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Antiviral Covid treatment whilst on chemo?


Re: Antiviral Covid treatment whilst on chemo?

Hi @Rudy1 

Thanks so much for that information, much appreciated, and helpful.
I’m going to start the Paxlovid later today.

I’m feeling fairly whacked today, but I think it’s post chemo on Friday, rather than the Covid effects. 
I’ll watch out for the nausea too.

Best wishes to you too, Jules XX


Re: Antiviral Covid treatment whilst on chemo?

Hi, sorry you have tested positive! Hope you are feeling ok. 
I can’t advise with the chemo and dex but I am currently taking paxlovid. I tested positive Tuesday and been taking paxlovid since Thursday. Was due chemo Wednesday so it’s postponed  

Other than a really unpleasant taste and slight nausea it’s been ok. 111 said I could take my antisickness for chemo if needed but sucking sweets have helped. 

Covid for me was a cold with a cough and I’m not sure how much the antivirals prevented it from becoming worse but I’m glad I took them.

My sister and her husband had Covid the same time and had a worse time. I honestly felt worse post chemo. 

I hope you are ok and not suffering too much with it x


Antiviral Covid treatment whilst on chemo?

Hi, I wonder if anyone has experienced treatment with Antivirals? I tested positive last night, and have been offered Paxlovid tablets, but would need to reduce my post chemo Dexamethasone dose by half. I just had my final Docetaxel treatment on Friday morning, and have found the Dex dose really helps with the side effects, but obviously want to avoid being hospitalised with Covid! 

If anyone has any information or advice, I’d really appreciate it. Jules XX