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Delay between rounds of chemo.

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Re: Delay between rounds of chemo.

Hi Andy, sorry to hear your wife is having a horrid time. I had a Hickman line inserted for my chemo and it made everything much quicker. From my experience as a patient I would say not to worry about any delays. Chemo is cumulative, and the effects last a long long time after the final dose. Remember also, that it is an adjuvant therapy, and that your wife is currently free of cancer as the tumours have been removed . This is just an extra to kill off stray cells. Good luck to you both. X


Re: Delay between rounds of chemo.

Hi Andy, 


I'm sorry to hear you and your wife are going through this at the moment. As you haven't had a reply from the community yet, do feel free to call our breast care nurses to discuss this on 0808 800 6000.


Take care, 


Becca at Breast Cancer Care.


Delay between rounds of chemo.

My wife had primary bilateral bc. Largest tumour was 6cm (stage 2c) and scored 55 in the oncotype test, no lymph node involvement luckily. She had a double m/x and diep flap in October. She’s now had 3 rounds of fec and the fourth of six was due last Friday. Unfortunately they couldn’t find a vein so she will be having a PICC line fitted. We are awaiting the appointment for this. The fourth round of chemo is going to be delayed by about 10-14 days. Does anyone know if this is significant in terms of changing the effectiveness of the chemo? Many thanks....Andy.