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October 2018 Chemo starters

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Oooh well done on losing 6 lbs Fiona...I could do to lose about 6 stone!!! You'll defo be bikini ready before long! 👙 

Lunch with my daughter was lovely but I managed to forget her Easter egg.... I'd just got onto the motorway when I remembered! Did you hear me screech??? I said "Oh dear me...." 😂🙄🤐

Hope you didn't burn your biscuits!!! 🍪


Herceptin injection for me tomorrow...and the nurse is going to attempt a blood test!! 💉

Rads no.10 at 6.15! My chest is more or less okay up to now...it's just been a bit tender in places a couple of times after rads but I keep applying the Diprobase!


Hope you're all well! 🎀🌸💗👙 





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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Afternoon Ladies, how are we all? 

How was lunch with your daughter Aneeebel? You'll be sending out veg boxes at this rate with all the planting you're doing 🌽🥕🍓🌱 and I'm more than happy to be a customer 😉 I motivated myself yesterday and sowed a few more seeds which will keep is going for a week or two 😁 (if they actually come through, I'm not very green fingered) 😂

Badboob, hope Bath was lovely, such a beautiful city. And what a lovely break before you really get stuck into your rads 👍🏻

ElliesMum, I'm the same and rarely manage to stay awake much past 9pm. How's the running going? I completed week 1 of c25k yesterday and feel quite pleased with myself. I've also pretty much stuck to my healthy eating and lost 6lbs last week. Bikini body here we come 👙

DD is fine thanks, definitely no leakage now, just a big dent/hole in my armpit which I hope will eventually fill in. I've been practising holding my breath for the ct scan which isn't always easy. 20 seconds can be a long time 🤣 I'm sure it will all be fine and at least I know I'll be joining the tattoo club and will soon be at the end of the triathlon 👍🏻 💉🏨🔥

We've got the week off again. Hubby was building a pond 🐡 but has had to rethink it due to levels in our garden 😁 this means he's sat inside with a cup of tea 😂. I think I'll go and make some low fat biscuits 🤣🍩

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday ladies 🤗🎀🤗🎀

💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hi Ladies 🎀🌺


Some of the cabbages are in ElliesMum... but I gave some to the lady next door...there's only so many cabbages one family can eat!!! Ha! 🌱

The fatigue is no better... It's a "deep" tiredness that has taken over my body..(If that makes sense!)  😴 And the bones in my feet are ridiculously painful...I'm like an old fogey trying to get around!! 👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻

Hows your head? How's your little 🐥? 

Hopefully you'll stay awake for your dinner... no falling asleep in your soup!! 🍜 Enjoy your evening 🍸🍾🍲

That made me laugh about the "great tits...👙🐦


How are you doing Fiona? Has DD finally stopped? Are you ready for your planning appt? You soon be whizzing through your rads...I've had 9 already!!! That's gone so quick! 🎀💕


Badboob...hope you're having a fab w/e in Bath 💕🎀


Sar_ah...hope you're well 🏵💕


Have a lovely day Girls x 🏵💮🌸



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

How was Bath, Badboob? I hope you had - or, indeed, are still having - a marvellous time! ☀️


Did the cabbages survive, Aneeebel? How’s the fatigue? I hope you got to have a few naps over the weekend. 😴


Are you all ready for your planning appointment, Fiona? You can join us in the tattoo club! 😂👍


Badboob, I had to laugh when you said your Great Tits had hatched. It made me think that, even before this saga, I never had great tits! 🙈🤪 Aneeebel, no more itching your nose!?! 🤣


Have a lovely Monday, ladies. The uni I work at likes to ignore public holidays during term time. 🤷‍♀️ I have a formal dinner with some very senior academics tomorrow night - including an exceedingly clever colleague (I wouldn’t be surprised if he won a Nobel Prize in Physics) visiting from the US. Fingers crossed I can remain coherent (or at least awake) until 9.30... Still struggling staying awake past 9pm most nights!?! I will do my best not to embarrass myself!🤞


Off to bed now. Hugs to you all xox 😘💕

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hope you're all well Ladies 🎀💗


Glad your rads are going well Badboob... 

That's rather amusing about the lyrics!! Lol! 

I made a school girl error the other night...

I'd just been "lined up" and I decided to scratch my eyebrow!! The radiologist sqwealed Ann, don't move!! 😂 It actually made me laugh! I was nearly put in detention!! 😂😂😂😂


My cabbages still aren't in the ground...but I have just remembered I left the tray out! The pesky slugs better not eat them!!!! 


Have a nice w/e everyone x 💗🎀💕🌺



Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Morning everyone! 


Thank you for asking after us Rads girls,  Elliesmum! 


