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Hair loss questions


Re: Hair loss questions

I've just had cycle 4, now on tax and part.  I get tiny dots of stubble come back but within 3 week cycles they disappear.  I've got a really dark circle of stubble on one area which stands out like a bruise lol.  No idea why!  I've lost half my eyebrows and my lashes are tiny.  Not worth trying to use mascara.  I had the nice bonus of losing top lip hair and couple annoying hairs on chin 😉.  Leg hair feels like a days growth.  Under arms smooth.  Have almost a Hollywood "elsewhere " 😂.  I've read taxanes hair loss can be long term but I chose not to wear anything on my head so adjusted to that but it's personal to everyone.  The looks can be annoying but not my issue.  I have a few funny t shirts I wear to give people a laugh.  One says cancer not cooties (cooties in Scotland is head lice).  

Hope this helps, being bald was always in the mix as was being flat one side.  Neither bother me, I'm alive today and that's enough.

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Re: Hair loss questions

Hi Nellie, I see you have had a couple of very good replies, but as we are all different I thought I would share my experience . Perhaps age plays a part in all this, but I was 70 when I had my EC and I did go shiny smooth bald! I found it very painful  when my hair follicles started to die, and my hair started to fall out. I had it shaved after the second round of chemo. Never thought of the lady bits, though! Wasn't bothered about hair on arms etc, which still hasn't grown back properly after two years. Eyelashes disappearing were disturbing, and the eyes really watered much more. They went last. My hospital recommended Aveeno products for bathing and moisturising, and I never had issues with dry skin. Nails were a different issue on this chemo and you'll need a good oil for them. My hair came back slowly after my rads were finished, but there will never be under arm hair where all the treatment was. Radiotherapy pretty much puts paid to that! My hair came through like duckling down and pure white. It then turned into the most amazing curls and ringlets. Once it was cut it became straight again. I am now a quite fetching dark steel gray, so saving a ton of money at the hairdressers. I chose a wig identical to my usual hairstyle and loved it. No one knew I was bald until the summer when it was just too hot and I used scarves and hats and just rocked the new me! I started chemo in May, and by November I had a sweet cap of curls. Everyone is different, so these are examples of what may happen. The thread on top tips might also offer some advice. Good luck. X 🍀


Re: Hair loss questions



I also did a short video of my hair from first trying on my wig (you’ll see what my hair should have looked like!) to now.


I finished chemo after 3 FEC-T and 3 Doxetaxel on 28th August 2018, finished radiotherapy on 7th Jan 2019.


I’ve found I have developed cradle cap, my scalp is really dry.  I’m using coconut oils and almond oils now to keep it in check so i’d definitely recommend looking after your scalp. 


It is coming back different shades of grey, which I always thought I was under my coloured hair!


My eyebrows have come back but not as thick, although I had over tweezed before so i’ve tried to let them come back a bit thicker 😆. I lost them about completely about half way through, I think I hated that more than my hair as you can cover up your hair!


Good luck with your treatment 💕💪🏻





Re: Hair loss questions

Thanks both xx


Probably ought to change my little icon now I have no hair - think I am still in denial!!!

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Re: Hair loss questions

Here is a video diary about it:



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Re: Hair loss questions

Hello Nellie,
You can find more info via this link if you have not looked on the BCC site already.

I didn't find losing my hair a bundle of fun either - so all empathy with you. I cold capped but for irritation reasons had it shaved off, and continued to cold cap for 5 of my 6 FEC T sessions so my circumstances may be a little different.

Anyway, to respond to your specific questions with my experience:

1. I did not go completely bald. I had new regrowth on the balder bits during the T treatment. (however I used the cold cap on my balding head. This was because I heard it could assist regrowth and also because I thought it may help to protect against the possible but rare side effect of T treatment.)

2. I had new regrowth during T treatment. I started chemo Dec 16 finished in March 17 and had ample covering by May 17 to go hatless. I did not bother with my wig and just wore regular hats outside and sleep hats inside especially at night because it can get a bit chilly with no hair! I also wore a sleep hat under my outside hats as it gave extra structure and layering.

3. I have heard hair can come back a different colour. Mine did but then the mahogany colour when it left my head was out of a box😂. On it's return journey, I was pleased to see I was not completely naturally grey and still had lots of hair with my natural very dark brown colouring. A bit of dark brown touch up hair powder was fine before I had it coloured in late May I think.

I have very thick naturally wavy and unruly hair. It has come back just about the same. I had assumed that when it came back and was short style it would be straight as I usually have with short hair. Bad assumption, it came back a bit like a frizz perm.....you may have heard of the chemo curls! 😊

4. Pubic, underarm, body hair came out first if I recall and most if not all gone by 2nd FEC. Be warned - hard to pee straight without some of those pubics!!

5. Eyebrows and eyelashes started disappearing during T treatment and went completely by the end of it. I found it easy to cope without lashes by putting eyeliner on inner top lid. Eyebrows - Ahh..... Took me a while to get the right colour and to be able to draw them in ok and be confident. I just used brow pencils but there are lots of products on the market. T also left me with a red blotched face at times and red blotches for eyebrows so concealer was also handy at times.

6. I did not need to moisturise my nearly bald head. Just used a gentle organic shampoo when washing and let it air naturally! However mine was never exposed to the elements when outside. It may also depend on the season etc. If you are going out with a bald head or sparsely covered bare head then it will be more susceptible to the elements so may need to use sun protection in the summer etc.

I know it is so difficult but you will get through it. I found it very difficult at times especially when the brows went. You will hopefully surprise yourself with your coping mechanisms when the tears dry and just keep future goals in mind.
Wishing you well,
Chick 🐥 x

Hair loss questions

Hi there.  I am a week on from my second (of 8) sessions of FEC-T.  I haven't cold capped and my hair started falling out on day 14 after the 1st session but it was falling out quite slowly initially (and I may have been in denial...) so I didn't actually get it shaved off completely until a couple of days ago - although I was covering my head most of the time for a few days before that.  Being bald is WAY more traumatic than I thought it would be - but - anyway - I am trying to work out what to expect so...


1. On FEC-T do you go completely bald?  I have had my head shaved with clippers but I still have bits of stubble on it (which acts like velcro on scarves!!)

2. Roughly when does it start growing back and when is your head covered with hair again?

3. Does your hair come back a different colour/texture?

4. When does pubic/underarm hair go - and again does all of it go?????

5. When do eyebrows/eyelashes go (am already stressing about that)?

6. How do you look after your bald head?  I'm using Dove baby shampoo but do you need to moisturise your head after washing??


This is all such a surreal experience - I'll be really grateful for any responses x