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Re: Hi

Hi Dooda , you may be best to post in the March 2020 starters chemo thread - I will post you the link .Good luck with your treatment .Jill x




Good morning ladies,

I’m pretty new to this forum, but wanted to say hi to all you ladies who started chemotherapy on March 2020. 
I had my second cycle of FEC yesterday, minus the 5 FU. I was advised by my consultant that new guidance due to Covid is to drop the 5 FU as this can be the most destructive to the immune system. 
Strange and scary times for all of us I’m sure. 
My hair started falling out 2 weeks post cycle 1 and I asked my kids (well young adults) to get the clippers & give me a number 3 all over! It’s the best decision I made, but still very emotionally difficult. I have some lovely headgear and wigs and am embracing the baldness....despite not having model good looks.

i wish you all well ladies, please stay safe and strong and we will get through this