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Hair loss


Re: Hair loss


Hair loss

Hello folk,I have my 5th taxol this week ,1st was taxol heceptin then 2 x taxol ,4th t+h , I cut my hair from just below shoulder to short crop begore it all began it has thinned with the chemo but it's still here!! I live in France and asked to use a cold cap but the oncologist didn't advise it...i had a 2cm tumour and 6 lymph nodes 1 being infected removed stage 3 cancer ..it was a terrible shock but I have kept positive with the help and love from my family friends and animals..the hair loss thing has been a major thing I'm prepared but dreading it ..iv bought the scarves and will buzz it all off the minute I get a clump fall out...i look forward to finishing all my treatments in 12+ months and hope I have luscious wavy hair for my reward from getting thru it all xx good luck to everyone who reads this ..stay strong ride the wave ..we will reach that golden sandy beach together 💖