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Good wig sites ?!??


Re: Good wig sites ?!??

Hi Missie


I was lucky in that I found a good NHS wig at my hospital that looked more natural than my own hair! However, I only wore it about 5 times in total. I didn’t lose all my hair, despite being told it was definite with paclitaxel- I took great delight in telling the oncologist each time I saw him that it was still here - and I preferred being au naturel and wearing beanies outside. However, this was through winter and spring. By summer, I was seeing some regrowth so the timing was good.


I heard from several fellow-patients that this place in Leeds where I live provides excellent service, are very supportive and also does a mail order service. 



Personally, I’d want to feel the wigs and try them on but it’s not always possible. I certainly couldn't have accessed this place during my chemo. They may of course be able to point you to a place closer to home if you contact them as I believe Hothair is a franchise. One word of advice I should pass on - the best wigs may be from human hair and they are very expensive for what is a relatively short time of use. But it’s a personal choice.


Good luck in your search,


Community Champion

Re: Good wig sites ?!??

Hi Missie,  Not all chemo makes your hair fall out, so check first. I was given a prescription for my wig, and took it to one of the approved suppliers on the leaflet I was given. I had exceptional customer service and followed their advice in choice of wig. I choose one that was the same style and colour as my natural hair. It was constructed on a lace cap for lightness and breathability, and was hand-threaded so looked really natural. The price tag on the box was in hundreds, but I paid £0 as my healthcare trust covered the full cost. My friend ordered a real hair wig on line, and as she is in the trade it was heavily discounted, but still cost over £1000. Unfortunately, even after she had it styled at work, she only wore it a few times as she thought the colour was not exactly right, and it was just too bouncy. I think the strong message is, try before you buy! Your hospital has a list of wig suppliers, so I would start there. It would probably help with advice if you said where in the country you live. I’m from NE so could give you 2 addresses.  Best wishes for a successful hunt.X


Good wig sites ?!??

Hello ladies, I was wondering if anyone could share any good wig shops or online sites?? 

There’s so many online sites that show what you think are amazing wigs but then you tags a chance order and get something completely different back or really bad quality.