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Hair loss


Re: Hair loss

Hi Jaybro

im on paclitaxe herceptin and zometa

I'm HER2 positive 

i think I'm going to keep my hair short from on people said that it 

suits me and this is from people that have no idea that I'm having chemo 

all the best 


Re: Hair loss

Hi Cecilia

Shaving your hair off (or in my case opting for a number 6 and treating my head very carefully) is a great way of taking control at a time when there aren’t so many things within your control, especially this year.  You didn’t say what chemo you’re having but my hair started sliding out by the end of the first cycle of EC. However, though I was told I would definitely lose it all when I moved onto paclitaxel, it held out to the very end. And what a delight you have in store for you within a few weeks of ending chemo - the softest cap of hair you can imagine, like stroking a puppy.

Yes, you are correct: no hair escapes tho, typically, my leg hair proved reluctant to go - the one thing I wanted to get rid of. Personally, I found the loss of pubic hair a source of great amusement as I began to realise just how valuable it actually was. That, combined with shrinking genitalia (which I didn’t notice for ages), led to peeing in multiple directions. It can feel a bit infantilising but it’s not for long. It’s worth it.

All the best with the rest of your chemo x


Hair loss

Hi all

hope you’re all doing fine 

I had my second chemo infusion last week after getting home I had terrible cramps and made a lot of visits to the loo

and I have been so tired all week

feeling much better now and going to the clinic tomorrow for the third infusion 

like most of you here my nurse said that I’ll definitely lose my hair 

which started a few days ago 

so today I got the hubby to shave the lot


shaving it off made me feel in control 

and believe it when they said that you lose all body hair they are absolutely right 

I had a shock in the shower this morning 

Take care all and I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow 

I really have no idea how to use this app 

so can’t post my new haircut