herceptin next April, not to mention tablets for 10 years. I'm so sorry it's dragging on for you. A trip to Iceland sounds exciting. Something to look forward to is definitely needed.


Sar xxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Nettienoo,


Good to hear from you. Sorry you're having to endure horrid side effects. Good idea to have a break before starting Anastrozole, only so much we can put up with in one go! I read my leaflet for Tamoxifen this morning and am feeling a tad apprehensive too. Not starting until next weekend. Like you, I need a break. Well done for avoiding the hospital this time 😊


Sar xxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Rosina,


A break in Kent sounds just the ticket after your rads have finished. We went to Scotney Castle which is a National Trust place in Tunbridge Wells. Very pretty and good for walking. We chose it as it's only a 40 minute drive from my aunt's house in Hawkhurst, which is also very nice. Her recommendation for next time was to explore Tunbridge Wells itself. I think there are more NT places around that area as well, for example Sissinghurst Castle Garden in Cranbrook. I'm planning a return visit, hopefully lodging at my aunt's house.


Well done on taking a bit of time out from the work schedule. Tea and cake in a relaxing garden sounds good.


Looks like you had a productive gardening session today. Lovely photos.


Sar xxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Gardening stint 12 to 5pm but we have a result, washing out to dry now that the jungle got chopped back :

8C7E5EDC-AEFA-46EB-8EDC-14DFC9661322.jpegFlowers behind my bed linen

7A91FC07-E717-43F2-96D4-8A231D260759.jpegI can see his chimenea again, it had vanished in the undergrowth.




EF0029BA-AC46-4BDE-A0CE-1C6A39186798.jpegEchinacea obsession



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi everyone


All been a bit quiet the past day or so. Rad sessions etc must be taking their toll. I've just emailed the travel company we've used in the past to enquire about taking a 4 night  self- drive trip to Iceland. I'm still feeling a bit down at the moment so I need something to plan and look forward to. Feel as though this Barrying bc treatment is taking forever. You probably feel the same Edinbird. Anyway less of the gloom.

Good to hear from you again Seaside Sar. I hope your energy levels soon return back to normal. Glad to know your cat got through her surgery ok. Your celebratory treat for finishing rads sounds perfect. Well done☺. 


Rosina it sounds as though you've got the weekend well and truly sorted. A bit of practical stuff with gardening then plenty of relaxation. Bliss.


Just seen your post Nettienoo. Seems FEC had a similar effect on our hair, the only difference being that I continued to lose my original hair for several weeks after but my new hairgrowth survived. My thinning eyelashes and eyebrows are back to normal but no doubt will disappear again as CT side effects start☹. At least my hair is holding so far.  Hope your headaches continue to improve and your achiles tendon gets better soon.  


Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody. xxxxxx 


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi my lovelies, so sorry I’ve been quiet the last week. I’m ok. Just dealing with the tail end of the barrying FEC side effects. I’ve been having horrendous headaches like cycle 5 but thankfully I’m 3 and a half weeks after last chemo now and am starting to feel better. My remaining stubby little eyelashes have done a runner this week and the little bit of hair growth I’ve had between cycles was all over my pillow this morning. Blooming FEC having its final flourish. I’m also dealing with a really sore place on my Achilles’ tendon. I caught it on the back door about 10 days ago and it’s refusing to heal. On the positive side, for the first time during chemo I have not had to visit the assessment unit, A&E or been admitted to hospital. 🙌🏻💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. 

I saw the Onco on Monday and have been prescribed Anastrazole. He gave me an long information sheet on it which I read and then wished I hadn’t! 😳. I have asked if I can leave off starting it until 6 weeks post final chemo as I think my body needs a bit of a rest. I may be started on the other stuff (for bones) that others have mentioned but will need a scan and dental check first apparently. 

I am keeping up to date with your posts my darlings but when I get on here my mind goes blank. I need to reread and make some notes before my next post. I remember Marie’s fab pink hair and that Sonia’s husband is called Barry. Kept that one quiet! 😂 Also Imp is having a massive clear out of her art supplies and wishing she hadn’t started. Bless. 😘. 

I will go and read through the posts I’ve missed and post again tomorrow. Xxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning Ladies,

Seasidesar you are right about going taking it easy on the work front.

 I was going to go in again yesterday but didn’t ( delay with rads started it off) went home instead.

Caught up with some friends for lunch, I made myself go as my body thinks ‘ okay she has stopped so flop time ‘ and so I had to use ‘cognitive override’ And talk myself out of it. Had cake and tea and a catch up and then had to use ‘cognitive override ‘ again to get up and leave from the lovely garden we we’re sitting in 🤪

At least I have emailed stuff to myself from work that I can read at leisure.

Plan to do some gardening and walking and reading this weekend. Also a soak in the bath with my bath salts.

H1 is suggesting a break in Kent once rads are over so I will have a look at the map. Got any recommendations?

Trixielady glad you enjoyed the violet flame meditation. I did another one this morning (I do start off skeptical but the visualisations are so beautiful that I go along with it ) and feel good for it.

