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Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab


Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab

Please be vigilant during your treatment. My Mum was on this weekly regime but with Paclitaxel (they're both taxanes and with similar side effects). She passed away on Sunday due to a three week battle with pneumonitis and interstitial lung disease caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to the Taxol and/or herceptin. She was cancer free, 61, and all her other organs were functioning well. Yet there we were standing around her bed in ITU, holding her hand whilst the ventilator breathed for her. To make matters worse, another lady in her sixties was lying a few beds away with the same condition from the same regime. Her outcome has been happier, but still life changing.

I am on a mission to make people aware of this dangerous cocktail of drugs. Not to scare you, because you know and I know that this combination is a fairly painless and effective treatment for the vast majority of women. However, please be aware that alongside all the common side effects that are pointlessly listed, the three main rare but life threatening conditions associated with this treatment are: neutropenic sepsis, cardiac dysfunction, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis leading to interstitial lung disease. Please look up the symptoms for these, and take them very seriously if they arise. Take into account that some symptoms will be masked by steroids. If you go to the hospital, also be aware that blood tests will be altered by the steroids in your system. Mum's temperature never rose past 37.7 with steroids in her system. Push for scans and other forms of tests. All the best with your treatment.

Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab

i am new diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer with bone mets. i am using this combination. Today i took third cycle.

Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab

I am on these plus carboplatin, had my first dose 8 days ago. Have to admit I was ok for 3 days then crashed with aches, fatigue and stomach cramps. Started to improve a bit yesterday but down again with the belly ache today. Others have been fine on this combination though, we are all different. Mine is a 3 week cycle xx

Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab


I too have just finished FEC on Friday and strangely this round has been the best so far, I reacted the first two to the C part and instantly felt unwell as it went in but Friday was fine. Slept both nights 11till seven rather than three hours a night. Now I am thinking it’s not working 🤣.
T is making me nervous but I now know the bad days pass and we get through, plus we have no choice. Very lucky my workplace are not actually letting me work for nine months but I feel I want to do something during my good weeks and that’s frustrating me as they say no get better come back in March ! I am on full pay and shouldn’t grumble but feel a bit useless and spending a fortune online shopping revamping my house 🤷‍♀️

When I do pop in on good days they say how great I look but still refuse to let me back as they don’t want any pressure on me whilst on treatment to have to work and have said treat it as maternity leave...

Am I being a pain and just enjoy the time away and be thankful ?

Hope you are all getting through as best you can, it’s a long old road at times.

Best wishes

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Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab

I forgot to say that I tapered my steroids after chemo. My doctor said to  - remember I was having all docetaxel. Anyway if you have 8 a day for 3 days or whatever it is (24 tablets) I took my as follows:

Day 1    6

Day 2    5

Day 3    4

Day 4    3

Day 5    3

Day 6    2

Day 7    1


I did that because it was like coming down a flight of stairs rather than jumping from a height. I also took them early in the morning so they did not keep me awake.


Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab

Hi Kitty,


i got through yesterdays chemo with no problems so far (early days).

i had, a along with MRI, and heart scans, a CAT scan to check the rest of my body, I’m sure at some point you will have the same. This will put your mind at rest, maybe speak to your oncologist at you next appointment.


i have been having two rough weeks starting the day of chemo then a good week (usually mentally low that week) during the FEC treatment.

this time (chemo 4) I was at the hospital for 6 hours but feel ok (massive dose of steroids) this morning I’m feeling quite positive.


each time you feel you low, everyone on here is so supportive and on your good days you can actually say you did it 😃👍👏👏 listen to your body speak to your oncologist, he/she will be able to put your mind at rest.


best of luck 






Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab


im due chemo 2 tomorow. (6 in total, roll on end October!) 

Im trying to work as much as I can through it and the side effects and remain positive, its not easy.... its the every other little pain or ache i have elswhere that my brain now turns into a potential cancer that I find so very hard to cope with. If anyone out there has any top tips on how I can switch off the panic, please share. My treatment will get worse before it gets better, I think, my employers are truly amazing and I am working at home a fair bit and being off. the fatigue hit me on about day 4-9 first time round, as did a few other side effects. I have great friends and family all helping me, but I actually find I don't want to worry them with contents of my thoughts, so here I am... thank you ;-) 


Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab

Thanks ladies, I’m so pleased you’re both doing well.
I will let you know how it goes and I’ve taken on board your suggestions. I’m 3 months into treatment and hope the next 3 months fly by as fast.
I just hope the next cocktail suites me better than the last like my oncologist told me it would !!!! 😬
Luv to both xx
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Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab

I had all TCH (docetaxol, carboplatin and Herceptin) I could not have FEC because I have high blood pressure and take Statins for my heart. It does not make you sick - they give you tablets but I did not need them. The worst part is the fatigue but I could be lazy because I did not have to take care of children or pets and I did not have to work from home or anything. The first couple of days you are alright because the steroids are helping you but days 4 to 6 are a bit rough and then you start to feel OK again.


If they give you GCSF injections be sure to take claritin hay fever tablets in fact I took them all through Herceptin too.


Re: Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab

Hi Floss
I’ve just completed four cycles of your chemo cocktail plus cyclophosphamide. I’m still standing! 🤪 Yes I’ve had side effects but each have been manageable. I found days 1-4 ok with a few tummy issues. Days 5-9 were a bit tougher so I rested and stayed home a lot, then the days till next cycle we’re generally good, managed trips, meals out and normal life in general. It’s all a bit of a rollercoaster ride, the downs can be tough but the highs are there too 😊 The last twelve weeks have flown by and I’m now preparing for my surgery in early September. Sending all best wishes to you for your treatment. Stay positive, you’ve got this!
Jacq xx

Docetaxel Herceptin and Pertuzumab


anyone started Docetaxel, Herceptin and Pertuzumab?

i haven’t been great on FEC which has taken me 2weeks to get over after each treatment. Unfortunately  I’ve had most of the  side effects even with all the  preventative meds! 

My oncologist has told me those who aren’t great on FEC cope better with T. I have to say I’m absolutely dreading my next treatment and currently funding it hard to cope. 

I cant seem to find anything positive about Docetaxel, if any of you have a positive story please let me know. 

Thanks 😰