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Re February 2019 Chemo Starters

Julie S

Re: Re February 2019 Chemo Starters

Hello, I have my first session (6 in total)  of FEC-T chemotherapy tomorrow.  I am glad that the time has come and feel ready for it.  Selected my wig yesterday, which I am delighted with, and feel able to deal better with my hair loss. A little nervous about the unknown and finding it hard to believe that I may feel unwell as I feel so well right now. 


Re: Re February 2019 Chemo Starters

Hi kam1962

Nice to meet you X. I have my first one tomorrow and am cold capping too. Just had my blonde locks cut and now have a Sharron Stone cut. Well maybe more like Jo Brand. Join in on the February 19 thread, you have to reply to one of the girls to post no other way of doing it.  Hope to see you post soon. X


Re February 2019 Chemo Starters

Hi Everyone

Start my Chemo on Monday 25th.

8 sessions.....seems so daunting and a long Road.

It has been re-assuring to read everyone's first experience. The waiting to start is  difficult and i now just want to get going.  I will be  trying the cold cap and hope I find it bearable.