Breakfast now.

Enjoy the weekend everyone 🌸


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Good morning lovely ladies,


I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted anything. I have been reading all your messages but have felt so incredibly tired that I never had the energy to have a good catch up with you all. So here goes...


Sarah, congratulations on becoming a granny! How lovely 😊 Baby Oskar is gorgeous. Enjoy your cuddles this weekend. Also well done on getting to the swimming pool and reclaiming your locker! Bet it was lovely to have a swim. I'm going to wait a couple of weeks and then I'll be off to the pool as well. Can't wait! Great that you've booked a holiday! Very exciting 😊


Sonia, well done on completing the rads. How is your skin doing? Hope you're having a nice time at the caravan and not running around after the 5 too much! Didn't realise your hubby is called Barry. That made me chuckle.


Trixielady, how are you feeling? How's your other half after his tick bite? Not a nice thing to happen. Bad enough we seem to be developing a tropical climate inviting more than our fair share of mozzies. Well done for booking your holiday. Something to look forward to 😊


MBJ, love the pink hair! You are awesome. Have the rock choir seen your new look? You'll be setting a trend.


Susie, I'm sorry your tastebuds are being affected and stopping you from enjoying a glass of something cold. Not fair! The garden produce looks good though. Hope your tastebuds are letting you enjoy the veggies.


Daisy, I hope you've managed to get the radiographers to stop drawing on you with red pen. Mine did that too and ruined a couple of my bras in the process. So sorry you're getting back so late from your appointments. That makes it so tiring for you. How many sessions left now?


Marlyn, good to hear you're getting on OK with anastrozole. Still hard to know whether the side effects are from chemo/herceptin/tablets. Hope it's not affecting you too badly.


Rosina, sounds like you're ploughing through the rads in your usual superhero style. Take it easy on the classroom prep though. I know how easy it is to get carried away. A couple of hours soon turns into the best part of a day. It must be nice to have the distraction but you need to build up slowly. Can't have you burning out before September arrives.


Ocean, thanks for the beautiful photos. Hope your rads went well and that you're getting used to the new routine.


Edibird, Deano, Nettienoo, anyone else I've missed, hope you're all OK. Bit worried about you quiet ones.


As for me, well I had a lovely weekend in Kent but I was fit for nothing on Monday. Absolutely cream crackered! My rads were mainly at 8.15am so lying in was not an option. By Tuesday the radiographer noticed my skin was starting to break down so she prescribed me some gel. Can't say it stopped the soreness but it was acting as a barrier at least. Then Thursday was an even earlier start as I had to take my cat to the vet for 7.45am for a dental procedure. Then I spent all day worrying because she's 15 and I was convinced she wouldn't handle the anaesthetic. Fortunately I was wrong and she's home (minus 5 teeth!) and making a good recovery. In the meantime, I turned to retail therapy to take my mind off worrying. Oh dear! Now I'm worrying about spending too much. I need to get back to work! Anyway, I have now finished my rads and had a little celebration yesterday by watching Toy Story 4, eating Chinese takeaway and drinking a glass of fizz. Bliss!


Phew! I'm exhausted just reading all that back. Must go for a nap 😴😴😴


Have a good day everyone.


Sar xxx




Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Sonia, 


Home grown food was lush. Pop by anytime you're travelling along the 303 for tea. Or perhaps some local cider? We're less than 5 mins away. As for teenagers expecting everything to carry on as normal our 27 year old isn't much better☹😟. It seems as though if we can get out of bed then we're fine. 

Prosecco sounds great but unfortunately any kind of grape based drink, ie wine tastes yuk. I'm sure they put something in the chemo mix to give it a vile taste💩☹. xx  


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!


i was watching a news item only last night about the perils of tick bites, they're getting pretty common these days, a friends daughter has been diagnosed with Lyme disease from a tick bite.....I was bitten in Cyprus years ago by one of the blighters.....horrid little creatures....glad he's on meds for it, fingers crossed xxx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Rosina, thank you that was so relaxing but i would have much preferred a Gin to the water and I found it so relaxing I just had to replay it, Although I'm awake I'd had a terrible nights sleep luckily not due to my own issues but to Stephen's he got bitten by a tick then strung  and a few days ago his leg is really swollen and itchy (on 3 weeks of antibiotics) Hope your well this morning xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Violet light meditation


Thought I would share. It is very relaxing and the guiding voice is very clear to listen to.

Art therapy teacher mentioned this kind of meditation (with visualisation) . Just gave it a go this morning and I enjoyed it.


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Just got back from no 6 and its 9pm.  About to cook dinner.  Ridiculous!


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Well I’m exhausted tonight, teenagers so self centred especially when showing off to friends, there was no thought in can mum still do what she use too. Err not yet although she nearly boiled trying too today. 

Just chilling out now with a glass of Prosecco.

I didn’t mention hubby’s name before, but every time we mention Barrying BC  It makes me chuckle. I have told hubby, he found it funny 😁

Susie, the veg looks lush, wish I was  at yours for tea.   

