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RE: July 2021 Chemo Starters


Re: RE: July 2021 Chemo Starters


I don't have a date yet but meant to be starting in 10 days. My plan is EC for 4 cycles, and Docetaxel for 3 cycles, then surgery (most likely lumpectomy), and then radiotherapy (not sure how many sessions I'll need). I'm ER+ HER2- and lymph node positive.

I think I'm going to try the cold cap to see if I can get on with it, but might not stick it out if I find it a pain. How did you get an appointment for wigs? This hasn't been offered to me.

I've had mixed experiences with my breast care nurses, some are just as you say and some are very good at telling me exactly what information I need. I haven't yet been assigned a chemo nurse.



RE: July 2021 Chemo Starters

Hi - due to start Chemo on 15/7/21 - 3 cycles of EC, then Herceptin and Docitazol -3 cycles then 15 sessions of radiotherapy. So this takes me up to Christmas. I had guided wire excision in May. Will need mastectomy ( and have decided to go for double mastectomy) and lymph node clearance sometime in 2022.

Have not really got on with BCN's - found them very patronising and "drip feeding " me information every visit that I had - despite me asking them to "tell it to me straight". Hoping that the oncology nurses will be better. 

Have appt. with "wig lady" next Monday as told definately all my hair will fall out with EC treatment.