Mine are going fine thanks, so far so good! At my session today the lovely technician had put together a play list on her phone, poppy stuff like Jackson five, ABBA etc, BUT one track was a Tom Jones number which had the lyric “ I can feel the burning inside of me” . Now, I found that funny as I was lying there with the big disk doing it job on my boob, as I am thinking of Aneeebel on her sunbed, but when the technicians came back I did point it out that maybe others may not find it so amusing 😂🔥🔥, she was mortified....🙈.


3 days off for me too. We are off to Bath for the weekend to stay with friends which will be lovely.❤️.


Hope you managed to get those cabbages in Aneeebel, and the slugs don’t get them🐌🐛. My Great Tits have hatched, 🐣 And are busy feeding their new brood! 


Fiona, I hope your planning meeting went well. 


Have a lovely weekend everyone.



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hi Ladies.. 🎀💗


Hope your appointment went well Fiona 💗


ElliesMum...no rads on Monday!

Had no.9 tonight! My chest is a bit tight now...I'll have to put more moisturiser on it! 

Hope you're well 🎀


Badboob...how are you getting on with rads? 🎀


I'm so tired today...I even went to bed this afternoon for a slonk! 😳😴 

I'll never get my cabbages planted!!! 🌱


Have a fab w/e 💕💗🎀🌺

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

How did everyone get on today? I bet you’re ready for a mini-break to the rads, Badboob and Aneeebel! (Do you have to go in on the bank holiday Monday?) How was your appointment, Fiona?


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Xox 😘

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Great work getting your second run in, Fiona! 🏃‍♀️ I have only managed two runs so far (it will be easier when hubby is back), but I am still super achey. Muscle soreness has gone - it’s bone/joint ache now. I think I’m just getting old 🙈😂


Yay for making it to yoga, Badboob! 👍 And over halfway with rads now, Aneeebel. The end is in sight! 🥳💕




Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Fiona, planning meeting was straightforward, photo taken😁, presumably so they don’t get you muddled up with other patients 😂. Lining you up,  CT scan, chat about creams, washing, bras etc. Tattoos. I was in and out in about 20 to 30 minutes. I was seem by the oncologist at my results meeting, he went though everything there and I signed the consent forms. I am not having any boosts and they are only doing an area from just above my boob and the boob! 


Todays rads, I arrived early and was seem straight away as patient before me had to see the oncologist. They must spend double the time getting me in the correct position before a quick zap. Out before my appointment time, if you see what I mean. I am using Aveeno baby which I brought during chemo when my skin was so sore from the docetaxel, but even that irritated it. But it’s lovely on my boobs😉. I am too tight to buy yet more stuff until I’ve used this up! 


After chemo, it’s a breeze!  Just lie back and think of Aneeebel on her sunbed!🌞😎


Oh, and I even managed to go to my yoga class, first since November. My teacher was really pleased to see me back and I was really careful with not too many down dogs.....but, I am as stiff as a board today😂.


Elliesmum,  hope your Herceptin jab was ok and you and your little one can snuggle up for the night and get some 😴😴. No wonder you’re tired, busy busy.....


Its raining at last ...........hurrah 





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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Fiona... I haven't asked anyone about using the moisturiser, just thought I'd try a bit of both! Ha! To be honest...the cow cream seems to take the redness out of my skin really quickly and it's so easy to rub in! The Diprobase is a bit cloggy! It worked well on my scalp too! 

I'm not having boosts with my rads!

The planning appointment takes about 30/40 mins..a quick introduction then they line you up on the machine, CT scan (about 5 mins!) and then your tattoos and Bobs your Uncle! 💪🏻💪🏻💗💗

You're probably right...chemo brain! We'll blame it for everything!😂😂

My rads sessions are going well, thanks for asking x💗

Not long for you now! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💗💗💗👙👙👙 x


Shi Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hi udderly smooth with extra urea from Amazon, we used it for dry skin on hands and feet when nothing else worked, I think some of the May17 girls used for rads too 💕💕✨✨Shi xx

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Aneeebel, I think you and I have got the same stuff 😉 I too bought the Utterly Smooth because I thought that's what Shi had recommended 😁 Perhaps its chemo brain 😂 Have you been advised not to use it on the area? I've got so many lotions and potions to vet through because I thought chemo would dry my skin out but I haven't really suffered that much.

I hope both you and Badboob are doing well on your rads 🤞🏻 Are either of you having this boost in addition to the main rads? 