Rosina, I bet it’s lovely and quite at yours, it would be lovely for a few days. 

Sarah, congratulations on swimming, I’m on 17678 steps today, I feel I couldn’t take another step. 

Signing out for the night, I need to climb into bed xxx




Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

SusieB your veggies look amazing. I showed them to H1 and he said ‘very good ‘.

 I have never been to New York, Implausible. How does it compare to London?

Trixielady enjoy your August holiday.

Sonia28, both my kids are with my brother’s lot and they are having a good time and I am enjoying the fact that there seems to be less house work. H1 is off to London this weekend and I will thoroughly enjoy having the house to myself 🤗

Ocean21 how is the garden and how are you?

Seasidesar have your energy levels picked up?

Nettienoo how are you ?

 You are very quiet.

Edinbird hope you’re are putting yourself at the top of your ‘to do’ list.

Deano , day 3 of Tamoxifen and so far so good. Apart from feeling hot at night ( but not as bad as during chemotherapy when I was waking up soaking in sweat) I haven’t any thing else to report ‘ touch wood’ - well I am patting trees on my walks

Today has been awful not even 2,000 steps. That’s what driving to work and then school looks like ( I got carried away and was there till 4pm). I might go for a quick turn around the block now, then again I may just stay in my bed and read 🤪

Hope you are feeling better Daisydi, actually TGIF tomorrow. Driving to rads is like going to work. I will have done a whole week of it tomorrow.

Skin is perfect. R1 and R2 are doing the job.

Good night everyone.


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi everyone 


Having a bit of a downer this afternoo☹🙁😟😟, don't know why. Just this Barrying bc I expect. Anyway had a bit of a potter around the garden and tidied up some plants. Taken some photos of some of tonight's dinner, Greek salad, minted lamb kebabs and pitta bread🍅🥒🌶🥗.  .  


Can't believe how quickly some of you seem to be going with the rads. Although I expect with each of you it must seem like forever until the final session. 


Daisydi my hubby has medication for high blood pressure and the brand changes with amazing regularity. Think the chemist gets whatever is the cheapest at the time of purchase. Who knows🤔? No excuse for rudeness though.


Edinbird, hope you're taking good care of yourself. 


Deano, hopefully you haven't started to grow another grapefruit since the last draining and things are feeling more comfortable for you.


We haven't heard anything from Sandra and Veronica for ages. I hope they're both ok.


Take care everyone. xxx 






20190801_143855.jpgCucumbers20190801_143927.jpgCucumbers galore20190801_143946.jpgTomatoes20190801_145137.jpgPeppers long not bell


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Thanks Marlyn.  Ive heard the TEVA brand is good.  I asked the pharmacist if I will get the same brand every time and she just said you will get what we've got.  Not very helpful.  Think the word empathy has been lost in my GP surgery!


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Forgot to say I take mine at 7 pm, the nurse suggested taking them in the evening...makes sense to me...if I took it in the morning I would be looking out for the side effects...lol xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

I didn't read the side effects....I'm liable to read them then automatically talk myself into them! I am a wee bit spotty too....but nothing horrendous....xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Bit jealous of you swimming Sarah!  Got my Anastrazole.  Its the Accord brand.  Is that the same as you Marlyn?  Dont want to take them after reading the side effects, e.g skin reactions, joint pains etc. as I already have those.  What time do you take yours.  It says they can make you tired and you may experience hair thinning.    Already got that too!   Not sure I should do that long drive whilst under the influence!  Barry to the lot of it!!!!


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi Implausible 


Congratulations on your swim Sarah🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️. I think 25 mins is amazing after all this time. xx 


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Well done Sarah, 25 minutes of swimming is a fantastic start Smiley Happy

I am in my classroom having a lunch break - in between doing paperwork for September - drove myself here after rads.

8 down , 12 to go.



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Happy me (with little piggy eyelash free eyes) went back to the gym today!!!




Only managed 25 mins in the pool and now my legs and arms feel like jelly, but I loved every second of it!!


And most importantly, nobody was using MY locker Smiley Very Happy  I've been worrying that someone else may have adopted it while I was gone!






Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!


hopefully you will be fine on the anastrozole, iv been on it a month now .....and nothing drastic has happened.....aches and pains sore eyes ( currently sporting my third stye) and of course hot flushes....but of course I feel it's a complete combo of chemo.....and herceptin...seeing the onco today so will chat to him about it....

let us know how you get on with it? Xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi sonia28


Sorry it made me smile when you mentioned your hubby's name😊. You kept they very quiet when talking about 'Barry' this and 'Barrying' that. As for the PICC line a normal shower is what I am yearning for🚿. Perhaps I'll pencil in the 20th Sept✏📅.





Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Well done Sonia for completing your rads.  Another one ticked!  I only have 15 to go.  I will continue to drive myself unless I dont feel able.  Im ok until they run late and not getting back till 8.30/9 is a bit of a pain but going in the evening means I can park right outside the unit so its a bit of a catch 22.  Yesterday I bought another hat, an enormous sombrero type thing but it does the job, also bought a flimsy scarf but not needed at the moment as the beach isnt calling me!

