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November 19 chemo starter


Re: November 19 chemo starter

Thanks mini mad 


it’s a tumultuous time and I guess none of us expected to be here , just hoping I can get this posting lark sorted , I wasn’t sure how you join a thread and it seems I started one on my own lol , so thank you for your reply I’m glad you’re progressing well , my journey has just started but I take inspiration from everyone on the forum 


love KC xxx 


Re: November 19 chemo starter

Hi KC57,


sorry you find yourself on here but you couldnt be in better hands.

i was diagnosed in March with Triple Negative BC stage 3.

mastectomy and 3 lymph nodes removed in April and then started my chemotherapy.

one session of Paclitaxel every week for 12 weeks n Carboplatin once a week, very 3 weeks.  Had my final chemo 3 months ago now.

good luck with your treatment and if i can answer any questions,  pls just ask xx

Mini mad xx 💖💖


November 19 chemo starter

Hi everyone I’m a late joiner to the group, I start my chemo on Tuesday 26th Nov for triple negative stage 2 BC , I am currently reading my way through the posts gleaning as much info as I can , so thank you for your posts the information has been invaluable.


I met my oncologist today who seemed very nice and gave me lots of info and I am pretty organised with bits and bobs ( thanks to the forum) with my wig / chemo hats etc , I just want to get started it seems to have taken ages to get to this point , I’m chemo first with 3xEC cycles (3 weekly) then weekly Taxol/Carbo for a period of time ( can’t remember exact details) then surgery then radiotherapy , it seems to take an eternity to get through this treatment!

anyway I just wanted to say thank you to you all for being frank and honest , the forum feels a safe place and that feels nice 


KC xxx