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Chemotherapy treatment

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Re: Chemotherapy treatment

Hi Naomi, I take it you’re referring to the GSF injections to stimulate the bone marrow cells after chemo? Your nurse should have advised you on that. I actually had a demo so I knew what to do. My method was to pinch the belly fat, place the cylinder in position, and press the plunger! 🙄 The needle is contained within the cylinder, and it’s a measured dose. Alternate sides as you do bruise. My nurse encouraged me to walk it off!? Seemed to work. I took it at lunchtime, went for a walk with hubby, then rested. Easy peasy! 😘


Chemotherapy treatment

I saw my chemotherapy nurse today and she put my mind at rest. I have a couple of prescriptions for anti sickness medication and that makes me feel relieved. I just have to learn how to give myself injections for about 10 days after my chemotherapy. Has anyone else had to give themselves injections and how did you manage?