Sarah your grandson is so cute.  Congratulations on becoming a nanna x  Thinking about your rads you were also going to work straight after so no wonder you were tired.  Leaving the house at 8 would be nigh on impossible for me at the moment.  Im picking up my Anastrazole today.  Think I will start taking it and hope I dont get any side effects.

Last night I had a male radiographer and he drew on me with red pen and when I got home I thought I was bleeding!  Will ask them not to do that again.  Didnt really warm to him either.  Hope I dont have him again.

Hope you are recovering well Edinbird and that everyone else is ok.  

Love to all xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Sonia I think it is so funny that your hub is actually called Barry!  Hope he doesn't kind us using his name as a swear word Smiley Very Happy  


Well done on getting to the end of rads, don't let that family of yours run you ragged!


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi ladies, 

well as rads is finished I now feel like a taxi for my 14 year old 😂 We were at the beach yesterday and today I get to take 5 of the lovely creatures up to the caravan for the day as need the gas check done. 

Ive been keeping up with you all, just shattered when I finally sit down to reply. 


MJB, I love your pink hair, I’m very tempted to go the same way to cover my grey. 


sarah, congratulations on becoming and grandmama, even if he’s not blood related 10 years is a long time, and I’m sure you will make the most of it if your boys don’t budge on the idea of being parents. Congratulations to your son for passing his theory, Leah took 3 attempts, fingers crossed she won’t take that many for her practical as it cost too much. 

Daisy, I drove myself to all my radiotherapy appointments, I did use my seat belt cushion being blasted in the right side sometimes rubbed on seat belt when I left. I found my earlier appointments better, just tiring getting up and back each day. 


Susie, I bet you can’t wait to get your PICC

(Klingon) out, they took mine out on the day of my last chemo. As we know they are great, but can be a pain. It was lovely to shower all of my arm again. The Northern lights trip sounds lovely. 


Rosina, glad you and hubby are all sorted again, and The bathroom gets finished. Barry always like to start the big projects but never do the finishing bits. 


Trixielady, so jealous that you are off on holiday, my 2 weeks at the caravan aren’t going to be quite the same especially now the weathers changing. Although trying to stay out the sun will be easier at home, have a lovely relaxing time, your deserve it. 


Edinbird, hope you are well, and remembering to

put yourself first. 


SeasideSar, you must be coming to the end of your rads now, as I know you were having blast sessions extra to me. Hope your not too tired. 


Marilyn, hows the garden works coming along? what  lovely grounds you have, 


well ladies best get my butt in gear, and get ready for the day.

hope you all have a good one xxx 





Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Evening all


Thanks for all the granny congrats Smiley Happy  it doesn't feel overly earned as I've only been with Jay for 10 years and Kier is in his mid 20s so I never knew him growing up, and Jay and I aren't married or living together or anything.  So I'm not really a fully fledged relative.  But young Oskar may well be the closest thing to a proper grandchild I'll ever get as my 3 boys are adamant they never want children.  So I'm taking it!  Smiley Very Happy


Marlyn thanks for calling me a funky chick Smiley Very Happy  and talking of funky.....


Dr James!!!!!   That new extra strong pink!!!! Wow!!!!  Rare to get colour that bright on non bleached hair, it looks fabulous!!!!   Please let me know how well it lasts. 

You look positively radiant in that photo 💜


Ta for the implant info, I'll pass it on


Rosina, glad you've got an apology from your hub.  Hope his conciliatory mood lasts.   I like the kindness motto.  Good words to live by.


Soup sounds lovely.


Susie I hear you with counting down the days till your PICC line is gone.  I'm the same with my port.  Especially since it stopped working properly 3 cycles in anyway and I had to have all my blood tests the old fashioned way.  They are finally removing it in a couple of weeks (Aug 19th) and I can't wait to see the back of it. 


Your son shouldn't feel bad about the 3 attempts at the theory test, my younger stepson took 8 goes before he passed, and Connor has a pal who has so far taken it 16 times and still hasn't passed it!  It isn't easy!  How Connor managed to pass it first time I don't know, must have bribed someone Smiley Happy


I don't blame you not particularly wanting to head to a crowded christmas market, not really my cup of tea either.  The northern lights sounds much better.  And absolutely this trip should be your choice.


Trixielady I'm not remotely brave, I'm just used to travelling alone, to be honest I prefer it!  I can do exactly what I want to do and not worry about other people getting fed up or bored or wanting to do something different.  This will be my 4th trip to New York and 2 of the previous 3 were solo too.  I used to travel abroad a lot for business, so I guess that's where I got a taste for it.


Great to hear that you have a holiday lined up yourself in a few weeks.  I think we all need a  change of scenery once in a while.