How long does the ct scan and planning appt take generally? I know it's not til next week but busted to get an idea of what's involved. I guess they'll talk me through it tomorrow. I'm getting a little worried about it but once I've had that first session I'll be fine 😁

How's the lottie doing Aneeebel? Hopefully it's getting some rain today 🌱

ElliesMum, have you got over your aches from your run? I did run 2 of week 1 c25k this morning, I feel ok but my hips ache a bit today. I think my joints have been a bit more achey since being on the ibandronic tablets 😣 or maybe I'm just too fat and unfit now and need to do something about it 😂

Have a great day ladies, enjoy 🤗🎀🤗🎀

💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

ElliesMum...please don't worry...it's my own fault! I'm quite dateless at times and was convinced I'd remembered the right thing...(how on earth could I be wrong!!!??? 🙄🙄 😂😂)

I should have gone back through the posts to check but I didn't... Anyway, the Udderly Smooth is good...my Grandaughter has even rubbed it into my scalp a couple of times! In fact, I've rubbed it on my legs, arms, chest and all of my stomachs!! 😂😂😂🐮🐮🐮

Good idea to get your hubby on the night shift!! 👧🏼👦🏼

Im so pleased you're feeling well! 💪🏼😘 x



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

I’m so, so sorry if I wasn’t clear in my recommendation, Aneeebel!! 🙈 Hopefully you’ve found something that works for you. I’ll add a photo to show what I mean.



Haha who thought we’d be wanting our PICC/Hickman lines back!?! I too have had some issues giving up blood lately - but nothing as bad as you’ve experienced. I always have to go to the unit in person, and the second or third person to have a go usually gets something out 💉 😂 Have you tried drinking loads of water before the blood tests? I found that helps a little bit for me.


Have a wonderful lunch with your daughter, Aneeebel! I’m doing well and feeling pretty good. A bit tired, but that’s to be expected as my husband is away for the week and 🐥 thinks sleeping is boring - she wants to get up and play at 2am and again at 5am. 🤦‍♀️ I do love her night time cuddles (she ends up in bed with me) so I’m not really complaining. I’ll relocate to the spare room when hubby gets back for a few nights as he will definitely be put on night duty!!! 😂


Good luck with session number 2, Badboob. Hopefully the unit is running on time for you today! 🤞 How are you feeling ahead of your planning appointment, Fiona? I hope all is well! 😘💕👍

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Morning Girls 🎀💕🌸


Good news that your 1st rads session went well Badboob...😎😂

I know what you mean about the itch...I get that too! Ha...

Are you having rads on your arm pit as well as your boob?👙

My skin seemed a little pinker when I got home last night so I moisturised it again...🎀

-i have made a boo boo with the moisturiser...I decided to buy the one you recommended ElliesMum but being dateless I remembered the name wrong and ordered Udderley Smooth as opposed to Moo Goo. I knew it was something to do with cows!! 🐄🐄 🙄🙄 So I'm using Diprobase a couple of times a day and then my cow cream when I get back from rads! Seems to be working...💪🏻🐄🎀


My wound seems to be healing a bit better all of a sudden...more scabby bits have come off (I hate that word -scab! Ha!) 

I must say...it's very neat! My surgeon obviously listened to me when I told him I wanted "a neat job!" 😂💕🎀

I went for a blood test yest, prior to Herceptin on Tues...neither of the 2 nurses could get a drop out of me!! Too tight to part with owt!! 😂 I rang the nurse who gives me the herceptin injection, she'd suggested going up to the unit as they're used to dodgy veins but they're so short staffed they haven't had anyone doing blood tests so she's going to try on Tuesday! Where's the picc line when you need it!! 🤷‍♀️💉


Is DD behaving Fiona? How are you feeling? 🎀

Hows your head ElliesMum? 🎀


Have a good day Girls..

I'm meeting my eldest daughter for lunch.. I'm very excited! I haven't seen her for about 7 weeks! 💕🌸





Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Evening ladies.

Thank you all for your good wishes. Everything was very simple today apart from an hours delay due to a machine being broken. But it meant that I bumped into one of the ladies who was on my Look 

Good, Feel Good session. It was nice to catch up with her and see how she was doing.


The wonderful thing about this thread is how we all support each other! Yes! So there I am lying on the table stripped to the waist being moved about with the technicians talking Martian 👽! And I am thinking of Aneeebel on her sunbed! I nearly started to laugh.....🤣. So thank you for your unfailing humour, just what is needed.😘


Question for today.    Why is it that when you can’t move, your nose starts to itch? 🤷‍♀️. 


What a a great idea about our old wigs and chemo hats. I will check that out at our local Maggies centre. 


