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Bladder Problems


Re: Bladder Problems

Hi Pinklilly


I have moved your post to where you are more likely get replies for this problem you are having.


Hope you are feeling better


Best wishes
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Bladder Problems

Last week I was rushed into hospital with a urin infection, it was pretty bad and I was producing a lot of blood, it happened so quickly, that it shocked me, first time I've been shocked about anything to do with the cancer and the pain was evil.

I was given 7 days of antibiotics, I take the last one today, but I still feel the need to keep going, my bladder feels full, but I hardly pass anything when I go. I'm drinking glass after glass of water, making sure I don't eat anything spicy and doing everything that's possible to put this right. 

I've now read that a lot of women have this problem after having chemo and just wonder if anyone can help me. I'm nearly 63, post menopausal and have had 3 out of 20 rads so far. I'm also feeling pretty depressed and apart from talking to my doctor again, who will say I don't have an infection now, I feel at my wits end what to do.

Having got through the chemo I was feeling really well till this happened, I'm not on any other drugs, so thought the radiotherapy would be plain sailing. I was using Replens till last week, but now wonder if that could have contributed to the infection.

Any help or advice please.