Night everyone

Sarah x


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Implausible congratulations to you and your partner on the birth of your grandson so pleased all is well, great news about New York but sounds way to scary for me not that brave although I used to travel backwards and forwards to France but was always met by my friend haha xx

We're finally getting to go on holiday to Majorca (Cal Bona) end of August so fingers crossed all stays well xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hi everyone 


I had PICC care again today, fully intend to work out how much longer Klingon will be with me for. I mustn't complain really since it does save all the problems when having bloods taken and chemo put in.


Welcome to baby Oska, Implausible. He looks georgeous and how thoughtful of his Dad not wanting to know if it was a boy or girl until his partner knew. Glad to know both baby and mother are doing well. Congratulations on your son passing his theory driving test at the first attempt. My son took 3 tries☹. He did better on the practical. Good for you too for getting your trip to New York arranged. After all that we've been through I think each and everyone of us deserves a special treat. Funny you reminded Rosina that Norwich was her special trip. I had to do a similar thing with hubby last night. He suggested taking me to Iceland to see the Northern Lights (It's on my to do list. We've been 3 times but that was during the spring and summer months) even though he's not quite so keen on the country as he hates the food and spent several very cold January's and Februarys in Norway on excercise. He was rather hoping I would suggest going to one of the Xmas markets in Europe when rads were finished. I've never been bothered although I love going to London for the Xmas markets there. Plus I don't think I'd be fit enough in December as I don't expect rads to finish until mid to late November. I had to point out that the trip was for me, not him. Maybe next year but not including 5th Dec as that's my birthday. Shouldn't be too hard on him to be fair as I know he will do anything for me😚☺.  As for trials it may be that Swindon isn't taking part in any, or if they are you may not have fit the criteria. You can check what trials are being carried out and where on the Cancer Research UK website. Well done on the weight loss too☺.


MBJ, I'm definitely getting that deeper shade of pink hair colour☺. I love it.. It really suits you too. 


Rosina, I looked at the Wandering Wild weekend. It seems just the sort of thing that would attract you. Like Implausible though I would have to stay in a hotel overnight. Did all that camping lark when I was in the Guides and Rangers. We're overrun with courgettes and hubby is the only one who eats them. The recipe looks interesting🥒🥒🍜. 






Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!


How could I have forgotten welcome to 



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Lovely baby photos Implausible and congratulations.

H1 and I are back on track. I have received a sincere apology plus he has got a code of conduct stuck to our notice board ‘Be kind, feel kind and do kind’ which he wrote and we both use as a reminder.

I got called an ‘eyebrow less monkey ‘ on Sunday ‘ which as the Macmillan lady said was at best insensitive and at worst extremely rude and tantamount to verbal abuse . It doesn’t matter what I say back to him he finds this kind of thing funny ( sometimes I do find some of the rubbish things he relays funny : like the news story about the bust up on a P&O cruise ship because somebody dressed up as a clown 🤪 but on Sunday he was telling me about another news story which I didn’t find funny ( about an idiot Greek Orthodox priest and the shocking comments he made at a Primary school) at all , so by the end of the walk I wasn’t talking to him much.

He is currently redecorating the bathroom ( If he can do the job he refuses to hire someone else to do it),

my soup got complimented too.

Courgette, Feta and Mint.

We have courgettes galore coming in from the allotment;

7F9045A8-C441-426F-BBDF-18B1B1E995BC.jpegCourgette season


21462605-8435-4484-AA0B-111BB23CF46D.jpegReally good but up the garlic

I used 3 cloves of garlic, no cream and 200 ml of stock.

Hope to do WOMAD at some point.

Ditto Norwich , but my way 🤗


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!


My implant is a good match to my natural breast when in a bra (braless is another story). It is still very firm and feels heavy sometimes, I was told to massage it every day in a figure of eight movement. I do think there is some swelling still there and also in my breast tail  under my arm. I am going to lymphodema clinic on Monday so I am going to ask about it there. 

I have also had my appointment for cardiology for Tuesday morning. Gosh my social life is fab!!! 

I did not think my hair was bright enough so bought a deeper shade of pink. Well it's DEFINITELY bright enough now 😱😱😱IMG_20190731_141206.jpgBit brighter this time OMG



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

I love your posts implausible! Congrats on becoming a grandmother ( lol.sounds so old for a funky chic like you) oskar is a super name too xx



Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning everybody.


I've had a super busy couple of days (so much for my relaxing, recuperative fortnight off work!) but no big plans for this morning so I'm taking the opportunity to have a bit of a lie in and catch up with my gals.


Big news first.... I'm kind of sort of almost a grandma!!!!  My other half has a son who is technically not his biological son but he raised him from the age of 2 so Kieran sees him as dad.  And he had a baby yesterday!  Well, his girlfriend did Smiley Happy 


All a bit unexpectedly quick as she wasn't due for another few weeks but she couldn't feel the baby moving and was understandably worried, went in for a check up yesterday morning, and there was a problem so they gave mum a general anaesthetic and gave her an emergency c-section.


Happy to report all well and good now, baby is doing well, he is moving out of the special care baby unit today and hopefully they will all be home soon.


