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Bald spots during cold capping


Re: Bald spots during cold capping

I used the cold cap with great success but  I still had a few areas of thinning. Don't fuss with it because the roots are delicate and so respect that. When your treatment is over the thin spots fill in rapidly.


Re: Bald spots during cold capping

Hi Lselga 


iv just had my first round of chemo on 27/11


i havnt noticed any hair loss as yet but think it’s too soon anyway but thought it would be good to say hi so I can let you know if it happens!


how did you find the cap? I was worried that it wasn’t on properly as it didn’t seem as bad as all the horror stories people told me!


I have been lucky to have advise from an hair dresser that works with BCNs to advise on the cold cap and myths surrounding it.

look on the website there’s some helpful full videos - https://www.cancerhaircare.co.uk


a few things she told me
- 1st and most importantly ...... nothing I do will make my hair fall out!!! If it’s going to fall out it will fall out there’s nothing I can do that will make it worse. Using hair dryer/colours/harsh shampoos etc won’t make it fall out it will just damage the hair that is left so look after it

- take paracetamol an hour cold cap before to help with pain

- wear a headband on forehead and ears as this helps with first 20 mins

- washing your hair after cold cap is fine - just be gentle and use like warm water.

- use tons of conditioner so that comb slides through

- DO comb/brush your hair gently every day to remove the fallen hair otherwise it will snag on to hair that’s attached and put extra pressure on roots 

- tangle teasers are really good gently brush daily starting at the ends 


We’re all told different things but I know when I finished my first chemo session with the cap all I wanted to do was go home and have a shower and that’s what I did and felt better for it.


I hope the cap is successful for you x


Re: Bald spots during cold capping

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! 


Re: Bald spots during cold capping



I didn’t use the cold cap myself (too much of a wuss to add the extra hassle) but I did chat to a woman on my Moving Forward course who had retained a lovely head of shoulder-length hair. When I commented on the success of the cold cap, she lifted part of her hair to show areas where it was significantly shorter - she’d had small bald patches but they could be disguised by the rest of her hair. I don't know if that helps. Losing my hair wasn’t a big thing for me but I imagine after the effort you’ve put yourself through, it would be galling to see less success than you hoped. Regrowth is very quick as soon as your final infusion has done its job, again if that helps. Good luck with the rest of your treatment.


Bald spots during cold capping

Hi there. Has anymore experienced bald spots appearing while cold capping? I just noticed one yesterday on the top of my head right before my 3rd (out of 4) infusion. It’s about the size of a half dollar. Anyone else? I’m feeling nervous that this spot will grow or that more will appear. Help!!