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Hair growth


Re: Hair growth

Hi Alvilajo,


its been 5 weeks now since my last chemo treatment and sorry to say that i have now lost most of my eyebrows and eyelashes.  I dont recognise this person looking back at me in the mirror 😳😳

BUT...  i do believe my hair is starting to grow back ....  i didnt lose it completely,  just lots of bald patches so maybe thats why its coming back.   Have you got a photo of your new growth ?

mini mad xx 💖💖


Re: Hair growth

Hi Vic


It is exciting isn't it! I’m growing chemo-curls now. But my experience is that it comes and goes and we’re all different.


I had 3 x EC which thinned my hair (I had a buzzcut) and stripped me of all pubic hair and then 9 x Paclitaxel. I was told I would lose all my hair by treatment 2 of paclitaxel but it didn’t happen. It thinned a bit more but never left. Nor did some of my eyebrows. I even had a few eyelashes at the end of treatment. However, in the weeks following, I lost all the lashes and most of my eyebrows, as well as the hardy leg hair so be prepared for anything. Head hair remained loyal.


I was thrilled when my lashes regrew - lush and thick like they’d never been, starting as stubble and fast-growing. Sadly, they’ve reverted to normal now. In fact all the regrowth has been thicker than before and is still balancing out. Curly head, straight pubes, some coiled or ingrowing leg hair and the blessed nasal hair so I no longer struggle with a damp nose. It’s all very exciting and makes me feel I’m getting my own body back, even if it is a bit like puberty all over again!


Hope it all goes well for you. Hold onto the thrill in the tough times.




Hair growth

Hi everyone, I don't want to get to excited but my hair seems to be coming back, I've done 4 ec's and 1 placitaxel (3 to go) my eye lashes and brows are thinning my hair seems to be doing the opposite. Anyone else found this?

Vic x