They brought baby through to meet dad when mum was still out cold, and Kieran was adamant that he mustn't find out the gender of the baby before his girlfriend did, so the nurses swaddled the baby tight and he had to promise not to peek Smiley Happy  He was so convinced they were having a girl that in that first cuddle he assumed he was hugging his daughter Smiley Happy


I get to see him at the weekend, in the meantime, meet Oskar Smiley Happy :received_508699916566168.jpeg




Now catch up time, so much has been happening in here!


Rosina....  that Wandering Wild weekend looks great.  I do admire your willingness to camp!  I'd do the walking bit (once my legs have recovered) but I would want to be airlifted each night to a nice hotel with a comfy bed and good shower Smiley Very Happy  I used to camp a lot as a youngster, at festivals and for short holidays, but I have become more of a creature of comfort in my old age.


My middle son used to be really into the old wild hiking stuff, camping for ages in the more deserted terrain like Dartmoor and Northumberland.  He used to occasionally catch a rabbit to eat and get all his water from streams.  All very Bear Grylls.  Although he did also partially live off Mars bars, he would always pack a ton of them Smiley Happy  I always worried about him out in the wild on his own but he always survived somehow.

He still enjoys a good rambling trip with his girlfriend but I don't think she is quite so into the survivalist stuff...


As for your trip to Norwich after rads, surely if it is *your* celebration trip, for once this doesn't get to be up for debate, you should be able to choose what you do and where you stay?  Tell your man to pipe down!!!   (And this is perhaps why I've never managed the marriage thing Smiley Very Happy )


I booked my own celebration trip this week (I'm heading over to New York for a week in October just before my op), and not only am I going on my own and leaving my fella at home, but I'm going to miss his 50th birthday as I'll be flying home that day and not landing till the next morning because of the time difference.  I really am the worst girlfriend in existence!!  Although he assures me he doesn't mind, and he was the one who was most encouraging me to go.

(Maybe he has a side chick lined up to celebrate his birthday with so he needed me out of the way Smiley Very Happy )


Nettie your son must be doing well, house prices in Bristol are eye wateringly high!  I plan to move there myself once my remaining kids have flown the nest as I won't exactly still need this big house just for little old me.  But I'll barely be able to get a 2 bed flat in Bristol for the same price as I can sell my big 4 bed detached house in Swindon...   whereabouts in the city is he buying? 


If you want me to make you up a little map of where the best street art is, just ask.  It's not always in the most obvious places.


MBJ I just googled Craig Y Nos castle, it looks lovely.  Looks like you can stay there too.  Fancy!


And there is no such thing as a stupid question as far as I'm concerned, ask away!  Yes the paintings are sprayed directly onto the building walls, and yes it is permanent.  Modern spray paint will stay looking fresh for years and years, it doesn't fade like it used to. 


These particular paintings (from my previous post) are predominantly on "invitation only" walls.  Not ones that are open for anyone to paint on.  So these should and probably will stay up and unmolested until next year's Upfest festival when new nominated artists will overpaint them with something new.


On public walls, where anybody can paint freely, a design is lucky to last a week!  There is an unspoken rule in graffiti that you only overpaint someone's work if you can do something at least as good if not better.  It is considered very disrespectful to paint something of lesser quality over the top.  There is a whole etiquette thing Smiley Happy

That's why I don't paint in public very often, I'm not good enough!


Edinbird, have been chatting to you offline about the problem with your friend, but didn't want to ignore it on here in case the other ladies thought I was being insensitive!  But yes you know my thoughts and they are roughly in line with everyone else's, I really do admire how much effort you have put into the friendship and trying to help him become a more grounded person, but right now there is not much you can do for him and you really do need to put yourself first right now.  The justice system will do its thing and hopefully for your sake and his there will be a positive outcome.  Until then, put some of that effort into your own self care , you need it and deserve it x   Time to lean a bit more on your  family and other friends (like us!  We are all here for you!)


Trixielady really glad that you are feeling a little better and able to get out and about.  The "forbidden garden" sounds good, hope you didn't get caught in the act!! Smiley Very Happy


All this talk of zoledronic acid reminds me I have to make a big scary dentist appointment Smiley Sad  I have always been terrified of the dentist and subsequently my teeth are not in the best shape.  Before I can commence the Z A stuff I have to have 2 to 4 (he hasn't decided yet) dead teeth removed at the back of my mouth.  Not looking forward to that at all!  Onco said I should get it sorted once recovered from chemo and rads, so I guess that is about now.  But selfishly I just want a month without any medical intervention after so much of it throughout the rest of this year, so I just can't quite face making the call!
Must do it this week.  Must be a big brave girl.


Also interesting reading about all the trials.  None of my docs have ever mentioned any trials to me....  so I assume I'm not doing any (I figure I'd know??)


Sonia, glad to hear that your rads are going well so far bar the tiredness.  Have fun at your caravan!


