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A week's break...

Community Champion

Re: A week's break...

How lovely... I bet you're excited!


Have a fabulous week x 😘💜


Re: A week's break...

Thank you so do i

got my family arrivng next week for 4 days.  So want to feel a bit ' normal '  if i can remember what that feels like 😳😳  xxx

Community Champion

Re: A week's break...

Hi mini mad


I was ridiculously unwell during my chemo...my oncologist wanted to stop it at one point but I had a break of a week too...

I was so relieved...and had chance to buck up a bit! I felt much better "for having a week off"...💪🏻🎀


Hope you feel better soon! 😘🎀🌸




A week's break...

Hello ladies,


well been feeling wretched since sunday....  you name it i felt it.... today went for my usual bloods before chemo on friday.   Told them how i'd been health wise.  Waited for bloods to come back,  all ok except neutrophils elevated.   Temp normal for me 37.2 but have given me this week clear,  so no chemo this friday,  giving me a chance to improve before back to normal nxt week.

also told to stop my tummy jabs until chemo starts again providing neutrophils are normal range.

looking forward to 8 days clear of chemo/meds...  

good luck everyone.  xx 💖💖 mini mad..