I hope your sunbed went ok today  Aneeebel and you are not getting too sore  😉. So glad Fiona your appointments are coming through, I am sure it will be worth the wait to be treated locally. Elliesmum, I hope your Herceptin does sting too much and you don’t end up like Mrs Tomato face








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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

My appointment was at 7.30... it went well Elliesmum, thanks for asking! 🎀

How's your little 🐥? How are you feeling? 💕


Hope your appointment went okay Badboob! 💕🎀🌸


How's DD Fiona? 🎀🏵



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

How did you get on today, Badboob? 😘 And you, Aneeebel? 🌷


Excellent suggestion, Fiona, thanks for sharing! 👍 I have another herceptin injection on Wednesday and will bring all my headwear along for the lady in the Macmillan centre. 💕



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Good luck Badboob, I have my 🤞🏻 for you.

Aneeebel, you're racing through yours now, almost halfway 😁

ElliesMum, I popped into the Macmillan Centre at Derby hospital and they desperately want scarves and headwear and wigs so it may be worth you asking at your local centre. The woman I spoke to didn't even let me finish my sentence before saying yes they'd take them 😉

Have a fabulous day ladies 🤗🎀🤗🎀

💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Comparing rads to lying on a sunbed ☀️ 🛌 haha you ladies make me laugh!


Best of luck with your first session today, Badboob. It will be over before you know it! 💕 Great work managing to contort yourself into the right position, Aneeebel - it does sound challenging 😂 You’re doing so well, almost half way now!


I’m so pleased that the team at Derby are getting things moving quickly for you, Fiona. Excellent to hear that you’ll be finished in time for your holiday. Woohoo! 👍


Have a lovely Wednesday xox 😘

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Shi... a sunbed sounds like a good option!! 😎😂😎😂😎

I'm defo not amazing...there are 100's of amazing Ladies and Gents who are going through much worse treatment...

Hope you're well...and Tvm x 😘🎀💮

Shi Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Anneebel 😁😁😘😘😁😁so when can we start hiring you out for contortionist parties 😲😲😲you are amazing, all I had to do was pretend I was in a Sunbed 😎😎😎💕💕✨✨Shi xx

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Fiona... I'm having rads on a large area.... from the bottom of my neck/top of chest...across to my shoulder and downwards in a big square past my mx wound and to the middle of my stomach! (Well, one of my stomachs!) And because my wound goes round to my back they also have to get that in line by twisting my body around! I should be a dab hand at yoga by the time I've finished!!! 

I don't have rads on my armpit Badboob as I have no lymph nodes... 🎀

My skin is okay up to now but my skin around my wound is very tight but the nurse said it would probably swell!


Good news your appts are coming through Fiona! 🎀

Good luck tomorrow Badboob 🎀 (I do love my lottie...it's saved my sanity over the last few months!)

Hope you're well ElliesMum and you too Sar_ah 🎀


6 rads down already for me...it's gone quick! (Sorry if I sound like I'm "showing off" cus I wouldn't do that! I'm just twittering! 🙄)




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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Just a quick update ladies. The hospital phoned me this evening and I have an appt with radiotherapy on Friday, a "New patient" chat and then the following wed is my ct scan and planning appt! Once they're on it there's no stopping them it would seem 😁 I guess I don't need to worry about being left behind so much now! 😉

I'm so pleased you had a lovely holiday Badboob, it's certainly well deserved! Fingers crossed for tomorrow 🤞🏻


💜Fiona xxx 


Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Afternoon ladies! 


We are now back home after a very relaxing time! Feeling so chilled....hopefully it will last a few weeks. Thank you all for the  good wishes.


So pleased your rads will be finished before your holiday Fiona, something nice to look forward too, and it seems things are moving forward with your appointments. I am not sure if your treatment area is larger than standard, to be honest, I just presumed they would zap my boob and armpit, but will find our tomorrow! 😳. Those wobbles we have are not far away are they....... my set off point is my wig fitting experience which I found really traumatic, 😱😱 so if someone asks me about it I can feel myself filling up! 😢 strange, because the actual losing of my hair was not that bad. I think it was when the realisation of the whole Brest cancer thing hit me like a truck.


Aneeebel, your Lottie sound AMAZING! My poor garden here in the east is as dry as dust, we have had so little rain so some of my spring planting is just wilting away. We are all looking forward to our veg boxes with your glut.....well done, it sounds really satisfying!


I had my Herceptin injection today, stung like hell! I think she tried to inject it too quickly. My only side effect is my face going bright red afterward, not a great look, but no aches or pains. We are all different aren’t we.


Pleased your appointment went well Elliesmum, so no Tamoxifen for you then, that’s good news!  I think that’s  what they give to you pre menopausal ladies, being an old bird I shall await my first Letrozole with interest. I am sorry that you are have joint pain Aneeebel, i hope they settle down and disappear soon.