Daisydi, really sorry they are messing you around so much with your rads!  And leaving you stuck in uncomfortable positions for so long Smiley Sad 


To answer your qu about whether i could have driven myself, I reckon I probably could have managed for the first fortnight, as my tiredness didn't really kick in hard until weeks 3 and 4.  Although that said I remember being really wiped by the Friday even in the first 2 weeks, and overjoyed that it was nearly the weekend.  Part of that was down to having to get up so early (they picked me up at 8ish every morning, sometimes earlier, and I'm really not a morning person!), so I think if I was driving myself I probably would have asked to move to slightly later appts.


Sorry to hear it is making you tearful Smiley Sad    exhaustion really is the pits Smiley Sad


Trixielady I finished my rads last Friday, and all in all they went well.  I seem to have (so far, they can still build and occur in the 2 weeks post treatment) got away with very minimal side effects and I didn't find the whole process too gruelling (other than the early mornings already mentioned).  As the others have said, it is a little relentless heading to hospital every day for a month, but I found that the time zoomed by and it was soon over. 


MBJ so sorry to hear what your mother in law went through at her advanced age Smiley Sad  Honestly if I get cancer again at 93 and a doctor comes at me with anything but morphine I shall hit him over the head with my walking stick!  Why do they put someone through such gruelling treatment at the end of their life, instead of just making them comfortable, it makes no sense Smiley Sad  


My dad was going through similar when he was 92.  He had lung cancer right at the end and they were making him have CT scans which terrified him and taking blood and giving him infusions and generally making him miserable and one doc started talking about chemo!  Can you imagine Smiley Sad  luckily a different, far more compassionate doc took over and agreed to give only gentle palliative care. 


They still wouldn't let him out of the hospital though so he spent his last few months on a loud, discordant ward which was definitely not what he would have wanted Smiley Sad  at least he was sufficiently drugged up he had little idea what was going on :/  so sad. 


As for your implant, how long have you had it now?  Can't remember when you had your op.  I went for a nice walk on Monday with my chemo buddy t'other Sarah, she had her mastectomy and implant a fortnight ago now.  They've done a great job visually matching to her other boob but the implant is super hard and firm and unnatural feeling.  They have told her it will soften up over time and become more naturalistic and comfortable.  Has that happened in your case?  She was wondering how long it takes if so...


Rosina, sounds like you had a good old emotional vent the other day to the radiologists and macmillan nurse.  It is so good to let it all out, I hope you feel better for it?


(On a side note I haven't cried for months, not even in my counselling sessions last month, only time I can think of was when I saw the Apollo 11 documentary in Glasgow!  But that was more a happy cry at the magnificence of space travel Smiley Happy  I must be well overdue for a good weep!!!)


(And I LOVE rollercoasters Smiley Very Happy)


As for couples counselling.  If there exists a man on earth who would enthusiastically agree to that under any circumstances, I'm yet to meet him.  I think you would need to trick him into going, somehow, like when you tell a kid they are going to Disneyland but don't mention it is via the dentist's....   in all seriousness, if it is required, then I hope you can eventually persuade him.


MBJ!!!  I adore your hairrrrrr!!!!!  But that will come as no surprise Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy  that shade of subtle pink suits you SO much!!!!


And good job granddaughter with the vaseline at the hairline Smiley Happy


Sounds like you have a great weekend coming up with all those parties, enjoy!!


Susie I'm glad you have gotten through your side effects for this round of the CT, it will be easier next time as you will know what to expect and roughly when it will hit and when it will subside again.  That helps a lot.


As for editing photos to crop them and resize them for uploading, I use a free app called picsaypro.  It is fab, you can also enhance the pics and add effects and captions etc if you feel so inclined.


A trip to see the northern lights at Iceland-the-country-not-the-shop sounds amazing!  Lucky you! 


Thanks for the reminder re travel insurance.  Before I go to New York I had better phone mine and see how much extra they want from me to cover any potential complications while I am away from my "pre existing condition" (not that hopefully there should be any).


I also love lazy rivers Smiley Happy


Re "normal bras", I haven't worn one since January!  I've only worn my post surgery bras since, in fact I chucked out all my old bras so I have no choice!  As I am DD on the left and C on the right until end October when the surgeon is going to even me up, I can't really find a normal bra to fit, so it is post surgery bra time for a few more months yet, and then I will go on a big underwear buying spree in November!  Smiley Very Happy


Hopefully I'll have lost some more weight by then too so I'll actually look half decent in them too! Smiley Very Happy


Oh that's a point - I've now lost 13lb since I finished chemo.  Nearly a stone down.  Go me!!!  1 stone 9lb to go to get back to my previous weight. 
I start back at the gym tomorrow (I will be in that pool first thing in the morning!!!), so that will help.


Daidydi, really glad to hear that yesterday's rads sesh was a lot easier.  Here's hoping they carry on like that.


Ocean, glad to hear you are surviving the heat over there on the mainland.  I was thinking if you last week when it got really hot here as I know it is even more so there!


Also good that they are finally pulling their finger out with your rads.  The first session can be a bit of a faff but hopefully after that you will settle into a rhythm with it, and before you know it it will all be over.  Definitely use that free taxi.


