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Hair loss


Re: Hair loss

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Hair loss

I thought some people might find this useful. I started chemo in February and due to complications with the wound from the 'minor' sentinel node biopsy operation reopening straight afterwards, I have t been able to have more chemotherapy. I have continued to have herceptin and pertuzamab treatments and will have to restart chemo once I’ve had my breast lump removed. For that one session of chemo, I used the scalp cooling option. It was tough and painful. After 2-3 weeks, my hair started to fall out anyway, and now, 10 weeks post chemo, it still is. Around week 3 I started wearing a hat, then a couple of weeks ago I braved my wig! Yesterday I took the biggest step and had my remaining hair cropped as i finally accepted what I had left was never going to be nice hair. My wig now fits better and actually I feel more comfortable around the house without the silly straggly bits! 546A4210-6954-4350-AB12-7D4DBF5F2505.jpeg