Strangely looking forward to tomorrow, I feel it’s the beginning of the end, or at least I hope so. 🤞Nothing can be as bad as chemo, can it? 🥴


Hugs 😘






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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

ElliesMum, that's great news, I'm so pleased for you 🤗

My diet and exercise went totally out of the window during chemo but it's time to take control now. Although we did stop off at the pub on the way home from hospital today for a cheeky drink 😉.

I met the onc at Derby and all is good. She thinks I should be all done before gran canaria in July 👍🏻. I had a wobble though because she said they'd be doing my lower neck area (as this leads from the lymph nodes in the armpit) and also an area of chest where the glands lead from the boob. I just wasn't expecting such a big area 😢 And I think it brought it all home again, what we're all going through and just how vulnerable we are and how precious life is. 

So I'm now waiting for the ct appt 🤞🏻 oh and I've got 15 days of rads then 5 of boosts. 

I hope you're all well today ladies. How's the skin holding up Aneeebel? All set for tomorrow Badboob? I'm so jealous of you all, having finished or nearly finished treatment, but I'm relieved to know that I'll soon be there too. I did think it may drag on until August but she was quite confident I'd be finished by July 😁

Take care ladies 🤗🎀🤗🎀

💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hi Ladies... 🌸🏵💟


Good news that your appt went well ElliesMum...Hopefully your headache disappears soon but good that it's easing off a bit! How often do you go to see your oncologist? 

I've developed ridiculously achey bones... I was wondering if it was the Letrozole but now you've mentioned your headache is possibly connected to Herceptin... maybe it's that! 🎀 Thanks for thinking of me! 


Fiona...hope your appt goes well and you get info about a start date for radiotherapy! 

Badboob...good luck for tomorrow! 💪🏼🎀


My humongous wound seems to be healing a bit more(I still can't believe how long it is! 👙) The healed bits are actually so neat! The radiologists said that it's looking really good! 💪🏼🎀


Have a lovely arvo/eve Girls 🎀👙😘🌸 x

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Haha Fiona I have always been tempted by yummy foods, especially chocolate! 🍫 I figured that if I exercised regularly and my diet was otherwise fairly healthy, then eating chocolate wouldn’t hurt. Alas, my chocolate intake didn’t decrease when my exercise/fitness level did... 🙈 Aneeebel, a marathon is far too long for me! A walk to your lottie sounds much more enjoyable 😊 I admire those who can run for 42km. I’ve never done a race longer than 20km, and even then not since my early 20s. (I decided to “retire” from all races over 10k when I was 23 😂) Even 10k will be a challenge for me now, but I think (hope) it will be doable. 🤞(When I said I went for a “run”, it was literally 10 minutes with 30 sec hard run/30 sec walk reps, and I was exhausted and sore afterwards!?! 🙈) But by mentioning it to you ladies, and by telling hubby, I’m making a commitment and that will hopefully keep me motivated. 👍


My appointment went well yesterday. Oncologist is really pleased with how everything has healed. I need to keep seeing her and continuing to have echos while on herceptin, but I won’t need any further treatment (apparently I can’t take some of the risk reduction medication as I’m pre-menopausal?). She wants me to let her know if the headaches get worse, but suspects they are just a side effect of the herceptin. They are still there, but much milder now. So overall, good news!


Good luck with your appointments, Badboob, and with your treatment, Aneeebel! 💕😘



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

ElliesMum, you sound like the super fit person I always dreamt of being but my problem is I'm too tempted by naughty things, mainly food and drink 😁 I certainly won't be running any marathons next year Aneeebel, that was never my thing but if I can get back to 10k (6 miles for those of us who are imperial 😉) that will do me. I've written myself a basic training plan for the next couple of weeks but it really is a case of wait and see how I feel each day. I'm starting to ache a bit already from today's walk and jog (running would be an exaggeration) 😉. Great news that your husband is helping you with your training plan, ElliesMum. Mine helps by providing the pen for me to write it down 🤣. Walking and pottering sounds good to me Aneeebel, like I say, I'm not a fitness fanatic and I'm not fast but I like to pretend I'm fit 😂

Back to sunny old England, Badboob, I hope you had a lovely time. All set for the start of your rads?

How did it go today ElliesMum with your onc? I hope it was good news.


💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hope your appointments go well ElliesMum and Fiona... 💪🏼🎀 

I've assumed I'm cancer free from what the surgeon told me but I was wondering if my Oncologist "officially" tells you... I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with her! 


I didn't do running before my diagnosis so I won't be taking it up any time soon... 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ I'll stick to walking around to my lottie and pottering about for now! 

