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Feeling down

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Re: Feeling down

Hi ClairBear - I saw you hadn't had any responses and just had to reply... Its completely normal to feel as you do.   Many many ladies on here have felt the same, I know I did.  I finished chemo in September 2018 after a Mastectomy and then went on to have a full node clearance and radiotherapy and I think the hardest part has been after the treatment ends.  You think you will be jumping for joy but suddenly you feel let free and don't know how to feel.   I think I felt supported and in the safety net whilst going through chemo (even though it was awful).   You've now got the wait for surgery and the build up for that, but be kind to yourself and take it slowly.  Its quite difficult to deal with the emotional aftermath sometimes but once my treatment was over I went on a Macmillan course called "Hope" which was designed to help you move forward.  I still have wobbles and worries and don't always feel on top of things but its a slow process and you will get there.  I am sure once you have all the information from your scans and the surgery planned you will feel in control again.  




Feeling down


i was diagnosed with 18mm HER2+ 3+ IDCS Breast cancer in October 2018...I have finished my chemo on 9/05/19...and the last week I have been feeling a little lost in my mind....iv got my surgery booked in for June and iv have scans booked in for the next week....one ultrasound suggest that the tumor has had a positive response to chemo, I don’t understand why I’m not jumping for joy!

i feel like I did when I was first diagnosed 🙈....

has anyone else and a wobble and felt abit down after finishing chemo??? 


Thanks in advance