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Picc line pain...

mini mad

Re: Picc line pain...

Hi Jencat,


i mentioned it to my chemo dr when i had my 3 months check up recently.

she sent me for a scan that day incase it was a blood clot,  but nothing showed up.

said she didnt know why i had this pain in my picc arm.


since then ive googled it and have found out ( if its true )  that you can get vein damage after the lines removed...  guy did say when i had the scan that i had very fine veins.

strange really but i dont remember at the time that the nurse had any problem removing the picc....

so i still dont know why im getting this pain 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
hi ho at least my treatment is finished.

hoping you are still doing ok ??   Mini mad xx 💖💖


Re: Picc line pain...

Hi mini mad,

I'm from the Oct'17 group and I had a PICC line when I had chemo. I'm sorry that you've had pain since you've had the line removed, I don't remember experiencing any myself. Perhaps it might be worth giving your chemo unit a ring about it? x

mini mad

Picc line pain...

Hi all,


thought i'd pop this question on here before i go to bed.

I'm from the June 2019 chemo thread and i seem to recall that some of you lovely ladies who started your treatment around that time had picc lines put in.

Rubythursday and Alvilajo i think had lines .   
my question is since having your picc lines removed,  have you had any kinda pain in that arm,  say from elbow upto armpit underneath ??
mini mad xx 💖💖