You'll both be running the London marathon next year...I'll clap as you run past!! 🏃‍♀️😂💪🏼



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Your lottie sounds like it’s in full bloom, Aneeebel. Goodness me you have a diverse range of fruit and veg growing. Super impressive! 🍏🍇🍓🥦🥕🥬🌽🍈🥔 Best of luck with your radiotherapy appointments this week, and with your positioning in the machine! 😂


Yay Fiona, so glad to hear that DD has finally stopped her dribbling ways - and that your eyelashes are returning! Woohoo! 🥳 Your mention of the couch 2 5k regime has inspired me to get back into proper exercise. I went for my first run in I don’t know how long yesterday... It was so hard and I’m sore today! 🙈 I used to (pre-baby) be super fit and active, and I am also feeling depressingly fat and unfit now - especially compared to “old” me. Excellent idea to do something about it! I told my husband I intend to get back into shape, prompting him to write me a training plan!?! 😂 (He’s a marathon runner 🏃‍♂️... we actually met through an athletics club.) While I am ok with never emulating my previous results, it is high time I got back into some sort of shape. We can get fit together. 10k sounds like an excellent goal! 👍


Your trip sounds fabulously relaxing, Badboob. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Best of luck with your appointments this week!


Hope you’re well, Sarah.


I’m back at work today, but only for a half day as I’m off to see the oncologist this afternoon. Hoping she will declare me to be officially “cancer free”! 🤞👍


Xox 😘


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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Aneeebel,  I think you should just move your house to your lottie, it sounds like you'll be feasting all year 😂

I'm doing ok thanks. DD is still proving to be tee-total so I can cancel the nurse's appt I had planned for this morning 😁

My healthy eating and get fit routine has begun, I've just got in from the 1st run of the C25k programme (although I'll actually take it further as I was doing 10k before all this business took hold). I'm so unfit and fat now, it's time to get a grip. Diet plates are on order 😂 there's a stack of fruit and veg to get through and I'm just about to have pint no 2 ... of water 😉

I hope you're all doing ok ladies. Are you back to work today ElliesMum? 

Badboob, hope it all goes well this week, I see you've got a busy week with all your appts.

I've got my meeting with the onc tomorrow 😣 I keep adding to the list of questions to ask 😉

Have a great day 🤗🎀🤗🎀

💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Morning Ladies 💗🌸

How are you all doing?


Fiona...my lottie is looking good, thanks...spuds are coming through, rhubarb is growing like mad, peas are growing nicely (about 80 plants!! 🌱), beans, Apple and plum trees are blossoming, blackcurrant, raspberries and blueberries all coming to life...as are the dandelions, nettles, thistles and bindweed!! Haha! 

You'll soon be running a small holding!! 🌱🌱🌱

Fab news about DD!! About time! And even better news about your eyelashes!! 👀👀

Are you feeling well? 🎀


ElliesMum...How are you after your fab w/e in Switzerland? 🎀


Badboob..have a safe journey home! 🎀


Sar_ah..hope your well 🎀


Have a lovely day Girls x 💕😘🎀

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Oh Aneeebel, you make me laugh so much 😂 I can just picture you lying on the machine being fed grapes while the staff are doing their thing 😂. How's the lottie doing? During our week away my few seeds have come on tremendously 🌱🌱

Badboob, couch 2 5k is a running programme. I used to hate running but my sister introduced me to it and it's a great way to build your strength and stamina up. I've got to start back at the beginning though otherwise I'll do myself an injury 😉

I'm pleased to hear you had a good break, and are fully charged for your rads on Wed. 

ElliesMum, I hope you had a great weekend in Switzerland , it looked gorgeous 😎

I have 2 things to celebrate today 👍🏻 Firstly, DD has been more than 24 hours dry so no dressing on today 😉 and I've got just about enough eyelashes to put mascara on 😁. Things are looking up at last 😁

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Ladies 🤗🎀🤗🎀

💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Fiona... i'm so pleased you enjoyed your time away... just a shame about the weather! 🌨☂️ Hopefully your toe nails aren't too painful...it sounds horrid! 

How lovely that your nieces did the run in your honour...no wonder it hit a nerve! The little darlings... 👭🎀😘 (my Grandaughter is doing the Muddy Challenge in my name...made me cry! 😘)


ElliesMum...how wonderful that you're having a weekend in Switzerland...as Fiona said...you look amazing! Enjoy the rest of your stay! 🐥⛄


Badboob...Menorca looks glorious! Good luck with your rads next week! 🎀💪🏼🤗

I haven't heard anything else about my Letrozole...I'm sure none of the doctors are interested! I'll be taking it for 10 years!