My sis just got home from this year's WOMAD, she said it was great as ever.  It would be great if you and Rosina go next year.  I would pop down for the day to see you both (if they do day tickets?) as it is not far from where I live.  Don't know that I'd fancy the whole weekend though....


Ooooh we just passed 6000 posts!!!!


Oh one more bit of news from me, my youngest passed his driving theory test yesterday, first attempt too, so he is delighted with that.  He will be driving before I know it!  (Which will be handy as it means I won't have to be his taxi any more Smiley Happy )


Right, I think I had better get out of bed Smiley Happy


I started a HUGE sort out of my arts and crafts supplies yesterday as I have a ton of stuff I know I'll never use and my craft corner looks like a particularly untidy branch of Hobbycraft Smiley Happy  Going to sell some bits and give a lot away, and then hopefully have more space to actually use the bits I keep.  That's the plan.

But it is going to be one of those jobs, I can already tell, where you get 2 days in and you are sat on the floor surrounded with mountains of cr*p and you wish you had never started Smiley Very Happy


Going back in , wish me luck!  If you never hear from me again, I was probably crushed under a falling pile of patterned papers and beads....


Catch everyone later, love to all

Sarah x


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Morning ladies 

Daisydi glad to hear rads went much better yesterday and your scan is getting arranged hopefully they'll also change some of your late appointments fingers crossed for you xx

Ocean21,pleased your rads are in hand at least getting a taxi will take the stress of parking away and driving there and back away. I really love the photos beautiful colours. It will be lovely for you to have your son and grandson stay (unfortunately I have no grandchildren yet) xx

Sonia28, Nettienoo, Marlyn, Sar, Implausible, SusieB, MBJ, Edinbird, Rosina, think about you all the time ladies, never heard from Stargazer1 and Sandra lately hope all is well xx Lovely support still from the other forum xx


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Beautiful photos of flowers as always Ocean21🌺🌻🌼🌼☺. Glad they've sorted out the rads for you. Onwards and upwards as they say. Take care, Susie B xx. 


Re: February starters 2019 - yes, we rule!

Hey lovely ones,


The fierce hot weather we had a few days ago has cooled down a bit and we’ve actually had some rain. Don’t think we’ll get through summer without a ban of some kind. 


The sunflowers in the fields are are completely frazzled already and they’re really tough plants.


Sarah, well done on finishing your rads. Great news about your skin too. I’m hoping my will cope with it. Hoping also that I miss the fatigue too.My first session is on Thursday morning. My son and grandchildren arrive on the 10th for 2 weeks so I really don’t want to be knackered while they’re here.


You post some fab photos of the art that you see. The scale  detail of artwork is stunning. 



MBJ , your landscaping is really taking shape. I’m sure it’s going to look beautiful when it’s done. Shame about the tarmac,but,  it’ll last a good while and by the time you’ve driven over it a few times the hardness of the colour will get knocked back a bit. Id love to get our drive sorted but it’d cost a small fortune so I’ll leave that for my lottery winSmiley Happy  That blush pink on you hair looks lovely, great contrast with your eye colour.I hope that you keep doing it.


Edinbird, sorry to hear about your bestie but as others have mentioned focus on yourself now. Doesn’t mean that you care any less for him but you do seem to pour a lot of energy into him. Time to use some of that on yourself.


Daisydi, your travels for your rads sound draining. Not surprised that your energy stores are in your boots. The radiologist gave me a form that allows me to get a  taxi to take me to me session and bring me back. Its about a 45 minute drive from our house to the department. It’s covered by my healthcare so  It’ll be interesting to see how it works.


Susieb , cardboard dinners . I remember them! My tastebud were completely knocked out during chemo. They’re much better since finishing thank goodness. Funnily enough like you , I found any meaty fleshy food tasted horrid. 


Rosina, if we lived closer to each other I’d join you on your walks and trips. Definitely be up for going to WOMAD by the way. Went years ago with my eldest when he was a baby , he’s now 32

After chasing the radiotherapy dept and getting nowhere, I contacted the nurse coordinator in the oncology dept to see if she could find out what was going on. I should have started having rads this this week and all the secretaries kept telling me was that my file wasn’t ready.


The oncology nurse said that the truth is the radiotherapy dept is well behind with appointments. She had a meeting with them on Friday obvs you can’t have oncology patients waiting until whenever radiotherapy get their act together. She rang me early Friday evening and said radiotherapy would ring at the end of this week to give me a start date next week .


As I was worried about not starting a month after chemo like I’d been told she’d checked with the oncologists  and they said it’s fine to wait up to weeks before starting rads. Naturally, I relaxed then out if the blue late this morning I get a phone call ‘ can you come in today to start to have your first session?’ Honest to goodness,how ridiculous is that. The oncology nurse did warn me that they sometimes they ring one day for you to start treatment the next. I didn’t even get that !


I couldn’t go today as I’d made appointments with a builder and heating engineer to come to the house . Other half doesn’t speak French so I had to be here. Anyway , Thursday it is. I’m a bit anxious, I guess it’s a new thing and I just have to get into the routine of it.


Right , bed time. Some photos for you.