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re August chemo starters


Re: re August chemo starters

Hi Lalaland


I think you may have meant to post in the thread August 2018 chemo starters.  It looks like you have started a new conversation by mistake.  Please try posting again in the existing thread as I know you will be welcomed there. Smiley Happy


Best wishes
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re August chemo starters

Hello, started my chemo 13 day's ago, i never thought one could go through so many emotion's tn such a short period of time.the actual treatment was'nt as bad as i thought it was going to be, you know the unknown can be scary.day2 the t v advert you know the one ooops moment, well mine was more like the niagara fall's moment i had no control of my bladder at all. Awake all night going to the loo, no other sign of infection, but i rang the unit and had to go  back, blood's taken ect was given intravenous a/b and a course to bring home as i had got a water infection. then along came mr constipation i sorted this with diet all bran and dried apricot's worked a treat.Mood swing;s up one minuet down the next; tear;s and tantrum's, this is not like me at all but ther is nothing i can do about it  just go withthe flow. Now i have an outbreak of spot's on my face, upper arm's and chest, what next who know's. Hence my user name LALALAND because that's where i think i am. Well onward's and upward's only 5 more cycles to go. Love to you all keep strong xx