Sar_ah...hope you're doing well! 🎀


My rads are going okay...thanks for asking, my wound and side have swollen up..my shoulder is painful from lying in the "peel me a grape" position🍇.. I also have red bits and im getting a rash on my radiated chest..but, never mind...I'm sure it could be worse!

4 down...11 to go...

I have discovered that you're not on the machine for a set number of minutes - you actually have one "dose" so if the machine is running slowly it takes slightly longer but it's over in a flash...it takes more time lining you up! 💪🏼🎀

Hope you're both ok with your rads Fiona and Badboob 💖


Enjoy the rest of the w/e Girls x 💖🎀👙🌸



Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hola everyone! We are still in Menorca, but sadly our time here is fast coming to an end. Home on Monday, Herceptin on Tuesday then 1st Radiotherapy on Wednesday. It has been fantastic to be away and have a complete break from the nonsense of the past 8 months.


Lovely to catch up with all your news. Elliesmum, lucky you managing a sneaky weekend in Switzerland! Love the photo of you and your duckling and well done with your hike! I have been walking everyday here and have surprised myself how quickly my stamina is returning.  We have had very mixed weather, Easter was terrible, cold wet and windy, but once the families departed it has got better and better. I felt so sorry for them, expecting a lovely sunny break in the med and it was miserable.  Made even worse that the weather at home was so good!  


Here are a couple of photos to show our Easter Day walk and then this afternoon 😱

87D07377-0978-41C5-8C26-9A290E1F8DFC.jpegEaster Day!7DC32B1C-8C3A-4BCD-9554-072529552E27.jpeg


Fiona, glad you enjoyed your trip away too, oh and Gran Canaria booked! how exciting......what a great incentive to shed those few chemo pounds 😉👙.  Excuse my ignorance but what is couch 2 5k, is it a diet or a run? 😂 I hate running with a passion, so I am looking forward to getting back to golf and yoga to get back in shape, I have really enjoyed the walking here especially now it’s warmer. But I must be an interesting sight with my sun hat on top of my chemo beanie! Not brave enough to show my hair sprouts to the world just yet 😉.How sweet of your nieces to do the race for life. I hope they enjoyed themselves as well as raising some money for a worthwhile cause. 


Aneeebel how the Rads going and have they managed to sort out your Letrozole prescription yet. I do hope so, I pick up my first one when I get home, I will let you know how I get on, but I am not looking forward to it. I am meant to take it for five years. 🙈.


I hope Sarah, you are getting on ok as well and life is on the up. Must stop now and get to bed, knackered 😴





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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

ElliesMum, you look so well. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Aneeebel, I bet the lottie's had a good soaking today, but it'll make your garden grow 👍🏻. How are you coping with the rads?

Badboob, how was your holiday? 

Sar_ah, how are you getting on now?

We had a great time away thanks. We came home a day early because of the weather but it was really nice to get away at last.

DD is still weeping but it really is just a tiny bit now. I think it might actually stop soon 😉 I lost another toe nail yesterday, not the one I was expecting to lose 😂.

It's diet time though, all those Easter eggs over the past month are starting to show! So I'm going to start Couch 2 5k again and everything else for a couple of months before going away to Gran Canaria 🏃‍♀️. I think this is the fattest I've ever been 😣 so it's time to do something about it now. I don't know when rads will start but at least I can make a start 😁

Oh, 2 of my nieces did a 1 mile Race for Life yesterday for me, my sister sent me a picture of them with their Race for Life badges and it made me cry 😢 I'm so proud of them, they're only 9 and 6.

Enjoy your weekend Ladies 🤗🎀🤗🎀

💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

I’m doing well thanks, Aneeebel 👍 How are you going after your radiotherapy sessions? Hopefully you’re not too sore.🤞


Hope you’re having a wonderful time in York, Fiona! How are you getting on, Badboob and Sarah?


I am back at work now, but I took Friday off so we could have a long weekend in Switzerland. Managed a 2 hour hike today! (Full disclosure... we caught the train up the mountain and hiked down - so definitely took the easy option.🙈) I hope you’re all well and having a relaxing weekend. Xox

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Morning Ladies 🌸

Hope you're all well... 

How's York Fiona? 🏫 How are you feeling? 🌸

ElliesMum.. how are you? Are you back at work? How's your 🐥? 🌸

Are you back from your jollies Badboob? 🌸

Sar_ah...hope you're doing well! 🌸


Shi...the lottie is fine, it's probably pleased we had rain! 

