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Re: August 2019 Chemo Starters


Re: August 2019 Chemo Starters

Hi everyone, sorry I went missing !!

Well, where do I start?!

Chemo was fine, I managed the cold cap too, still got the conditioner in my hair now though, not a good look!

Went home and was fine for a couple of hours then I started to feel proper dodgy!! 

Slinked off to the bathroom which is where I stayed for the rest of the night. I had 3 rounds of the runs then felt so sick, I was wretching 2-3 times an hour before eventually being sick 3am and 4am.

rang hospital who said they were full for the night🙄so went in this morning for a few hours to have iv anti sickness and saline for 2 hours.

Back home now, feel abit better but still delicate but that’s because I havent eaten probably.

The thought of having that another 5 times is not desirable at all!!! 

As I laid in the bed at hospital, I heard the treatment bell being rung a few times and it just seemed so far away for me!!

felt a bit sorry for myself today but tomorrow is another day, onwards and upwards, 1 down, 5 to go.

We got this 💪 (hopefully 😂)

glad yours is going well Blackcat

Em39 good luck for tomorrow 💓💓