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Start my first Chemotherapy on Tuesday


Re: Start my first Chemotherapy on Tuesday

Dear Zoe


I am sorry you need to be here, but it is a brilliant forum with lots of advice and support.


If you open the link for the July thread and just reply within this, you will be connected with others who are at a similar stage to you (not that you can’t look in the others to!)


In answer to some of the queries that I can, it is recommended to use gloves (but I often forget) and you can ask your team about options for mouth care, I was given a mouth wash on my first treatment, which seems to have worked.


I don’t know about alternatives therapies, sorry but I’m sure someone will be able to help.


good luck with you treatment.

love Ruth Xxx




Start my first Chemotherapy on Tuesday

Hi all

I found out today that unfortunately I wasn’t successful on a new Hormone Therapy trail and I need chemotherapy.

I was so of prepared for it if you ever can be, but looking for some guidance and tips.

I asked my oncologist about house work and every day jobs and he said just carry on as normal. I have heard it’s best to wear rubber gloves whilst washing up or cleaning? Also if anyone has any tips for mouth ulcers or any other symptoms I may encounter and helpful advice.  Does anyone recommend any alternative therapies? I have booked some in when I am having my treatment but the therapist isn’t there all the time and only managed to book one session with her.

Much love

Zoe xx