I was just leaving the hospital when the heavens opened...I was soaked to the skin! You probably heard me cursing!!!! 🤪

I love fish finger happy meals from Maccy D's! Ha! 🐡🐠🐡🐠


Have a good day Girls x 💗🌸


Shi Community Champion
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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Anneebel 😁😁hope your lotties ok and you’ve dodged today’s thunderstorms 🤞🤞I’m just dipping mc chicken nuggets into bbq sauce 😋😋😋😋 ages since I had some and really enjoying them 😋😋😋😋big ❤️❤️Everyone 💕💕✨✨Shi xx

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hi Ladies 🎀


You've got a busy week Fiona... it's nice to have a break! And you're going to York..we love York...we usually go in October but didn't go last year as I'd started my chemo! 

Have a fab time! 

Glad that DD appears to on the mend! 🎀


ElliesMum... hope you're well! 🎀


Badboob...how's your holiday going? 😎


Hope you're doing okay Sar_ah 🎀


Rads is quite straightforward Fiona...altho, my bits and pieces seem to be swollen already and I've only had 2!!! It's hard work with my arm above my head too...😫 Just takes a bit of time to get you in the right position! 

Thanks for asking x 💗🎀🌸 


Have a good day Girls x 💗

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Morning Ladies, I hope you're all well? 

Aneeebel, good to hear that rads has started 👍🏻 How's it going? 

ElliesMum,  I hope little 🐥 had a lovely Easter and you too. 

Badboob, I trust you're still covering up in Menorca and not getting those white bits tanned, ready for next week 😎

We had a lovely time in Scotland, thank you. We're currently just outside Filey stopping with hubby's mum and step dad at their caravan before toddling off to York later today for the rest of the week. It's doing us both good to get away from it all😉

I'm still dressing DD each day but it's minimal leakage now. Who knows, it may actually stop before next Tuesday when I meet with the onc 🤞🏻

Have a lovely day everyone 🤗🎀🤗🎀

💜Fiona xxx 

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

ElliesMum....yes, one down! 🎀💪🏼 Most of my appts are tea time or later...which is good actually as I can do things during the day, as opposed to just waiting around to go to the hospital! Thanks for thinking of me x 🎀💗🌸


Hope you're all well Ladies x 🎀🌸💗

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

One down already, Aneeebel! 👍💕😘 xox

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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Hi Ladies... hope you've had a lovely Easter 🐰🥚🐥⛪


ElliesMum...I went for my first rads at dinner time today! I did actually ask which area they will be zapping! It's quite a large area! 

Thanks for the advice and thanks for thinking of me! 🎀 Good news that your skin is okay! 

Hope you had fun on your Easter Egg Hunt in the sunshine 🌞🥚🐥


How are you doing Fiona? Hope you had a fab time in Scotland 🎀

When are you back from holiday Badboob? Hope you're well 🎀

Sar_ah, how are you doing? Did you ring the bell? 🎀


Have a good day Girls x 🎀💗🌸




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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

I hope everyone had a fab Easter and is enjoying the warm weather! 🌷☀️🌳


Aneeebel and Badboob, do you start radiotherapy this week? Best of luck with it, if you do. I found moisturising frequently and wearing loose tops really helped. Also ensure that you stay hydrated. Make sure you ask them to show you exactly what area is being irradiated too... I underestimated the area and only realised I was missing some spots in my moisturising regime several days later! 🙈 Moo Goo udder cream worked wonders for me (aside from the massive scar, skin already looks normal now), but there may be other things that your team recommends. Best of luck with it all!🤞 I’ll be thinking of you both. 😘💕


Good luck with your first appointment at Derby, Fiona. Is that finally happening next week?



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Happy Easter to you all! 🐰🥚🐰🥚🐰🥚🐰


Hope you're all having a lovely day in the sunshine 🌞🐣🐰🌞🐣🐰🌞


The Easter Bunny forgot me... save me having to eat choccy! 😂🐰🥚


No frogs in our frog pond yet Fiona...but the birds have been having a bath! 🐸🐦



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Re: October 2018 Chemo starters

Happy Easter ladies! 🐣 I hope the Easter bunny was extra generous this year in the amount of chocolate he left you all 🐰 🍫... although I will need lots of self control to not scoff it all!


Excellent idea, Shi! I’d already put out some water for the little 🦔 and have looked into a hedgehog house for the garden. We’ll organise some food too. 🤗


Love and hugs to you all. Hope you’re having a fab time in Scotland, Fiona, and that you enjoy the Easter egg hunt! I hope you have some beautiful Lancashire weather today, Aneeebel, and that you’re having an amazing time on holiday, Badboob. Hopefully the weather is turning it on for you too, Sarah. It’s a gorgeous day where we are! ☀️🌳😘💕